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Super Tuesday Open Thread

Wait, why is she using a gun to hammer the nails in?

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Open thread! It’s Super Tuesday here in the US. Discuss today’s primaries, the evil that is Trump, politics in general.


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Tragedy of the Commas
Tragedy of the Commas
6 years ago

Please excuse the thread necromancy, but I just wanted to say: here it is, a Sanders supporter straight up saying they’d consider voting for Trump over Clinton in the general election if it comes down to a Trump versus Clinton match. They’d also consider sitting out or voting for a third party, but still:

You’d think it would be a given the dem would win, but a lot of those who support Sanders (me included) are either going to vote 3rd party, vote trump, or not vote all together…

There’s an interesting discussion to be found about the limitations of a two party system trying to serve everyone under the umbrella of “liberal” or “conservative”. (A few Brits chime in about this.) But it takes an awful lot of compartmentalizing of the xenophobia, racism, sexism, and thuggery to declare that Clinton is a “moderate Republican”, as this same poster does a bit later, and say of Trump that “while he is spewing very vile rhetoric, is actually in places to the left of Hillary on policy (war,healthcare). Also for the most part until a few years ago was a democrat.” Well, then supporting him over Clinton make total sense, right? Clinton is morally repugnant to the point that calling all Mexicans rapists is morally OK and calling for “worse than waterboarding” is factually more liberal than Clinton, right? …Right?

I’m tempted to re-post my posts here demystifying Sanders over there, but between the above, and a side discussion about refugees in the same thread, I’d rather not step into it.

This is my nightmare: that Trump wins because of political purity tests and “Trump’s an outsider/not bought by corporate interests” memes.

I’ve no problem with–in a hypothetical election between Trump and Clinton–people supporting Jill Stein of the Greens over Clinton. But supporting Trump over Clinton, imo, means you don’t care about policies, you care about personalities/the branding/image.

6 years ago

@Tragedy of the Commas
One of my former colleagues who has been posting a lot of pro-Sanders stuff recently shared an article about Clinton and called her the scum of the universe. This was because she made a comment that she didn’t know where Sanders was when she was fighting for Healthcare Reform in the early 90’s. I can understand the anger (and I feel it, too) over the AIDS comments, but this is just petty. I wish my fellow Sanders supporters weren’t so hyperbolic.

Tragedy of the Commas
Tragedy of the Commas
6 years ago

@ kupo

Yeah, pretty much. And agreed about her AIDS/Reagan comment. Statements like that are probably why some in the LGBTQIA community feel a bit meh about her. You do not praise the Reagan “low key advocacy” about AIDS. Ever. You know? Unless your “advocacy” promotes silence at best or mockery at worst, as Vanity Fair pointed out. Or you’re just ignorant. Neither looks good.

Anyway, I’ve ranted long enough. The point is, I feel you and thanks for sharing. This election can’t be over soon enough.

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