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The Sarkeesian Effect is Out! Check Out This Bootleg Copy I Got, For Free

Ok, I lied about the bootleg copy. And yes, I just recycled a joke I made on Twitter.

But The Sarkeesian Effect really is out! (Just my luck, it came out while I was napping. I have a very odd schedule, ok?)

You can go pay $3.99 to watch it on Vimeo, or you can wait for my review. It may take a while, because the “film” is 2 1/2 hours long, and I type slowly.



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watching Sarkeesian’s latest video then seeing Owen’s in comparison really highlights what an amateur he is. For all I know she reads from a script also, but if she does it’s in the form of an auto cue because she can speak while facing camera, and shows game footage to illustrate her arguments. Still I suppose it’s marginally better than RazorBladeKandy and his videos of text across the screen.

What are your videos about?

Tabby Lavalamp:

Two and a half hours? Did Owens sit there looking at the footage thinking “This is all too good! There is literally nothing I can cut out because every single word uttered is feminism-destroying gold”?

They say brevity is the soul of wit. What does that mean for the witless?

“Oh, and I’ll need another $15,000 for typing fees and walking around money.”–I know where you can get a disbarred lawyer to deal with that David. 😉


That’s right, one of the alleged goals for The Sarkeesian Effect (and almost uniquely, one that wasn’t laughably overambitious) was for the two of them to show they could produce something much more professional on a fraction of the budget of Anita’s videos. That didn’t work out too well, but neither did any other step in the process.

Anita uses an autocue – I remember clearly because some Gamergate twerp spread a Tweet with a photo of her using it and tried to spread outrage that Anita was using her video-making budget on video-making equipment.

I make videos about old games, mostly, although here I talk about the representation of women in Duke Nukem 3D for almost three seconds. (I was very proud that some of the creators behind Apogee were having a discussion in the comments!) I’ve thought on occasion that I’d like to start talking about manosphere drama/idiocy as well, but watching the hate-mire through We Hunted the Mammoth is just about as close as I can get without severe distress.

OMG I’m going to teach my cat to do that and then I’ll be rich! I met a woman once who trained ravens to steal coins.

The title makes me want to Marklar Sarkeesian and turn it into a substitute for almost any noun, verb, or adjective.

The other day I was Sarkeesianing off the cost of Sarkeesian when I Sarkeesianed a bunch of Sarkeesians Sarkeesianing themselves.

So, this:

Jordan seriously thinks that Anita released her latest Tropes video on the same day as this trainwreck in order to… what? Remind the world that her work is far more professional than his? Make people forget to watch his trainwreck, because the human brain can’t comprehend two Sarkeesian-related videos on the same day? Confuse viewers into thinking her video is this “Sarkeesian Effect” thing they’ve been hearing about? Has he thought this through, at all?


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Jordan planned for this “coincidence” to happen. I mean, he’s going on about how she “happened” to release her video on this day but why did [i]he[/i] release [i]his[/i] shitty documentary on this day?

@Paradoxical Intention

Huh, the zombie genre seems like it’s been getting stale lately. This looks fresh enough to be interesting.

@Paradoxical Intention
Oh man that is so cool. Its so rare that you see a game that has a really fresh take on the zombie Apocalypse, and I really like that it combines a lot of really fun concepts with some of the deeper aspects of the genre.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:


Alfiq are even fearsome without their magic.

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