Makeup proves that women are hateful, deceptive creatures with too many rights, Men’s Rights Redditors agree

No-makeup selfie
No-makeup selfie

So Em Ford, a popular YouTuber known for her makeup tutorials, recently put up a video detailing some of the nasty and abusive comments she got when she dared to put up some pictures of herself without makeup, revealing red skin, pimples, and, you know, other human imperfections.

Someone posted about her video to the Men’s Rights subreddit, and the regulars there offered some nuanced and measured thoughts on our society’s beauty ideals.

Just kidding! They attacked women as fickle, hateful narcissists who use makeup to deceive men — and who should probably not be allowed to run companies.

As Ultramegasaurus sees it, ugly men are the real victims here.

Make up is a privilege if you think about it. A woman can cover her ugliness (the model is a perfect example), yet man has to live with his facial ugliness (or height).

Uh, I’m not so sure about that height thing. I’m pretty sure you can do something about that.


Actingverystrangely, meanwhile, seems quite upset that while women can cover up their pimples with makeup, men who lie about owning Ferarris are looked down upon by society.

So hiding your spots with make up is not deception. But pointing out that you don’t actually look the same without make up as you do with make up is wrong. …

As an experiment, why not tell the next woman you meet that you drive a Ferrari and have an Amex Centurion Card and a luxury yacht moored in Monaco? When she asks to go for a drive in the car, look wistfully into the middle distance and say

“It is society’s unrealistic expectations that forced me to present myself as affluent and successful. But I’m sure you recognise that I am successful in my own way, and that …wait! Where are you going? Wait, I can explain…

But it is coolsanta who wins the thread with his spirited defense of ugly men — and his even more spirited attack on the makeup-wearing women who (allegedly) hate them and want them dead.

Fact: Ugly men are much more likely to be accused of being creepy than good looking men. Woman generally regard unattractive men as a nuisance. When she puts on the make-up and that revealing dress to impress mostly her bisexual friends and to some degree the handsome men out there the last thing she wants is for the ugly (= creepy) men to notice.

Yep. that’s right, fellas: when women dress up, it’s mostly to impress — and possibly sexually frustrate? — their bisexual friends. Who knew?

That makes them feel abused while similar attention from a good looking man would have the opposite effect. If an ugly guy should manage to woo them and get them into bed there is a very high likelihood of regret followed by a rape charge.

Or possibly the woman simply won’t go out on a date with that guy again? From the point of view of the regretful woman, this seems like much less of a hassle than, you know, going to the police with a false rape charge, having a rape kit done, having yourself attacked in court, and so on and so forth.

They would prefer the undesirables eradicated from society, and would think nothing of it, as they serve no purpose in their eyes.

That’s right: all women are secret Hitlers who yearn for a world cleansed of ugly dudes.

Less attractive men will always be socially disadvantaged / undermined with women in control, to keep them out of social circles.

Wait, women are in control?

Indeed, even movie directors know its ok if the short, bald, fat, ugly, bespectacled guy is torn in two by the dinosaurs… The fat guy seems to be cowardly and deserving of his fate – however, he is afraid with good reason.

Woah, dude, what happened to SPOILER ALERT? I haven’t seen Jurassic World yet.

Dressing up pretty, with high heels and make-up are women’s confirmation of this important fact – the importance of looks.

Wait, now women are “dressing up pretty” to keep from being eaten by dinosaurs? Bisexual dinosaurs?

It takes a special type of person to read this and not recognize the danger of giving so much legal and social power to such a fickly, sometimes hateful, creature.


In the board room they won’t tolerate the fat, bald and more capable guy ruling over the handsome guy – it clashes with their psyche because in nature they would have ended up having to have sex with the guy in control.

I hate to break it to you, dude, but there are plenty of fat, bald guys in the world’s boardrooms. Do I need to pull out the pictures again?

Other than that, though, your theory seems solid as hell.

H/T — r/againstmensrights



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7 years ago

Thank you Pandapool.

7 years ago

Dudes blame women for making men assholes (cos apparently we love bad boys so the presence of bad men in society is because foolish wimmins make it a necessary behaviour to get some sexy). When women wear make-up because maybe they get more attention from guys (not the only reason or even a reason at all for many though) it’s not men’s fault for wanting women to look a way that’s unachievable for most girls without make-up, it’s our fault for being evil deceivers. Men accommodating sexual selection = women are evil. Women accommodating sexual selection = women are evil. Glad that’s clear then.

7 years ago

Congratulations on the new job Lea!

7 years ago

Thanks WWTH!

EJ (The Other One)
EJ (The Other One)
7 years ago

Congrats, Lea! New hair and new job are both great.

(I just started my new job too. Brofist!)

7 years ago

But not everyone wears make up.
I don’t think these people have ever actually seen a real woman up close.

7 years ago

It’s ironic to consider (from the ridiculous ‘women are manipulators rawr’ standpoint mentioned here) that makeup is actually weakening to women. Women are socialized to believe that makeup is standard and therefore necessary, and, while of course they still have the freedom to wear it or not, it cannot be denied the vastly noticeable difference it can induce when one goes from seeing a woman who wears a reasonable amount of makeup every day for months or years at a time, then suddenly seeing her without it. This stark contrast could and often is used to belittle or otherwise discriminated against the woman, who then finds herself in a situation where should could keep wearing (and buying and spending the time to apply) makeup forever, or deal with the backlash for as long as it takes for people to become re-acclimatized to her without makeup, which could have a very negative impact on her social life.

From this perspective, women are closer the victim of makeup than evil tyrants.

It must also be at least briefly mentioned that makeup, by design, reinforces the socialization that “women’s appearance is extremely important.” This is harmful to society as a whole, because it ensures that one group is viewed from this lens FUNDAMENTALLY, not just by men but by the women themselves. This is negatively impact because appearance is absolutely meaningless in terms of an important social factor (in other words: appearance and total life achievement [job, career, income, life satisfaction, friends, etc. etc.] are not nearly correlated as much as other things like intelligence, hard work, etc.).

I am not automatically claiming women should or should not wear makeup, and of course are free to choose, but I do believe that we have to make it an ACTUAL CHOICE, rather than erroneously attributing internalized gender roles that children grow up indoctrinated into and avoiding negative social stigma to a freely made choice.

To just briefly touch on the issue of the MRA article (since any more than this would do it too much justice), proceeding from the premise that men and women are viewed with the same degree of scrutiny regarding their appearance, and thus the use of makeup by women isn’t “fair” to “ugly” men, is absolutely ridiculous and cannot be defended with any degree of rationality or empirical evidence.

6 years ago

wearing make up isnt “dressing up.” its essentially wearing a mask.

6 years ago
Reply to  jc

With all this concentration on makeup I think there’s an important issue that’s going unexamined: what about those who wear glasses? It’s the perfect disguise!

On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 9:17 AM, we hunted the mammoth wrote:

> jc commented: “wearing make up isnt “dressing up.” its essentially wearing > a mask.”

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