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White supremacist ladies man offers Trump tips on how to seduce the women of America

Ladies Love Cool Donald
Ladies Love Cool Donald, even if they think they hate him

RamZPaul is a cheerfully racist YouTuber who’s big with the white supremacist crowd. And while he thinks so little of women that he doesn’t believe they deserve the right to vote, he also seems to see himself as a bit of a ladies man.

It was in the latter capacity that RamZ recently offered some advice to his man Donald J. Trump — because of course he’s a Trump supporter — on how to seduce the women of America into voting for him.

As RamZ evidently sees it, the hatred so many women feel towards Trump isn’t really hatred; it’s attraction. All Trump needs to do now is to dial down the douchebag a bit and start building “comfort” with women so they’ll feel safe enough to surrender to him.

You’ve got them on the hook, Mr. T! All you gotta do is reel them in for a Vote-Close.

I’ll let RamZ explain:


So there you have it. The women of America want The Donald. They just don’t know it yet.

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You see they’re not actually hating him cause he’s a sexist bigot, it’s because they’re Tsundere~*

“No-one’s gonna think you’re some beta male or anything like that but you gotta add some comfort”

For some reason that like made me totally crack up. I had to replay the whole thing to hear the end as I was laughing too hard the first time around when it got past that quote.

It was just a big heap of insecurity. Must be alpha at all times!

Care and empathy = weakness

Note to self, every protagonist that isn’t an edgy self insert is not worth admiring over.

The “they say they hate me but actually they want me!” thing seems to be a pretty common delusion despicable people need to keep maintaining – the Galt fellow in the other thread was doing something similar. And of all the things they could focus on to maintain their feeling of superiority, it always has to come back to their dick.

Saying yes is a sign of attraction. Saying no is a sign of attraction. Passed out drunk is a sign of attraction. Ignoring them is a sign of attraction. Nervous laughter, eye rolling, eye contact avoidance. It’s all a sign of attraction.

That’s how these guys delude themselves into thinking rape is really regretted consensual sex.

He’s offering tips on fucking anything to Donald Trump, who is already a successful literally everything this guy aspires to be.


“Now, don’t freak out! You’re not actually being nice to a woman — you’re just pretending. No need to worry.”

Why does he even think Drumpf needs this advice? He’s already got a model for a wife.

@David Gerard: This is what the quote “Lord, give me the confidence of a mediocre white man” was made for.

He wants to be a successful business failure who talks about his daughter like he wants to fuck her?

Sounds right.

It’s always Opposite Day with these numbskulls, isn’t it?

Shit like this guy makes me glad I’m waaaaayyyyy past the Wall, by their lights. Last thing I want is to be “seduced” by one of them.

No, wait…not even last thing. I don’t want it AT ALL. Urggggh.

Yes, Trump seems totally capable of making enough American women feel comfortable.

All he’d need to do is drop out of this run for the nomination and presidency. If he REALLY wants us to feel comfortable he’ll drag Cruz to whatever not-here hell dimension he’ll be off to that is also not anywhere he can be involved in politics ever again.

Just imagining them going away is making me feel SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE already.

RamZ: You really are gorgeous, almost perfect. Is there any way I could get my tongue further up your a-hole, Herr Drumpf?

My computer doesn’t want to play the audio, because I’ve only had it for two weeks, but it already knows better.

Trump is hideous. The effort he puts into being what he considers conventionally attractive adds to his hideousness, allowing such epithets as “Oompa-Loompa” and “Ganguro guru” to be effective, but the true nastiness of his character is what really sells it. His attitude is what REALLY ensures that every picture intended as promotional should be exactly as embarrassing as the ones shown by his opponents.

Small-minded, small-handed person (and you know what they say about guys with small hands; nobody would think it was an issue if it didn’t get under their skin so much).

And while he thinks so little of women that he doesn’t believe they deserve the right to vote, he also seems to see himself as a bit of a ladies man.

Yeah, nothing says sexy to me like a white supremacist telling me my likkle wittle lady-brain doesn’t match up to the challenge of totally white democratic decision making while at the same time making the future of “the race” depend on me only shagging people like him.

I mean, that stuff is sexytimes gold, amirite ladeez?


“Now, don’t freak out! You’re not actually being nice to a woman — you’re just pretending. No need to worry.”

Haha! Yes, it’s exactly this.

I wonder, does saying nonsense works effectively against those types? If I say “The cuckoo flew to the clock tower to watch the gnomes eat cheese”, will they leave me alone then?

Who does this guy think he is, telling the Drumpf to be less of an asshole? The Drumpf is the biggest, bestest, douchiest douchebag who ever douched, and he ain’t going to turn that down for nobody! And if the ladeez can’t handle that, then they can eff off back to Venus or whatever planet they came from and he’s gonna build a wall to keep ’em out, and make the Venusians pay for it! YEAH!

These PUA guys always seem to come up with “tips” that are actually just based on observations from the most hackneyed hollywood tropes.

It’s like they think movies are real, human behaviour and not heavily scripted scenes designed to carry a pre-determined narrative forward.

Name a film in which the two leads spend most of the movie rolling their eyes at / rejecting / being actively hostile to one another, and then later end up smooching in Troo Luv.

Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing was probably a good example of the dynamic I’m talking about.

The LEGO Movie. Chicken Run. Forrest Gump.

Sometimes there’s a turning point that makes the two see each other’s admirable qualities, but there’s a lazier route, in which the female character suddenly expresses romantic interest totally inconsistent with the entire trajectory of their relationship, and that suits these PUA types just fine as a way to delude themselves that all chicks secretly dig them, especially when they are acting like assholes.

Philadelphia Story might be the epitome of that kind of story. But I must confess, 27 Dresses was the first one I thought of. I have no idea why.

For The Donuld, all women are sorted in one of two categories: a) fuckable and b) unfuckable.

The fuckable category has two subcategories: i) fuckable fuckable and ii) fuckable unfuckable.

Fuckable fuckable women serve only one purpose: to be fucked until they no longer appeal to him. Examples of fuckable fuckable include his former wives, his current wife and his daughter.

Fuckable unfuckable is any “hot” woman who does not pander to him, like Megyn Kelly.

The unfuckable category is for all of the other women who don’t have what it takes to turn Donuld’s crank, and he has no use for them whatsoever. They are a waste of oxygen.

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