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Sarkeesian Effect duo split again! Aurini demands another $15,000, Owen disowns him

Ah ha ha ha ha ha! The Sarkeesian Effect duo have split up again! It’s a Fourth of July Miracle!

So today, a furious Jordan Owen put out a video denouncing his now ex-partner Davis Aurini. Why? Because Aurini is demanding another $15,000 to edit the “film” and has set up a fundraiser without Owen in order to raise it. 

According to Owen, Aurini has been “dicking around” with the footage for months in hopes of squeezing more money out of the project’s backers. Owen is having none of it, and is telling the backers not to give Aurini another cent, saying that he (Owen) will be editing the footage himself and putting out the film on schedule.

Also, the alleged “big reveal” that was going to come out in the “film?” According to Owen, Aurini decided based on watching one of Sarkeesian’s videos that she had been raped by her father, and was evidently shopping around to find a therapist who would agree to say as much on camera. Aurini’s completely unqualified internet diagnosis: that was their big reveal.

Just watch the video. It’s delicious.

And here, below, is Aurini’s fundraising video, which is what Owen is reacting to. Aurini’s unctuous, earnest tone is especially hilarious in the wake of Owen’s denunciations. Also his repeated references to “we,” as if Owen is on board with him.

At one point he assures would-be backers that he’s “streamlined” his life so he can work on the editing of The Sarkeesian Effect full-time. “As well as writing and doing Youtube videos, which I regularly do,” he adds. “And the podcast.”

Also he needs to do more filming.

He’s evidently hoping to keep the gravy train going until September.

Apparently he’s been so busy with the full-time editing (and writing and doing Youtube videos, which he regularly does, and the podcast) that he’s forgotten to shave his head.

And he seems to have fired his skull.

H/T — @srhbutts

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8 years ago

Hey, all! After listening to a lot of Owen and Aurini’s back and forth, I thought of something. A theory or prediction, if you will.

Owen is now publicly on the hook to produce a movie in the next month or so. If he produces it, based on what we’ve all seen so far, it’ll be garbage. If he doesn’t produce it, he’ll be publicly shamed. He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Owen is set up for a huge public embarrassment.

Aurini sees this and is positioning himself to dance away from this little project. If he doesn’t get enough funding, he has said it’ll be years before he can produce the video. If he does get funding, he has refused to say how much he needs. No matter how much people give, he has an excuse to delay. He’s stalling and using Owen as an excuse, and he can do this until the project fades into memory.

Aurini is going to blame Owen for the failure of the project. He never has to produce a movie, and he can ride this until he finds a place like Elam’s on the MRA/PUA gravy train. “Oh, the Sarkeesian Effect I had envisioned would’ve been amazing. If only you guys could see it. That lousy Owen ruined it for all of us,” will be his version of events.

Aurini is successfully setting up Owen to be the scape goat for their failure.

8 years ago

David: I went to Aruni’s video to look at comments. Bernard Chapin is in full support of this “white nationalist on paper” did you notice? Also Rockin’ Mr. E.

I don’t know, the whole thing is a cluster…

Kind of disturbed that Coughlan is on Owen’s video kissing his pale ass.
Why are people not smart? No ableism intended.

SJW Watkins
SJW Watkins
8 years ago

(7:45) We’ve been trying to get ahold of, um, of other Social Justice Warriors.

Unfortunately, the ones we’ve approached have all said that they are too scared to appear on the documentary, because i—just appearing on this, ah, they’ll get ‘shredded’ by their own team.

I’m a full-fledged SJW (Rank 7)) and I’ll be happy to appear on your little video, boys. Ask me your questions, if you dare.

h. anderson
h. anderson
8 years ago

I find them both funny as hell, neither have five brain cells to rub together, it’s no small wonder the whole project has been a huge failure. Definitely Davis character is the worst with his faux tough guy persona all the while hiding his true self, he’s as st8 as Richard Simmons. Poor dude needs to leave his woman bashing hatred behind and come out of his closet.

h. anderson
h. anderson
8 years ago

Rockin Mr. E has been a woman bashing cretin form the get go, I was subbed to him a long time ago until his true colors came out, Davis can have him.

Broken Butterfly
Broken Butterfly
8 years ago

Horrifically late, but.

“Oh, his skull is a memento mori, “You pig-ignorant savages.””

Every time I hear “memento mori” now all I can think of is Persona 3. I’ve played it way too much and I really need to play Portable again, but losing a file that was on its fourth cycle and with an 80%+ Compendium and near max level PC just hurt my soul too much.

8 years ago

Holy Drama Batman!! And they say women are the drama queens. Opening both youtube videos posted in the blog is like listening to a full orchestra of drama as they blather on and on.

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