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Cat videos are some sort of magic elixir, new study allegedly not conducted by cats finds

Confirming what most We Hunted the Mammoth readers have suspected for years, a new study from Indiana University reports that watching cat videos on the internet makes you feel good.

According to a press release from Indiana University about the study:

The Internet phenomenon of watching cat videos, from Lil Bub to Grumpy Cat, does more than simply entertain; it boosts viewers’ energy and positive emotions and decreases negative feelings, according to a new study by an Indiana University Media School researcher.


The research was conducted by assistant professor Princess Meow Meow Fluffybottom the 3rd Jessica Gall Myrick, an expert in “emotions and media.” Princess Fluffybottom Myrick surveyed some 7000 internet users, who reported that


  • They were more energetic and felt more positive after watching cat-related online media than before.
  • They had fewer negative emotions, such as anxiety, annoyance and sadness, after watching cat-related online media than before.
  • They often view Internet cats at work or during studying.

The study found that when I am watching cat videos I am definitely not goofing off.

“Even if they are watching cat videos on YouTube to procrastinate or while they should be working, the emotional pay-off may actually help people take on tough tasks afterward,” Myrick said.

The results also suggest that future work could explore how online cat videos might be used as a form of low-cost pet therapy, she said.

Below, some more LOW COST PET THERAPY y’all!

H/T — Your friendly neighborhood Crip Dyke

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I saw a couple minutes of Trump’s announcement speech, and it was all basically,

Elect me president because I can afford to pay people to watch my money!

Isn’t Trump like the best part of a billion in debt? Didn’t he go bankrupt twelve times? Didn’t his companies go bankrupt 17 times in the past 19 years?

How do people keep falling for him? I’m guessing that the toupee has magical powers.

@Pandapool: Trump is running for president.

I am unsure if that is hilarious or frightening yet.

I’m on the side of hilarious. For starters, my wife observed that Trump’s announcement reminded her of Penguin running for Mayor of Gotham city. I agree. Both Trump and Penguin are cartoons of a poor person’s idea of what a rich person is like. It’s just that Trump actually exists in real life.

As for future comic potential, I’m optimistic that Trump will provide as much material as Herman Cain and his Plan 999 from Outer Space did in 2011 and 2012.

I’ve never seen a cat do ‘begging’ but my mom’s dog used to do it. I don’t think anyone taught him.

I don’t think Trump has much in the way of support from the people. If you’re rich enough, you don’t need it. There’s little chance of him connecting with people in the early primary states. He’s especially not going to understand Iowa, I don’t think. If a candidate doesn’t take one of the following three states; Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, they’re finished. He’ll lose. Declare victory anyway because he operates under a similar level of self delusion as the manosphere and go back to hosting Celebrity Apprentice. It’s very rare that Republicans don’t hand the nomination to the candidate the leadership wanted. Reagan over Bush in 1980 and Bush over McCain in 2000. And the latter victory wasn’t that remarkable considering that GWB, stupid as he is comes from a dynastic family. His name was enough to keep him from being considered fringe.

Trust me, the Republican leadership will not allow Trump to win the nomination.

It’s Jeb Bush’s turn. Especially now that their former rising stars were a bust. Chris Christie was tainted by bridgegate and Marco Rubio has proven he’s not ready. Jeb is awful in his own right. There’s enough to worry about. Best enjoy the GOP clowncar comedy goldmine while we can!

The kitten has gone from a teeny-weeny grizzly bear to an attention seeking purr box. That was fast. Last night I was out walking when my son called me, “Mommy, I think he’s having trouble breathing”. I came home and he was just hissing his brains out at the kids. Not today. Today it’s “Love me, ugly giants!”

I needed cat videos too. I started a new job a few weeks ago, and already found out they pay me around $450 less than my male colleague who does the same thing, and started at the same time. I guess he was better at negotiating, or that’s what they would say if I pointed it out.
And today, one guy made a really bad rape joke about a female politician he doesn’t like, saying the world would be a better place if she were raped. I should really say something, but he’s far up the hierarchy and I can’t afford to get fired unless I find another job first… I’m trying to apply for a few other jobs, but that makes me feel kind of guilty since I only stayed a few weeks so far. Which makes no sense… I think it would be fair to leave at this point…

@ Krib “I wonder if this holds for videos of other cute animals. Cats, puppies, ducklings, axolotls, anything that shows neoteny”

It does. And babies, and people laughing. There are studies from the 90s that showed that if “sad” (ie., depressed, but not clinically depressed, people who have had a bad few days, etc) watch comedy that makes them laugh, they get out of their depression faster than those who watch murder mysteries, dramas, etc. There is also some evidence that if your force yourself to smile on a day you feel down, or out of energy, it will get you out of it faster.

Again, I mean to only imply when it’s just a mood of being sad, not when you are dealing with real issues of depression.


You need to change the cat’s emotional state when it is with you. Do this by getting the cat to associate you with something good. Food is an easy fix.

If you live with the cat, and the cats eat on demand from a full bowl, start feeding them on a schedule in different rooms. Stick around while the cat that doesn’t like you eats. After a few days, start trying to feed the cat from your fingers and petting the cat while eating. You want the cat to associate the pleasure of eating with your presence.

It should only take a week or two, and then you can go back to leaving them with a full bowl to eat on demand.

Not that I really needed an excuse for watching cute kitties, but…oh, what the hell. ANY excuse will do!


I started therapy last week and my therapist has an incredibly fluffy black cat… he got all the belly rubs till I left. I think having a little furry one at home would be nice.

I suppose you realise that that cat is a kind of therapist too? I don’t know whether he understands he’s a professional, but it’s a job nonetheless.

Trump’s an entertainer, not a politician. I’m with katz – he’s mainly running to keep his name in the headlines and drum up ratings for “The Apprentice”. He still has 30 days (plus a 43-day extension) to file the financial paperwork to formally enter the race, which gives him plenty of time to fly in, make a lot of noise, shit all over everything, and depart. Seagull candidate.

Best quote from his announcement speech: Iran is taking over Iraq “and they’re taking it over bigly”.

Thanks. I’ll try that. They already do eat separately because Dracy gobbles up her food and then steals other animal’s share. She gets shut in the bedroom with her own dish so Toni and Bailey ()the dog) eat in peace.

Ta @flying mouse. Nominative Determinism really applied to those two Botti (the short version if his name) was a total tubster who liked to loaf in the sun. Jemima Puddleduck was exceptionally prissy, but shite could they scrap.


But is your therapist aware of gynocentrism? I’ve heard that’s the most important thing to look for in a therapist.


I didn’t think of it before, but now that you mention it I totally agree 🙂

I think he finds it’s a very rewarding profession, if our first meeting is anything to go by.

Let’s have a kitty!!


Ha! That was exactly what came to my mind when she brought it up!

I had cancelled our first appointment in order to attend the #NiUnaMenos protest (more info), so she was aware I am part of the Gynocracy.

I just returned my kittens to the shelter to get adopted out 🙁 We really, really wanted to keep one of them.

EJ (The Other One)
“Hugs, Fruitloopsie (or best wishes if touchphobic.) I hope everything works out.”

Thanks and I love hugs! And I’m fine now thanks.

Agreeing with several previous commenters here that the Trump candidacy is more on the hilarious end of things (though I still need to turn the radio down when they play snippets of him because ugh).

Most analysts I heard point out that it’s actually the Republicans who are most upset he declared – because nobody really believes he’ll win or even get nominated, but he’ll draw a lot of attention in an already overcrowded field, and he may take up the space of a more viable candidate during primary debates etc. Which is good news in my book!

Plus he has the awkward habit of actually saying what he thinks out loud instead of using dogwhistle code or dropping hints, and making the Republicans either have to disassociate from him or look terrible by association. Like actually being an open “birther” instead of just throwing veiled but plausibly deniable aspersions on Obama. I actually hope he’ll drop a few diamonds along the lines of Guiliani’s “Obama doesn’t love America” whopper (where the rest of the Republicans were left with the choice of either saying “okay, actually, while I may not like the guy, Obama probably does actually love America” through gritted teeth or pretty much owning up to being racists).

It’s like the Republican presidential field was just joined by that one uncle who always gets drunk and belligerent at Thanksgiving, and they’re just waiting to see what he’ll say this time.

@Luzbelitx + and anyone else considering adoption

Careful with kitties! The little ones are usually curious and will destroy your home in no time. They require a looooot of attention, constantly. I learned this the hard way: I adopted one and I had to return him because I couldn’t keep up. It broke my heart, but I couldn’t give him what he needed, and I didn’t want both of us to be unhappy.
Since there’s a child at your home, they’ll possibly get along quite well and be able to follow each other’s rythm, but little kitties can get on your nerves, too.
I adopted mine when she was 6 months old, there’s also a lot of vaccines and some medical procedures fit for them from that age on, and they’re also far calmer, too (their own personalities play a part too).

Furthermore, if you’re possibly moving any time soon, I strongly suggest you wait. Cats take a while to adapt to a home, and if you move when they feel finally comfortable there, it may be a bit annoying to them to adjust.

Since we’re both from Argentina, I suggest you check Centro Michimiau ( that’s where I adopted my baby!
Don’t worry if you walk in the place and suddenly fall in love with every single cat in the room, it’s absolutely normal.

If watching kittehs in the virtual world has positive effects on people’s mood…actually interacting with one’s furrylittleperson (that’s how I refer to one of my cats) must be SUPER beneficial. But of course, all cat people know this already.

Cat videos are a nice reprieve from the pictures of an eight and ten week abortion (with the appropriately tiny circles – raspberry and prune respectively – marking the pretty much indistinguishable fetus and the caption “is it really a choice??”) I was subjected to at the intersection that opens to Safeway.

It was of course two white dudes, which led me to wonder whether either of them have ever seen what comes out of the average period before. An extra large period was about what the majority of both pictures looked like, and hubs and I were about to eat, too…

Where I work, people sometimes bring in stray kittens that we vaccinate, etc. and adopt out. Of course, the kittens must be handled a lot. It is an absolutely awesome workplace perk.
When my husband was recently in the hospital (minor heart attack; he’s home and doing very well now), I took pictures and a video of our cats in for him. I am glad to know that my treatment plan was scientifically-based.

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