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Happy Fourth of July!

Please do not do this to your cat.
Please do not do this to your cat.

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Happy Fourth of July!

And if you’re not in the US, or simply don’t celebrate the Fourth, well — Happy Day in July!

If you’re a skittish dog or cat living in the US, I would like to extend my deepest apologies for the horrible boom-boom noises in the sky. I know this is not your favorite day. But it will soon be over.

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Thunderstorms have rained out our travel plans. So we are going to chill and play with sparklers on the porch between showers.

Anybody have special plans today?

I have to work in the morning and so does pretty much everyone else I know. So nothing exciting tonight. My friends and I just going to go see the Independence Day sequel. It’ll probably be bad, but I don’t care. We love the first one (not even ironically) and most of the cast returned, so that’s good enough for me.

We love the first one (not even ironically) and most of the cast returned, so that’s good enough for me.

Despite the many, many shortcomings of the first movie (the “raped by aliens” jokes being at the very bottom of the barrel), I also love the first movie with no irony.

My wife is feeling very meh about being American this year. We’re just staying home, having leftovers for dinner.

I’ve been thinking about this. Is this really a holiday to celebrate? We’re celebrating the wealthy, white, male land owners declaring their independence from England because of lack of representation while declaring that they should be allowed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness all the while holding back slaves and to a lesser extent women and children from having those same rights (nor have they been equally represented in this country, ever). And let’s not forget that they were tired of being overly taxed, so now today we have hardly any taxation on the wealthy, white men while the poor (a good amount of whom are people of color) have to carry the burden of taxation. And had we remained under English rule, we would probably have socialized health care and actually regulate guns like our Northern neighbors.

@kupo, sounds about right about the burden of taxation, yes! And looking at the crop of politicians who currently look most likely to make hay while the fallout from the Brexit explosion shines, we will probably be right behind you wrt slashing taxation on corporations and the rich, raising taxation on the poor, privatising the NHS and massively cutting welfare.

From the UK-soon-to-be-renamed Poundland*

(* there’s a chain of ultra-cut-price shops here that actually are called Poundland, selling fairly random remaindered or very low-quality or close-to-sell-by-date stuff.)

One irony about the whole anti-tax thing is that the reason that the British Government had raised taxes was to pay off the war debts they’d incurred defending the Colonies from the French in the F&I War a decade before.

I have a dog, cat, and rabbit. My rabbit doesn’t get scared; he just kinda looks at me with indignation whenever a firework goes off. My dog juat sleeps through it. I dunno about my cat though, haven’t had her that long.

I’m doing nothing this year. As has become the usual since I moved to Arizona three years ago. Just packing for a trip I’m going on on Thursday.

I am still annoyed by the brexit thing, and specifically how the leaders of the brexiter prefer to let someone else deal with the troubles they have caused.

How cowardly can Farage and Johnson be ?


My rabbits used to stomp the ground with their stomper feet whenever there were fireworks. I researched and found out it’s an über-cute way to warn the (hypothetical) other rabbits of potential danger. :p

We had fireworks over the Oakland Coliseum Saturday night. I could see them clearly, while standing on my porch. Since fireworks and convenience are both things I enjoy, it was a great experience.

I told my husband that I probably enjoy fireworks more than most people do; he remarked that I probably enjoy them more than most people enjoy *anything*.

Imaginary Petal – that is a delightful image. “Something big is happening – better alert the others!”

I just got back from the 4th of July parade here. Because it’s a fairly small town, it mostly consists of fire trucks and ambulances, old cars and tractors, and horses. There was one guy with a Trump sign, but he didn’t get much reaction from the crowd so I took that as a slightly positive sign.

I’m hoping for a safe 4th tonight. My normally mellow loaf of a cat actually growled at the sound of firecrackers going off nearby a couple of nights earlier and he’s never done that before…:-/

I’ve been hearing fireworks late into the night the last couple days, so apparently someone’s eager to celebrate.

No matter how cowardly you think they are, they’re more cowardly than that. It’s a self-referential function. Hofstadter would approve.

My family are making jokes about it being like Game of Thrones, in that almost all the named heroes and villains are gone by now, and all that remains is the second-stringers and replacement characters who you don’t really want to get to like because they’ll be gone soon too.

This does mean that we may well get some really unlikely characters thrust into power, simply because everyone else is gone. If Sunnysombrera or Alan Robertshaw ever wanted to be prime minister, now’s their chance.

Same here, Tovius.

My cat is handling it all surprisingly well this year. Usually the sound of fireworks has her slinking around in high-alert mode and growling.

We’ll be home with our cat, who will be freaked out because there are always people who think they have to have illegal fireworks. Even when everything is extra dry and fire danger is high.

The poor cat will spend the evening hiding under the bed and when he’s not doing that, will be on the floor next to husbeast’s or my feet. He is loathe to be above floor level when anxious, so husbeast and I will spend a lot of time on the floor tonight.

Dratted sticky keyboard! Now I’m in moderation again.

It’s a birthday of sorts. We celebrate birthdays.
I mean, Thanksgiving is about us fucking over the natives. Columbus Day, nuff said. Christians ‘culturally appropriated’ Christmas from pagan Saturnalia. Memorial Day glorifies war. Valentine’s Day is consumerist balderdash hyperinflating the importance of romantic love. New Years used to be in March. You get the idea
We start dropping holidays based on social or historical shadiness, and we’ll very quickly run out. We’ll have Veteran’s Day and Earth Day left. Not that we need to celebrate the ones we have. We should totally come up with some cool, new holidays to replace the shit ones. August 18 (19th Amendment), Suffrage Day? October 29 (ARPANET), Connectivity Day?

My three Siamese types will probably find a nice place to hide, before they creep out their tails still puffy long after the booms have stopped.

My Mom’s in town, she’s been staying with me since Thursday because my dear father had a fall in the kitchen and severely broke his left leg. He’s been sick and coughing so hard he nearly passes out (coughing syncope), and so when he coughed and started to black out he grabbed the counter. Unfortunately, he didn’t just fall straight down, he twisted, which is how his leg was fractured. It was awful, I couldn’t get him up, so I rendered what aid I could (I’m an EMR – emergency medical responder) and waited for the paras.

So it’s been a flurry of hospitals, doctors, housekeeping (the house was a shambles, Mom’s been helping me get things in order so it’s just right for when he comes home)…I’m sick and also trying to pass a kidney stone, in addition to my usual medical crap (I’m disabled, I’ve got fibro and a shit load of other chronic pain conditions and illnesses. whee.). It’s a bit overwhelming, so I’m invoking my coping skills a lot. But Dad got moved over to the rehab hospital today, (the doctor there says he could be there 10 days, give or take) and Mom and I are going to relax and watch the fireworks tonight. She goes home tomorrow, but the hard stuff is done and I can now rest and get better while Dad’s in the hospital.

Sorry to dump this on you guys. I’m a very longtime lurker (I’ve been around since the eeeearly ManBoobz days)^.^ And it IS related to the holiday, kinda, so I’m not totally awful. I’m just kinda frazzled and anxious and sick and in pain and not terribly bright. I read every post and all the comments (it’s a bit of a hyperfocus thing), so I feel like I know you folks pretty well…I really mean that in a non-creepy way, I promise. Y’all are awesome folks^.^

Could we post pictures of the critters in question when we reply? That could be really fun…


“Christians ‘culturally appropriated’ Christmas from pagan Saturnalia.”

Does that really count as cultural appropriation? I thought that was more a matter of when pagans converting to Christianity that kept some of their old traditions under different names, a cultural evolving over time not something stolen by force.

The cats are probably going to hide under the bed. Bailey is probably going to bark at the fireworks. Hopefully they die down by midnight. There’s a park a block and a half away from my house so it’s not just authorized fireworks going on. People have been setting off fireworks and firecrackers there for days and it will probably continue next weekend.

I can report now the Independence Day: Resurgence was bad. So bad it’s good. I would recommend it. But YMMV. Not everyone likes cheesy action/adventure movies like I do.

For AbominableSnowPickle,

A ragdoll and her baby

@ skybison & axe-danger

The whole thing as to whether Christians nicked pagan ideas or pagan converts held on to their traditions is really interesting. There’s no clear cut answer. It’s quite the mix. Culdee Christianity is a great example. It’s also worth looking at the common church foundation myth of the devil moving the building stones overnight; and what that might represent.

In the case of Christmas though it may be that it’s neither.

There’s a legitimate school of thought that the 25 December date may originate in the early church belief (itself based on Judaic/Classical ideas) that righteous men always died on the date of their conception.

One early suggested date for Easter minus nine months gives the date we now use.

1)hence the weasel quotes 🙂
2)how were they converted? Historically speaking, probability suggests the vast majority of converts weren’t… enthusiastic. Even those that wouldn’t have been literally forced to switch probably had massive, crushing, social pressure put on them by the more influential classes as well as their peers

I’m just talking outta my ass, and my understanding of appropriation is rudimentary at best. You’re probably right 🙂

@ EJ

The link between Mithraism and Christianity is another convoluted area. The only sure thing seems to be the design of churches. Although Mithraism originated before Christianity they were contemporaneous for quite some time; so there was a lot of cross fertilisation both ways.

You ever been to the Temple of Mithras down on Lombard Street? There’s a great archeological tale about that. When they excavated they found various ‘prayers’; bit like how people stick things in the Wailing Wall. One was wishing a hex on someone. Apparently this guy had nicked a ring. The supplicant blamed the fact his ex-friend had converted to Christianity. Decades later they were excavating a site up North. Among the finds was a ring. It was interesting in that it had been altered to change a pagan motif to a Christian one. The owner’s name had also been changed. Guess what the names were?

@Axecalibur : as far as I know, the vast majority of convert were voluntary, or even enthusiast. Christianity proposed something that looked much better than the old religions.

Oh! How lovely^.^ I need 12 of them!

Here’s Q, my snowshoe boy. He also goes by Scooter, because he zooms around the house a lot, deviating from his path only to bonk your ankles with his head^.^

@ ohlmann & axedanger

Within the Roman Empire Christianity was attractive because it was a mystery cult that, unlike others such as Mithraism or Isis, was open to anyone regardless of status and didn’t require a subscription fee.

Outside the Empire it was a bit more complicated; but in its early days it was seen as a bit of a low status religion. Its appeal was to the impoverished masses, so social pressure was actually against converting. It was only after Constatine that it became acceptable. Then it became fashionable.

It’s not until that time that the old religions were designated as ‘pagan’; the word then having connotations along the lines of ‘yokel’ or ‘bumpkin’ to differentiate from the sophisticated urban preference for Christianity.

Q is adorable and definitely looks like he could live up to his name and put humanity on trial someday.

That’s one of the origins of his name! His shelter name was ‘Q-T-Pie,’ and Q just fit him, there was no need to change it. His brother (who isn’t a snowshoe) is named Bodhi and he’s the strong silent type^.^

My cats don’t give a shit about fireworks and firecrackers and such. It’s probably because they were all raised in this neighborhood, where people start making things go bang in May and continue until, presumably, they actually run out. Also, the big fireworks show may be seen by walking the quarter mile to the end of our street. You could see it from our porch if there weren’t trees, and you can see the New Year’s show that way. One of the cats sat in the window, and was more interested in the moths than the loud bangs.

I had fun yesterday! Ate brisket on rolls, also nachos. Other than that, I mostly played the demo to Bravely Second because I didn’t know anyone at the house I was at.

The “barbecue” holidays are difficult for me. I’m not particularly patriotic, but I love to grill and hang out in the backyard with family.

However, I don’t have a backyard or a place to grill any more, and my family is mostly dead now. So I get sad and angry, and just try to get through the day without glaring too hard at the happy families.

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