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MGTOW strikes blow for freedom by refusing to work for woman with thick-rimmed glasses

Every MGTOW's worst nightmare
Every MGTOW’s worst nightmare

More inspiring news from the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit: One brave man has taken a stand for male freedom by turning down a job because he would have had to report to a woman. With thick-rimmed glasses, to boot.

Today I turned down a job because my boss would be a woman with thick glasses. (self.MGTOW) submitted 17 hours ago by iamlikethewindbaby The title pretty much says it all. Every year I do a weeks worth of work for a convention. It's a lot of fun and the money is alright (although not much more than I'd make normally). This year the man in charge was replaced by a woman. I googled her. Dyed hair, think rimmed glasses, a little overweight. I called up a few minutes later and backed out.

Iamlikethewindbaby’s comrades in Going Their Own Way know just how he feels!

xienxui 27 points 15 hours ago Every female boss I've ever had was a terrible micromanager, who's micromanaging destroyed productivity and bred resentment, and then they'd say things like "well since I'm a woman I have to work twice as hard to be considered half as good as a man". No sweety, you're just a bitch, and bad at your job - because you're a woman, yes, but that's besides the point. permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply [–]aanarchist 3 points 3 hours ago seriously though it's so annoying how many women wonder why no one respects them. it's seems like she has to work harder because her baseline ability to get something done is so decidedly below an average males.

Women and their vaginas, amirite fellas?

xienxui 2 points 2 hours ago It's like Show up with preexisting chip on your shoulder because you were told certain things all your life. Be an overbearing micromanager and meddler, breath down employees necks to try to drive productivity up. Productivity goes down due to micromanaging meddling cuntiness - instead think "they don't respect me cuz I'm a woman" instead of recognizing real problem. Come to the conclusion "nothing would ever get done without my micromanaging". Never grow or improve as a human being or a manager because the fact that you have a vagina is the center of your existence. Obstacles problems and failures are course due to outside factors in relation to said vagina, and never of course because of personal choices you make.

And what about those women who are going their own way? Sorry, I mean, those nasty old spinsters who never married because no man would have them?

General_Fear 6 points 9 hours ago I have several female managers in the corporate world. Only 2 were good. There rest were impossible to work for. One woman I worked with said a female manager is the worst. My guess is that women climbing the corporate ladder overcompensate cracking the whip because they want to show everyone that they can be as tough as any male manager. So women are ball busters. And it gets worst if they never married. God help you if you work with a woman who never married or had kids. There is a reason no man ever asked her to marry her. They take out their frustrations on male staff.

And boy, those gals really hate us MGTOWs, huh?

ergeantDickhead 5 points 9 hours ago I refused many of jobs knowing that I was going to have a female manager. It's not that I hate women, it's that I knew I would be fired anyway because I refuse to back down and simp my paycheck away. I won't kiss ass just to make a paycheck. Once A woman in control of your employment finds out that you are of mgtow beliefs, you have a 99.52% chance of getting canned. If they don't have a reason, they will find one.

Yeah, that’s right. You’re getting constantly fired because you’re so principled. Not because you’re an arrogant, hostile jerkwad who hates women.

Happen_On_A_Ciggy even agrees with the OP about those evil, scary … glasses!

Happen_On_A_Ciggy 11 points 17 hours ago Im glad the signs of what these doosh bags (bitches) look like is spreading. What about the cat eye glasses? Gahhhh!.. like ten years ago those were hot on pinup models. Now i feel "triggered" when i see them.

But leave it to the lovely Ovendice — weren’t we just talking about him the other day? — to show up with a giant wall-o-text that cuts to the heart of the problem of women bosses, or even co-workers.

And that, of course, is the decorating. So, so much decorating.

Oh, and of course all those time-wasting false accusations.

The worst part about putting a women in charge is that they have bizarre priorities. All of their attention is focused on having parties, luncheons, 'events,' etc., involving decorating, which seems to be all women care about or know how to do (?) And then after that it's all about policing the men in the office or workplace and everything they say especially to women and more than half the time the women are making false accusations and all of this requires endless meetings just so the female can hear herself talk, meetings also create a diversion away from actual work. Countless female managers come in late, go to a meeting about some male's behavior involving what he said to a female employee that lasts for 2 hours, then leave early. Which is yet another problem with female management. Female managers are always OUT, which is a good thing when you think about it, they're not there causing problems and getting in the way which is all they do anyway.

Boy, it sure seems weird that women managers are always out when he gets in touch to set up sales meetings. I mean, what’s with that!?

I'm a vendor and I have to talk to managers in hundreds of businesses and especially in all of the doctor's and dentist offices the managers are invariably female and I can call one office after another and it is MIND BLOWING how each one will say, "Oh, she's out today." "She's not in." "She hasn't come in yet." And it'll be Tuesday at 11:30am or Wed. at 2pm, doesn't matter what time or day and Mondays and Fridays? Forget it, 90% of female management doesn't come in at ALL on those days and then of course the turnover rate for them all is about 6 months and they're fired. No surprise there

It’s so weird. Whenever he arrives somewhere, it’s like all the women have just left!

MGTOWs! Although I’m a dude, I think I can speak for all women when I say that they really have no problem whatsoever with you guys going your own way —  so long as wherever you go, it’s somewhere where they aren’t.

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Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Jackie; currently using they/their, he/his pronouns)says:

@Victorious Parasol

That’s what they seemed to do but it seems to me if they were serious, they’d tried to actually get a practicing lawyer. It’s not like they took forever to find one, they couldn’t have exhausted Canada’s lawyer supply in the time it took to find them, could they?

@ Pandapool

That’s an interesting point – just how long did it take for them to pick this guy? Had they chosen him as their legal champion before the Expo or afterwards? Of course, these are the same people who discuss their secret plans on public social media, so they may have been serious but clumsy.

Victorious Parasol:

Oh, dear. I don’t envy the concom having to deal with them again. Though I wonder how it’s an infiltration if they announce their intentions so loudly. I suppose there’s some MRA logic at work there too complex for my ladybrain to comprehend, kinda like how MRAs have complained that the Expo violated the Honey Badgers’ First Amendment rights up there in Calgary.

Well, they need to be excluded from the expo in order to pull their scam of appealing for funds for a lawsuit. Issuing threats beforehand maximises the chance of that. Imagine if they attended, and nobody cared! That would be terrible!

@ Moggie

The horror! They’d be allowed to wander around the Expo without anybody paying attention to them! Their message would fall on deaf ears! Nobody would listen to their incredibly verbose speeches about how men are being oppressed, OPPRESSED, I tell you!

Hey is any one else going to be at the expo on saturday? it might be cool to meet up and maybe hang out for a bit.

Re: the HB choosing a disbarred fly-by-night attorney, IIRC they didn’t have any legal leg to stand on at all, and he was the only attorney-adjacent person shady enough to take the case.

You’ve jogged my memory, dreemr. Weren’t the HB congratulating themselves on selecting him, and defending how much money they were throwing at him? I couldn’t tell if they had been conned and didn’t realize it, or if they were uneasy about it but didn’t want to admit they’d been had.

What actual planet do these people live on? This doesn’t sound like reality in the slightest? Like, I just don’t get it and it blows my mind

@Buttercup Q Skullpants

isn’t there an issue in offices where the women are expected to plan the office parties but the men are not?


That’s the only day we’re not going. Prior commitments.


I have my suspicions that the HBs are now a money laundering front.

I hope they show up and get roundly ignored.

@Jewish Messiah

I’m sorry you went through that but you have to understand that the issues you experienced with not being listened to are not issues that are unique to men that are harassed by women but are issues that are experienced regardless of the gender of the harasser and the gender of the victim and labeling it as people didn’t believe you because your harasser was a woman erases the experiences of people (especially women) who are harassed by men


That’s the only day we’re not going. Prior commitments.

Oh well. Hope you have fun on the days you are going to be there.

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