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Strep Throat Rave Party

Apparently the streptococcus bacteria are having some sort of rave party in my throat
Apparently streptococcus bacteria are having some sort of rave party in my throat

Just a little note for my regular readers: Posting has been a bit light lately because I’ve got strep throat. It started kicking in big time on Sunday. I’ve been taking antibiotics since Monday and getting lots of liquid and as much sleep as I can, but it’s still going strong, alas.

It’s pretty terrible timing, as there’s a lot of horrible and/or ridiculous stuff going on in Misogynyland these days. But you all should absolutely keep sending me tips! I’ll get to as much of it as I can.

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Did you know that Streptococcus pyogenes the organism that causes streptococcal pharyngitis (commonly known as strep throat) is the same organism that causes necrotizing fasciitis (commonly known as flesh eating bacteria disease)?

I dunno, you probably should’ve saved that flesh eating fun fact for later, after David’s feeling better.

Sorry you feel rotten, David.

Personally, sleeping with warm fuzzy beasties and drinking a boatload of throatcoat tea sweetened with gobs of honey is my go to for throat and respiratory ailments. Fireweed honey, if you can get any.

Also, sleep. All the sleep. Watch lord of the rings on repeat with the kitties.

Ignore the jerks on the internet for a little bit, because they aren’t going anywhere (unfortunately).

Hope you feel better soon.

If we lived in the same town, I’d swing by with a delivery of tea, pomegranate-eucalyptus throat lozenges, honey, and some soup selections of the good stuff. Not progresso. The good stuff.


WTF? They’re booting Alexander Hamilton, the most fascinating founding father, off the $10 bill and keeping Andrew “Indian Killer” Jackson on the $20 bill?!? “Indian Killer” definitely earned his nickname. Jackson was determined to move all Native Americans west of the Mississippi and he pushed The Indian Removal Act through congress in 1830. The Cherokee challenged the law and the Supreme Court found the law unconstitutional. Jackson pulled some bullshit legal maneuvering, broke treaties and forced them all west, most famously sending the Cherokee off on the Trail of Tears.

Twelve presidents owned slaves at some point and eight owned slaves while in office, but Jackson was the only one to who earned money as an active slave trader. Jackson vehemently opposed abolition, supported “states’ rights” and the expansion of slavery into the Western territories; he’s a major reason that the Democratic Party became the pro-South and pro-slavery party.

They’re leaving this racist peace of shit on the $20? The U.S. Treasury is instead dumping the first Secretary of the Treasury, even though he kept the country economically afloat because he wasn’t focused on agrarian bullshit that served the needs of the Southern plantation owners.

Hamilton was a bipolar penniless bastard from the West Indies who was a key figure in the Colonial army during the war, and then he was a brilliant political thinker and genius economic visionary after it. He fought to abolish slavery in New York. Hamilton was awesome. He became my fav Founding Father in Junior High and I’m genuinely super pissed at this.


Are your sinuses and ears OK, Dave? As long as the infection isn’t spreading, you’ve got this! Strep throat really, really isn’t cool though.

There was one time as an adult that I had a sore throat bad enough that I slept with my head on a towel because drooling beat swallowing saliva hands down. Ah, those lovely days of not having health insurance. I don’t miss ’em.
Older boy used to get throat plus ear infection plus puking. That was fun.

I came home from my dad’s on Monday to find my husband sick with what he thought was a bronchitis. I came down with it at work Wednesday evening. I spent yesterday in the grip of chills, fever and body aches like I’ve never experienced. Today I feel like the downhill side of a chest cold, and not even a bad one.

I’ve never experienced anything that ripped though me that fast. I like to think that David and I can recuperate together. I feel a lot better today, hope you do too, David!

My boy threw up twice last night. It was my girl who wanted to cuddle all night long. And I’m feeling my uvula every time I swallow, so I’ve probably caught something.

On a lighter note, my Dwarf Fortress game rolled up another strange mood, and this time I got an artifact wooden bin. At least it menaces with spikes so the caravan traders who’ll see it know not to mess with my fortress.

My dwarf who made it is now a legendary carpenter, and since I’m making bedrooms at the moment, I keep getting announcements that so-and-so has produced a masterpiece bed.

So my dwarfs live in a hole, grub in the dirt for their livelihood, eat mostly mushrooms and drink way too much, but their beds are something else, man.

Also, I’m watching the new episodes of Steven Universe. These last two hurt.

I’ve caught it too, all the way over here in Blighty. It must be internet disease. Curse you, Falconer.

My dwarves have hit population cap so I’m completely rebuilding everything to be deep down, far from the surface and its supermodel two-headed giants. Since my mason is legendary, everything she’s making is a masterpiece and I keep getting that message too.

WTF? They’re booting Alexander Hamilton, the most fascinating founding father, off the $10 bill and keeping Andrew “Indian Killer” Jackson on the $20 bill?!?

They’re also moving the woman from the $20, which everyone gets from ATMs all the damn time, to the $10, which you mostly only get in change.

I wonder if MGTOW will have a hissy fit and boycott $10 bills, similar to the way J.C. Penney refused to allow dimes in his stores, supposedly because he hated FDR.

(It is true that J.C. Penney stores don’t keep dimes in the cash register, but not for that reason…dimes aren’t as efficient when making change because all you need are quarters, nickels, and pennies; and it saves time and reduces errors when counting out the cash at the end of the day)

Hope you feel better David and to all who are sick.
I think we should pop in to see how JB and other Femras are doing. I heard Karen is a redpiller. I certainly hope to see more avfm memes those are usually so fun to mock.

Oh YUCK. Strep is one of my least favs, which sounds dumb I know, but you know what I’m sayin’. I hope you feel better soon.

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