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Puppies soundly defeated at Hugo Awards; Vox Day declares “I meant to do that.”

Yeah, we're not buying it from you either, Vox.
Yeah, we’re not buying it from you either, Vox.

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So the Hugo Awards were last night, and, as many of you no doubt already know, the Puppies went down in defeat.

For those who haven’t been following the ongoing culture war in the world of science fiction, a group of cultural reactionaries decided to try to strike a blow against what they see as the Social Justice Warriorization of the SF world by essentially stuffing the ballot boxes for the Hugo Award nominations with two slates of their own candidates, dubbed the Sad and the Rabid Puppies. They succeeded in this ignoble task, with many of the categories in the final ballot filled entirely with writers put forward by one or the other of the Puppy slates.

But there’s one peculiar thing about the Hugo ballots: if you don’t like any of the nominees, you can vote for “no award” instead.

And last night, that’s what everyone fed up with the Puppies did. In the five categories where all the nominees were Puppy-nominated, voters picked “no award” over all of them. The only Puppy-endorsed winner? Guardians of the Galaxy, which was such a charmingly entertaining popcorn flick that it transcended Puppy politics altogether

Naturally, the Puppies and their supporters claimed … victory? Well some of them did, anyway.

Meanwhle, Vox Day — the famously reactionary, racist, woman-hating fantasy author who headed up the Rabid Puppies — tried to spin the giant loss as a sort of nihilistic victory for the forces of reactionary chaos.

In his first blog post about the results of the Hugo votes, Day managed to sort of admit that the Puppies had, yes, failed. Of those voting for “no award,” Day wrote,

They are practicing a scorched earth strategy, and we can certainly assist them in that since we do not value their territory. I still think it was worth trying to take Berlin and end the war in one fell swoop, but even though our attempt break them once and for all failed, that only means that the victory was less than complete.

But in later posts he banished the f-word and tried to convince the world, like Pee Wee Herman after his famous bicycle spill in Pee Wee’s Great Adventure, that he’d “meant to do that.”

In his second post on the Hugo results, Day declared

The five categories burned last night are only the first sparks of the cleansing conflagration that is coming.

In a later post, he wrote

It’s fascinating to see SJWs desperately trying to cling to their Narrative on Twitter and elsewhere. They’re insisting that we’re mad, that we’re crying, that we’re upset, when the fact is that I knew this would be the result this year prior to creating Rabid Puppies.

He knew it all along!

Pee Wee, take it away:

For more details on the Hugos, and more of Vox’s spinning, check out the accounts on Wired and the Wall Street Journal. 

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6 years ago

Also, it amuses the hell out of me whenever I see Theodore Beale refer to himself as “VD” – venereal disease.

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