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A Voice for Men’s “buzzing” traffic sounds more like a death rattle

I told you we should't have gone this way
I told you we shouldn’t have gone this way

If for some perverse reason you head over to A Voice for Men, the former vanguard of the failed Men’s Rights revolution, you will find this sitting at the top of the site’s list of latest articles, as it has been for nearly two years:

Welcome to AVFM Traffic to AVFM has been buzzing for quite a while now. Paul Elam takes a moment to welcome to new readers, and to explain to them why they are here.

Apparently AVFM has a rather expansive definition of “buzzing,” as this is what is actually going on with the site’s traffic these days, according to Alexa.


Yep, things at AVFM are so buzzy that their traffic has buzzed itself off the bottom of the Alexa charts.

Apparently “buzz” is the sound Men’s Rights Activists make when they fall off a cliff.

Here’s a song about buzzing.

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Let me put it this way, LinuxLea–her best defense against actual malice is an astounding conflation of ignorance and ineptitude. That’s not really giving her much of a benefit. And yes, your further analysis makes a stronger case for the former.

Really, when you think about it, what a coup for the gators — a high-ish profile victim of bullying attacking Quinn and Harper as the “real” bullies. Owens keeps insisting there’s a conspiracy here. She might be right.

I mean, it’s all too much, right? The “English major” who is a terrible writer (not being elitist with regards to writing skills, it’s just that I can’t see someone getting that credential with her demonstrated ability) the person who thinks they can call the UN and “speak to the right person” to complain about someone who once addressed them, assuming ABC would immediately investigate their Kickstarter being taken down, being so unbelievably naive about the realities of online harassment….

She CAN’T be for real.

Let me put it this way, LinuxLea–her best defense against actual malice is an astounding conflation of ignorance and ineptitude. That’s not really giving her much of a benefit.

Ah, the old “Stupid or evil?” dichotomy.

She claims her boyfriend is “far right” (congratulations on that, by the way /sarcasm), and he seems to be aware of “The Ralph Retort”, so it stands to reason he -at least- knows about doxxing and GG.

No matter how ’90s-grimdark cynical I am about something, I always turn out to be right – yep, definitely a setup. Oi…

As far fetched as it sounds for someone to be that clueless, I also think it’s equally far fetched to interpret this as some sort of organized GG activity, especially without knowledge of it being leaked out almost immediately. Opsec isn’t really strong among these sorts.

This has been on the front page for two years? And nobody fucking noticed this?

But you know, society only needs STEMlords, and people who study writing are just doing soft, easy things anyone can do.

Except, apparently, A Voice for Men.

lol–>> “So overall, Social Autopsy’s Kickstarter rollout has not been without its hiccups.”

Favorite part of that article

Wow…so many men are NOT reading AVFM. Lol

I guess Elam ‘retired’ because announcing that nobody is even pretending to take him seriously on men’s issues anymore, he ran out of other people to fire and blame, so what’s the point of continuing would be too straightforward and honest.

The picture in the article, animals falling, is deeply disturbing. It is doubtful they would do that unless they were forced.

I am a feminist and I am also a vegan. Issues overlap since, among other things, the meat and diary industry exploit female organs. Also, women’s bodies are objectified as are animals’ bodies.
If I see animals suffering and being exploited and killed, I will point it out.

Petrovna, that’s not a picture of actual buffaloes who’ve been herded off a cliff. It’s actually a photo of a model in the National History Museum in Washington D.C. Obviously it’s a pretty realistic-looking model, but if you look closely you can tell that the falling buffaloes are attached to the cliff, and that the backdrop is a painting.

Here’s a bit more about it:

Well I haven’t read all of Owens stuff on this (I have a midterm soon and have to go back to studying) her big post on her site and some of the articles linked here have made me revise my opinion. I think she is very nieve and jumped into something she doesn’t understnad, but didn’t mean to harm anyone. That said something like this would harm people. Even public information is semi safe if spread over several unrelated sites, but to gather it in one place makes it to easy to take advantage of, which is where the harm comes from.

Also I don’t see how no one mentioned doxing to her before and she really jumps to conclusions, but I still feel it’s based out of not knowing rather then an intent to harm.

It is an interesting and powerful story at the link.

It is marred somewhat by the line about ‘Reagan and brother-in-drag Margaret Thatcher’. Yeah, no. Thatcher was horrible enough, no need to drag that sort of sexist attitude into it as well.

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