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MGTOW: Men only talk to women because of the “meat dispensary between their legs.”

Take a look at THAT sirloin!
Take a look at THAT short loin!

Over on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, a dude calling himself fleshnbones is holding forth on a subject near and dear to his MGTOW heart: how the only interesting thing about women lies between their legs.

But, like many MGTOWs, fleshnbones seems a little confused about what exactly (cis) women have in that area.

“Women are boring as f*ck and suck at holding conversations unless it’s about them and only them,” fleshnbones sniffs.

Clear your mind of all sexual urges and realize just how horrible they are at talking about interesting sh*t, I’d rather get into a howling contest with a group of Huskies.

Fleshnbones urges his fellow MGTOWs to put this to proposition to a test:

I challenge my fellow MGTOW to bust the biggest nut you can then just TRY to have a intellectual conversation with them.

It ain’t happening, the only reason we even put up with their boring asses is because they have that meat dispensary between their legs.

That what what between their legs?

Salt_Powered_Robot, while agreeing with this fundamental premise, used a somewhat more familiar meat-themed metaphor for the vagina:

[P]robably my main MGTOW realisation was that the only reason anyone ever has for holding a (non-professional) conversation with a woman is because he wants a go at her beef flaps.

He went on to offer this handy advice for men who nonetheless feel the need to talk to one of these meaty creatures:

When taking to a woman, just pretend she’s a mildly mentally deficient dude. Like, there’s no point being an asshole, but at the same time don’t discuss any complex subjects or use too many long words. Just put your brain on neutral and spew something superficial and unchallenging until you can make an excuse to leave.

And the kicker is: people will be amazed at how great you are at talking to women.

I … don’t actually think that’s true.

Our old friend Ovendice, meanwhile, somehow managed to avoid meat-related metaphors in these observations:

Women don’t DO anything, have no interests in anything productive or actually compelling, have no curiosity about the world and zero inventiveness, so they have nothing to talk about.

Their main hobbies are going to expensive restaurants, shopping and expensive vacations at the cheesiest, gaudiest resorts and on cruise lines possible and there’s not a whole lot to talk about any of those experiences except how she got drunk everyday and fucked 37 random men she just met.

Have any of these men actually ever spoken to an adult woman other than their mother?

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5 years ago

My wife told me that the earliest inkling that she got that I might be a keeper was when I was nice to a waiter on our second date after he screwed up our order.

I don’t actually remember this, since being nice to waiters is my default mode – I can’t remember what the screwup was either, but I suspect it either didn’t matter or was easy enough to resolve (which is presumably why I’ve forgotten it).

5 years ago


Hmm, what can you do with Frequent Misandry Miles? I’m hoping it’s like a restraining order you can slap on misogynists?

I like the way you think! So . . . yes!

And My Little Pony points can be redeemed at any feminist-friendly establishment. You’ll see the smiling Fluttershy decal in the window.


My wife told me that the earliest inkling that she got that I might be a keeper was when I was nice to a waiter on our second date after he screwed up our order.


My boyfriend said the same thing about me. I was all, “Oh, that’s important?” Which, yeah, it totally was for him — and it was so nice to meet someone who felt the same way!

Paradoxical Intention - Mobile
Paradoxical Intention - Mobile
5 years ago

A great tip I’ve heard for first dates: Coffee date.

Get there a little early, pay for your food and coffee before you sit down, and if Date decides to be an ass, just get up and walk away.

I’d say make friends with the barista and have another friend d on standby just in case Date goes off and/or gets violent too.

5 years ago

I’m not sure how this could have been worded better. . .but I’m uncomfortable with the way this sentence is written “But, like many MGTOWs, fleshnbones seems a little confused about what exactly (cis) women have in that area.” This sentence sorta makes it sound like the only women with vulvas are cis women. . .but that’s not true. Surveys indicate about 25% of trans women have had surgery to create genitals that are mostly indistinguishable from typical cis female genitals. And I’m sure most of these women feel just as demeaned as any cis woman when vulvas are discussed in a degrading way.

I’m sure the intent of wording this sentence in this particular way was to not erase trans women, but ironically it would up erasing about 25% of us, implying we don’t have the bodies we actually have.

5 years ago

—In which PUAs who blog about about their promiscuity and objectification are self aware enough to know the environment they are allowed to game in results in shallow partners

—but not aware enough to recognize when Sertre’s Look unfolds right in front of them, so their vanity blinkers them from realizing they too are being regarded as masturbation furniture with little advantage to engage outside of oozing bodily fluids onto and then ditching so they can gattica scrub off the stench of Drakkar Noir and dos aquis.

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