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MGTOW: Men only talk to women because of the “meat dispensary between their legs.”

Take a look at THAT sirloin!
Take a look at THAT short loin!

Over on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, a dude calling himself fleshnbones is holding forth on a subject near and dear to his MGTOW heart: how the only interesting thing about women lies between their legs.

But, like many MGTOWs, fleshnbones seems a little confused about what exactly (cis) women have in that area.

“Women are boring as f*ck and suck at holding conversations unless it’s about them and only them,” fleshnbones sniffs.

Clear your mind of all sexual urges and realize just how horrible they are at talking about interesting sh*t, I’d rather get into a howling contest with a group of Huskies.

Fleshnbones urges his fellow MGTOWs to put this to proposition to a test:

I challenge my fellow MGTOW to bust the biggest nut you can then just TRY to have a intellectual conversation with them.

It ain’t happening, the only reason we even put up with their boring asses is because they have that meat dispensary between their legs.

That what what between their legs?

Salt_Powered_Robot, while agreeing with this fundamental premise, used a somewhat more familiar meat-themed metaphor for the vagina:

[P]robably my main MGTOW realisation was that the only reason anyone ever has for holding a (non-professional) conversation with a woman is because he wants a go at her beef flaps.

He went on to offer this handy advice for men who nonetheless feel the need to talk to one of these meaty creatures:

When taking to a woman, just pretend she’s a mildly mentally deficient dude. Like, there’s no point being an asshole, but at the same time don’t discuss any complex subjects or use too many long words. Just put your brain on neutral and spew something superficial and unchallenging until you can make an excuse to leave.

And the kicker is: people will be amazed at how great you are at talking to women.

I … don’t actually think that’s true.

Our old friend Ovendice, meanwhile, somehow managed to avoid meat-related metaphors in these observations:

Women don’t DO anything, have no interests in anything productive or actually compelling, have no curiosity about the world and zero inventiveness, so they have nothing to talk about.

Their main hobbies are going to expensive restaurants, shopping and expensive vacations at the cheesiest, gaudiest resorts and on cruise lines possible and there’s not a whole lot to talk about any of those experiences except how she got drunk everyday and fucked 37 random men she just met.

Have any of these men actually ever spoken to an adult woman other than their mother?

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Well, if their hobby is talking about how women don’t have hobbies, doesn’t that make them kinda sad and hypocritical?

“meanwhile, in her head…

“Ugh why won’t this guy shut up about cosmology, this is all boring shit I learned a decade ago. He must’ve just watched Cosmos or something. We all know this stuff, asshole! It was in fucking high school! I should just tell him I’m not interested in this sort of stuff and bail.”

(Totally never happened to me before, nope, not at all)

Girl, tell me about it. I became single not too long ago and started online dating, and based on my findings we are facing EPIDEMIC levels of male boringness. I have officially reached my lifetime limit of being lectured by boring men on topics that I understand better than them. Now I always show up with enough cash to cover my meal and tip, so if he starts in with the “let me educate you, little lady” routine I can just stand up, pay my half of the meal, and say, “I’m sorry, I’m just not having fun,” and sashay my fabulous ass away. Its amazingly liberating.

I mean seriously, who upon hearing that their date plays four instruments and has studied music her whole life then goes on to explain at length what a chord is??

When I was too young to know any better I went out with a man who was absolutely opposed to having any kind of intellectual conversation. He was only interested in sex, football and his car. He was dull and crass.

Did his limitations make him a woman? No, he was a hyper masculine man who thought he was better than women. Just like this pathetic loser.

I find individuals who have little connection to their inner life boring. These are people who don’t examine themselves much or take much of an interest in other people’s welfare.

I have yet to read or meet a manospherian whom I find interesting.

Manospherians think that they are edgy. I think that they’re banal.

I recommend Eichmann in Jerusalem/Hannah Arendt to manospherians.

There must be something wrong with me. I have little interest in eating at expensive restaurants, shopping bores me unless I’m browsing for books, I’ve never been to a resort or have any desire to, and since I get motion sickness, cruises are out. I do enjoy intellectual conversations with men who aren’t acting shallow. Do I need to go turn in my Woman Card somewhere?

I refuse to turn in my Woman Card on the basis of what these guys say.

Particularly since the card now offers My Little Pony points and Frequent Misandry Miles.


August 10, 2016 at 8:00 pm

Whenever this topic comes up, I can’t help thinking “These guys are aware that Fleshlights exist, right? If all you really want is a vagina to put your penis in, you can just buy one and you won’t have to worry about it having an autonomous human being attached.”

And, pray, how the MGTOW rants are going to pop on the Web ? You need two hands to write them, and they are not going to type themselves ! Plus, you need to make too much effort to handle the toy, while it is traditionally the role of women to sexually please you…
MGTOW do not spank monkeys, they only spank keyboards !

Have a nice day.

@ varalys & moggie

I mentioned while back about Neil Gaiman’s reaction to being told the full Halo Jones story; it sounds like it would be worth reading.

On a wider point, you got me thinking about Alan Moore. Now to me, he’s always the guy who wrote DR & Quinch; I hadn’t spotted the more ‘unfortunate’ tendencies in his writing.

But I’ve just read your Neonomicon review. I missed the possible rape implications in Killing Joke. I’m not au fait with Batman of the later comics, just read a few; so to me the Joker is the guy with wacky plots involving giant typewriters. Even shooting and stripping a girl seemed a bit forced edgy, but I just put it down to that post Dark Knight trend for ‘grittiness’.

Thinking about Watchman and V though; it’s just hit me that they both have that ‘falling for your abuser’ thing going on.

I seem to recall reading that he regretted some aspects of KJ now, so that boded well for HJ (even if he’d originally plotted a cliched ‘rip roaring rampage of rape revenge’ plot, he might drop that now); but if that Neonomicon story is typical of his recent work…? Hmm?

I know his particular brand of paganism does have that ‘sex magick/chaos’ thing, with ‘prudery’ or even vanilla being equated with the forces of conservatism and conformity. But he is getting a bit icky with where he’s taking that. Pat Mills got a bit evangelical on that at times (see Finn for example) but at least it was all consensual.

You mean a meat “receptacle” as opposed to a “dispensary”? My god these people are so fucking thick they can’t even come up with a coherent insult.

Maybe they mean a (sex) dispensary that’s made of meat?
Mind you, even taking 0.01 seconds to parse their havering dribble at all is waaaay more trouble than it’s worth.

After my husband and I split up I briefly tried dating. It was a chore rather than a pleasure. So, I quit.

I don’t like to put that on men being terrible, because at one point I realized that I’d rather be home with my critters reading or watching movies than going out with anyone.

That said, I had some painfully bad dates.

One guy whined about his neighbors and family most of the night and then wanted me to smoke his weed with him and hit a bar. I went home. He texted me at 2 in the morning a few days later. Blocked.

Another guy talked about his glory days in college sports(which had been a very long time ago), showed me pictures of his boat, motorcycles and collection of BMWs. Over drinks he was rude to the wait staff and then I noticed his coke nail. I was out of there like a bat out of hell.

Then there were the married guys who wanted me to pity fuck them. Um…no.

Then there were the online dating site guys who message you, then get angry that you didn’t respond immeadiately and begin to get nasty before you’ve even opened their first message.

Or the ones who don’t read your profile at all and send you a form letter about the good Christian wife or casual sexual encounter they are trolling the internet looking for.

I can do without that in my life. But even if the planet were crawling with Price Charmings, I’m not in the mood to meet anyone right now. It just isn’t my idea of fun.

My kids are back in school. I have a job. I have a few good friends I like to see. Other than that, I try to spend alot of time indulging in my interests. I had a good time yesterday just biking all over and looking for places to sit and read. Im doing what makes me happy.

These turds could go their own way and be happy too. That isn’t what they want. It isn’t what they’re about. They’re a hate group. Misogny is their hobby.

Hmm, what can you do with Frequent Misandry Miles? I’m hoping it’s like a restraining order you can slap on misogynists?


aaahahahahaha, oh the black shock on their faces when you cash-drop and saunter out must be worth gold. You’re the one responsible for making them think women are all shallow, though! 😮 They’re all “oh my gosh i can’t believe she wasn’t fascinated by my masterful knowledge of basic chord progression! She knows music (not as much as me but come on now), why doesn’t she like me? She must be an evil feminazi!

(this post contains SARCASM)

(blank shock, whoops. Maybe I should put myself back to bed, i’m not quite done yet)

Ms. Pavlov’s House came into my life from a dating site. *She* messaged *me* first in her charming+feminine+assertive Russian way and we had a great many written conversations about art, history and literature before our first date which was a yoga class. Then sparks flew and we had many more museum dates, without expensive restaurants. But perhaps this is all because I’m a beta-cuck-mangina; I wondered about that when I’d look at her beautiful photo which I used to carry in the shoulder pocket of my ACUs while in the field with my Reserve unit doing movement-to-contact drills and practicing setting up patrol bases, which are totally beta male activities nowhere near the manliness of my naysayers. Right? Right?!

Oh lord, I remember D.R. and Quinch.

“What kind of bird is this, kiddies?”

“It’s a dead bird.”

“That’s right!”

(Probably misquoted, but whatever.)

But yes, the Magus of Northhampton can get incredibly odd at times. One gets the impression that he spends so much time in his own worlds that he doesn’t always realize just what some of what he does looks like to those of us on the outside.

@ jenora

“Hmm, why do such such cuddly and harmless creatures need these colossal tunnels?”

“Dunno. Maybe they’re claustrophobic or something”

*Chomping ensues*

Yeah, you do get the impression that when he’s writing Lovecraft stuff he may well actually know the monsters personally.

@ Alan: I think my problem has been in covering so much of his lesser known stuff of Moore is seeing just how much he seems to view rape and sexual assault as a crunchy plot croutons to spice a story up without ever then taking the time to really talk about the aftereffects of such violation on a person. To my mind he managed it once, when he wrote the realisation Abby Arcane had that she had incestuous sex with her dead uncle (long story). And even then she got over it by the time Swamp Thing had rescued her soul from Hell (longer story).

Oddly, to my mind the one male comicbook writer who has really dealt well with rape and sexual abuse is Garth Ennis, who was brave enough to include an on panel scene with Frank “The Punisher” Castle being raped by a woman (although me branding the scene as that earned me an abusive anon comment from someone referencing Sargon, yay!) and also showing the sexual abuse of a teenage boy by his monstrous aunt. I’ve recently covered his book “The Slavers” in which he deals with sex trafficking and it’s a sombre, sad and furious book. Ennis doesn’t go to the rape/sexual abuse well very often but he makes it matter when he does. If that makes sense?

@Scildfreja They can think whatever they like, I’m still not wasting three hours of my limited time on earth listening to a monologue about their sophomoric understanding of Wittgenstein.

It was actually a revelation. It seems like every woman has some story or other about an absolutely horrific date that they just gritted their teeth through to be “polite”. Like, he lectures you and talks down to you and is rude to the waiter and kind of racist… but yeah, no, it’s totally important for YOU to be polite to HIM. But then I was like, wait a minute… you can just LEAVE. You really can! The lady police don’t come or anything! Just go home, take off your pants, and watch reruns of Star Trek: Voyager on Netflix. Doesn’t that sound better than indulging some windbag you don’t even know?


Stop, this is the Lady Police. We had a report of a lady not ladying properly in this restaurant. I’m gonna need to see your ladying licence and registration.

What, you say that he was assaulting you with undergraduate levels of english literature? And he had a piece of parsley stuck in his teeth the entire time?

Sorry to bother you, ma’am. We’re just glad you’re alright after that. You want to point him out for us? There’s a task force for handling this sort of thing.

(Now I am thinking of The Police as an all-lady band, singin gender-flipped versions of their songs. Rochard, you don’t gotta put on the red light!)

For knowing the monsters personally, all I have to say is: The Bojeffries Saga.

I’m not sure I’d say Moore sees sexual assault as a way to ‘spice up’ a story.

I think it’s more that Moore very often writes stories about people who are not just flawed by fundamentally broken in some way, and he only really sees sexual assault as one of the ways to get the characters there. It’s not something special for him, it’s just some sort of shell shock.

Basically, I agree that he doesn’t entirely get it, but I think he thinks he’s doing it for a valid reason to set up characterization. (Cue ‘intent is not magic’.)

That said, I may be talking out my ass; I’m hardly the Moore scholar some others are.

In the killing joke, an important part of the story is that the Joker is actually dangerous. Since killing people have stopped being something all that shocking, unexpected, or permanent in comics a long time ago, Moore wanted to use a special kind of evil. The rape allusion is part of it.

In other words, I find him targeting the daughter of one of his foe more questionable than the allusion to him raping her. The story would have worked just as well if he targeted Robin or an hypothetical son of of any of the main protagonist of Batman ; but the story would have worked a lot less well if he had just killed the person instead of trying to destroy him.

They claim that men (assumedly all men) only want to talk to women in order to get to our [insert gross euphemism for vagina here]. They presume to speak for all men, painting them (all men including the many decent ones) as lecherous pigs in the process and yet *we* are the misandrists?! That never gets old…

My wife told me that the earliest inkling that she got that I might be a keeper was when I was nice to a waiter on our second date after he screwed up our order.

I don’t actually remember this, since being nice to waiters is my default mode – I can’t remember what the screwup was either, but I suspect it either didn’t matter or was easy enough to resolve (which is presumably why I’ve forgotten it).


Hmm, what can you do with Frequent Misandry Miles? I’m hoping it’s like a restraining order you can slap on misogynists?

I like the way you think! So . . . yes!

And My Little Pony points can be redeemed at any feminist-friendly establishment. You’ll see the smiling Fluttershy decal in the window.


My wife told me that the earliest inkling that she got that I might be a keeper was when I was nice to a waiter on our second date after he screwed up our order.


My boyfriend said the same thing about me. I was all, “Oh, that’s important?” Which, yeah, it totally was for him — and it was so nice to meet someone who felt the same way!

A great tip I’ve heard for first dates: Coffee date.

Get there a little early, pay for your food and coffee before you sit down, and if Date decides to be an ass, just get up and walk away.

I’d say make friends with the barista and have another friend d on standby just in case Date goes off and/or gets violent too.

I’m not sure how this could have been worded better. . .but I’m uncomfortable with the way this sentence is written “But, like many MGTOWs, fleshnbones seems a little confused about what exactly (cis) women have in that area.” This sentence sorta makes it sound like the only women with vulvas are cis women. . .but that’s not true. Surveys indicate about 25% of trans women have had surgery to create genitals that are mostly indistinguishable from typical cis female genitals. And I’m sure most of these women feel just as demeaned as any cis woman when vulvas are discussed in a degrading way.

I’m sure the intent of wording this sentence in this particular way was to not erase trans women, but ironically it would up erasing about 25% of us, implying we don’t have the bodies we actually have.

—In which PUAs who blog about about their promiscuity and objectification are self aware enough to know the environment they are allowed to game in results in shallow partners

—but not aware enough to recognize when Sertre’s Look unfolds right in front of them, so their vanity blinkers them from realizing they too are being regarded as masturbation furniture with little advantage to engage outside of oozing bodily fluids onto and then ditching so they can gattica scrub off the stench of Drakkar Noir and dos aquis.

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