Red Pill Redditors now straight-up advocating Nazi policies on women. As in “what literal Hitler literally did.”

Red Pill dream girl
Red Pill dream girl

Anyone who’s paid much attention to the growth of the “Red Pill” ideology in the manosphere is aware that many of the most fervent Red Pillers not only lean right politically, they lean so far right that they more or less look like this:

(The cat's right, not yours.)
(The cat’s right, not yours.)

Only much less cute.

Well, now the Red Pillers on Reddit are just straight-up advocating Hitler’s policies on women during the Third Reich. Not just advocating traditionalist policies similar to what Hitler did. Literally saying that Germany today should literally adopt literal Hitler’s literal “solution” to the Woman Problem. 

In a discussion of what the Red Pillers see as a disastrous drop in the birth rate in Germany, one commenter suggested that “Germany knows what it has to do, and Germany has demonstrated it is capable of doing it with cold, calculated German efficiency.”

He linked to a Wikipedia page on “Women in Nazi Germany,” which noted that

Women in the Third Reich lived within a regime characterized by a policy of confining women in the roles of mother and spouse and excluding them from all positions of responsibility, notably in the political and academic spheres.

Other Red Pillers thought this sounded fine and dandy, upvoting his comments and adding their own thoughts:

[–]Piroko 17 points 12 hours ago  Germany knows what it has to do, and Germany has demonstrated it is capable of doing it with cold, calculated German efficiency.  The question is, will they?  permalinkembedsavereportgive gold [–]HAMMURABl 31 points 12 hours ago*  Trust me, Germany 2015 is like the opposite of Germany 1935. As op said, todays germany will push for more women working and more immigrants to counter the ever declining birth rate.  The causal thinking of "more women working" » "less babies" can MAYBE be seen by the average german, but solutions of sort "women staying more at home would solve the demographic catastrophe" are completely anathema to him.  Its like the germans cant find a stable midpoint, they have to go from one extreme to the other.  permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive gold [–]BloodyPhallus 16 points 11 hours ago  I'm fascinated by what will happen in Germany. Will another leader arise to take back the country, or will it become a nation of towelhead nutjobs? Eighty years from a proud German people to a weak, castrated German people, will there be a German people in another eighty years?

In case anyone is wondering, Piroko also

Apparently, to paraphrase an old WWII propaganda poster encouraging carpooling, when you post in the Red Pill subreddit, you post with Hitler. 

H/T — r/thebluepill

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7 years ago

@Mew York City

It’s remarkable how different cultures socialize overall. I was very quickly labeled as ‘the overly flirtatious’ guy when I moved to America. And of course, being use to the french’s brutal honesty, I had no idea people were judging me so negatively.

And wow, a literal french we hunted the mammoth… Reactionary douchebags transcend all cultures indeed. In France, it seems the definition of said gender roles are changing for the best, but the idea of “masculinity” and “femininity” are clearly identified, so I can see how that would cause problems.

And here’s my rebuttal to that French MRA asshat:

On a chasser le mammouth pour vous alimenter.

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7 years ago

Because working women never have children. 9___9

6 years ago

Any idiot who thinks that letting women leave the house automatically causes the birthrate to drop, look at Sweden.
Sweden is totally child friendly, daycare is free, women get paid maternity leave, etc AND women have careers and are considered equal to men in business and life in general.
The only reason Germany doesn’t have a higher birthrate among the non-immigrant population is because child care is expensive and women are penalized in their careers if they have children.
In many “progressive” countries women still have to sacrifice their careers if they want to have children because child care and maternity leave are so expensive, and they are encouraged to have an “*all* or nothing” attitude towards motherhood.
I wish these MRAs would use their inherently superior male “logic” for once… 🙂

4 years ago

Why is this even a news article?

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