Red Pill Redditors now straight-up advocating Nazi policies on women. As in “what literal Hitler literally did.”

Red Pill dream girl
Red Pill dream girl

Anyone who’s paid much attention to the growth of the “Red Pill” ideology in the manosphere is aware that many of the most fervent Red Pillers not only lean right politically, they lean so far right that they more or less look like this:

(The cat's right, not yours.)
(The cat’s right, not yours.)

Only much less cute.

Well, now the Red Pillers on Reddit are just straight-up advocating Hitler’s policies on women during the Third Reich. Not just advocating traditionalist policies similar to what Hitler did. Literally saying that Germany today should literally adopt literal Hitler’s literal “solution” to the Woman Problem. 

In a discussion of what the Red Pillers see as a disastrous drop in the birth rate in Germany, one commenter suggested that “Germany knows what it has to do, and Germany has demonstrated it is capable of doing it with cold, calculated German efficiency.”

He linked to a Wikipedia page on “Women in Nazi Germany,” which noted that

Women in the Third Reich lived within a regime characterized by a policy of confining women in the roles of mother and spouse and excluding them from all positions of responsibility, notably in the political and academic spheres.

Other Red Pillers thought this sounded fine and dandy, upvoting his comments and adding their own thoughts:

[–]Piroko 17 points 12 hours ago  Germany knows what it has to do, and Germany has demonstrated it is capable of doing it with cold, calculated German efficiency.  The question is, will they?  permalinkembedsavereportgive gold [–]HAMMURABl 31 points 12 hours ago*  Trust me, Germany 2015 is like the opposite of Germany 1935. As op said, todays germany will push for more women working and more immigrants to counter the ever declining birth rate.  The causal thinking of "more women working" » "less babies" can MAYBE be seen by the average german, but solutions of sort "women staying more at home would solve the demographic catastrophe" are completely anathema to him.  Its like the germans cant find a stable midpoint, they have to go from one extreme to the other.  permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive gold [–]BloodyPhallus 16 points 11 hours ago  I'm fascinated by what will happen in Germany. Will another leader arise to take back the country, or will it become a nation of towelhead nutjobs? Eighty years from a proud German people to a weak, castrated German people, will there be a German people in another eighty years?

In case anyone is wondering, Piroko also

Apparently, to paraphrase an old WWII propaganda poster encouraging carpooling, when you post in the Red Pill subreddit, you post with Hitler. 

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105 replies on “Red Pill Redditors now straight-up advocating Nazi policies on women. As in “what literal Hitler literally did.””

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If there’s such a thing as an MRA who isn’t a literal neo-Nazi, I’ve never heard of them.

Germany knows what it has to do, and Germany has demonstrated it is capable of doing it with cold, calculated German efficiency.

If by “what Germany has to do” they mean “make Nazi speech illegal”, then yes, Germany knows what it has to do and has indeed done that. Being a Nazi is illegal in Germany. Just another reason why Germany is the Master Race most sensible place in Europe.

That was supposed to be crossout, not italics. Aaargh. I’m tired, I should go to bed.

I just think its hilarious that these guys jumped on Ian Miles Cheong and pretended to be scandalized that he told Nazi jokes when he was a teenager on 4chan, and then literally advocate for Nazi policies when they think nobody’s looking.

What is so terrible about 2015 Germany? It’s my understanding that they weathered the great recession better than most countries. They have one of the most productive economies with more exporting than most western countries and they have a pretty well educated populace. Not that I’m saying it’s a utopia or anything, and I’m sure they have plenty of problems I’m not aware of because I don’t live there.

But it doesn’t appear that letting brown people in the country and letting women do something other than breed white babies has caused any kind of dystopia in Germany. Well, it’s a dystopia if you are a Nazi I guess!

I’ll bet the dudes who made these posts aren’t even German. Maybe ethnically, but not nationality wise. They’re just invested in the racial purity of Germans because they’re Neo-Nazis. They aren’t really thinking about the economy or the quality of life there. Just the fact that Hitler’s goals have failed utterly. Gross.

Hi, new commenter. How ya’ll.

The thing that actually bothered me most about the subject of the post is the bit about one of these redditor’s liking of Heinlein. Been a few years since I’ve read Starship Troopers, and the movie may be more burned into my memory, but I recall it being a rather thick satire of war and and a war-obsessed culture than a rousing endorsement of it. Maybe that was mostly Verhoeven I’m remembering; I don’t know. I do know that Starship Troopers 3 had a pretty good premise involving an intensely religious military-nationalist pop star which the movie kind of squandered. Still a neat idea though.

Love the line “cold, calculated German efficiency”! How about “warm, impractical French laziness”? Or maybe “frozen, ordinary Canadian ambivalence”?

@ rick:

How about “warm, impractical French laziness”?

I’m glad you asked!

Turns out the French have used their national virtues (such as they are) and common sense to promote motherhood in the best way imaginable — by (gasp) encouraging gender equality, along with women’s careers, and providing parents with tangible help in child rearing:

France’s baby boom secret: get women into work and ditch rigid family norms

Gender equality, pro-child policies and generous childcare provision are all bolstering French fertility rates rather than hindering them

but solutions of sort “women staying more at home would solve the demographic catastrophe”

They say this so casually… as if it’s only natural to prevent a whole group from working.

Have you ever noticed that they had to coin the word “feminazi” to minimize and insult feminism?

But that there’s never been any need to coin the word “misogynazi”?

Hoosier X, “misogynazi” looks good on paper. But spoken aloud it sounds creepily close to “massage a nazi”. Which I’m NOT going to do.

God that just makes me think of like if I were a masseuse and some actual nazi came in and had a swastika or something tattooed on his body. I think I might have to recuse myself lest I get violent.

Actually, the MRAs and their ilk are just “adult” men having a giant, public temper tantrum.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:

@Miss Andry

He’s part of the Men’s Human Reich Movement.

Amazing. Love it.

From now on, MRA means “Men’s Reich Activist” and MRM “Men’s Reich Movement” whenever I use them. Remember that everyone.

Also, these days I hate that I have German ancestry, although I guess the Russian kinda cancel it out.

Shit likes this makes me so angry. How is it that they have the nerve to call us feminists and every woman who disagrees with them ‘feminazis’, while they are Neo Nazi’s who spout racists and antisemitic crap, who want Germany to go back to the ‘good old days’ of the third Reich and worship Hitler? Why did WE get stuck with the ‘nazi’ label? It pisses me off. >:-(

Miss Andry-LOL! Good one. 😀 I will do what Pandapool said and think of MRM as the Men’s Reich Movement from now on. It describes them to a T.

Cold, calculated German efficiency? And how did that work out for the Nazi’s during WWII?


Try not to wrap your mind around it. You can’t both have the capacity for logic and be a neonazi racist sexist piece of garbage. Basically, they can not empathize with anyone but themselves, and maybe people who remind them of themselves.

They’re like Bender from Futurama (minus the lovable part):

Leela: Bender, a turtle isn’t yourself. Why do you care about it?

Bender: Because I also care deeply about things that remind me of myself, like poor little Shelly here.


The Starship Troopers novel and movie are two completely different animals.

The novel was actually written with genuine intent, as an attempt by Heinlein to lay down his own political, social and military views. When the characters in that book talk about how publicly beating and executing criminals brought down the crime-rate… well, Heinlein actually believed and supported that. When the characters in the book talk about the merits of a society where the right to vote, and full citizenship is only being given to people who earn the right through Federal service, it’s because Heinlein actually believed it. Starship Troopers was partly a science fiction novel, but also partly a political essay by the author.

Paul Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers movie was actually an attempt to rip the book a new one. Verhoeven grew up in the Netherlands during WWII and found Heinlein’s personal views to be similar enough to nazi ideology to disturb him. Basically, he thought Starship Troopers was a terrible book with a terrible message so he made his movie in a way to try and satirize its main themes and ideologies. The sub-text to all the rah-rah propaganda and people eager to serve was a military-controlled dystopia where you had to join the military to even earn the right to vote or breed (and that the humans clearly started the war by encroaching on bug space, then used the bugs’ self-defense as an excuse to exterminate their species), and it is pretty clear that Verhoeven believes it was all a bad thing.

How unsurprising that their idea of a utopia is a clear dystopia for the groups they want to oppress. Manospherians would gleefully fantasize about the *apocalypse*. They’d love for the world to burn just so they can get their power trip.

@RC Damn I love the Verhoeven movie. Not to bash the book, but that thing was dryer than toast.

At least verhoeven’s movie had a heart.

Also in the movie Robocop, the character Clarence boddicker was partly based off of Himmler (at least his appearance)


I believe so, yeah. The uniforms of their intelligence service/secret police/whatever were very clearly inspired by SS uniforms. They may not have the bolts or the armband, but the longcoats, all black and those high peaked hats just scream SS. The fact that they were actively recruiting psychics into some sort of ultra-secret military intelligence organization is also another layer of scary, dystopian sub-text. Not like psychics are super-useful against the bugs… but when it comes to keeping tabs on the loyalty of humans, well a psychic gestapo would be pretty dang good at that.

Germany 2015 is like the opposite of Germany 1935.

…I just… This is supposed to be a criticism of modern day Germany? Wut?

But that there’s never been any need to coin the word “misogynazi”?

Judging from this post, it’s possible that the reason for that is that ‘misogynist’ and ‘nazi’ are synonyms and thus do not require a portmanteau.


I think it’s a little bit strong to say that Heinlein would have personally endorsed every policy in Starship Troopers. Unless I see a quote on that, I doubt it. Personally I got more the the sense that he was kicking around ideas and trying them on for size. That quibble aside, RC is basically right. Heinlein wasn’t writing satire. He wrote Starship Troopers because he was genuinely interested in that society and his own politics were somewhere in that general vicinity.


What’s terrible about Germany is a matter of perspective, I guess. They’ve done (relatively) well in this recession, but you could make a strong case that they did it by exploiting the rest of Europe. If we’re just talking about what countries are ascendant in power or do well by their citizens though, Germany does look pretty good.

This makes me so sad. And then furious. It’s fantastic that Germany in 2015 is like the opposite of Germany in 1935. They call it weak, for me it’s the reason I now feel okay(ish) that I’m a German.

As for the low birth rate, lack of affordable child care options is an important factor. There’s been some improvement in the last couple of years, but there’s still a lot to do.
And how about work environment becoming more accommodating to people with kids, regardless of their gender? To me that seems a tad more reasonable than keeping women prisoners in their homes and giving them medals according to how much offspring they produce (like prize cattle).

(Looooooongtime reader and donater with social anxiety finally delurking. I’ll help myself to the welcome package…)

Oh they wish for a Nationalist Socialist comeback in today’s Germany… Tough luck boys. That will never happen. Today’s Germany comes with a lot of issues but they are vaccinated for far right movements despite the recent anti-Muslims manifestations led by a former convict (that are dwarfed by the pacifist pro-multi ethnic group Germany counter manifestations).
In fact it is so difficult for neo-nazis to organized events in Germany that they have to cross the border to France or Swiss and lie to the local authority to rent function halls. It happens quite often where I live and it’s always angering when somewhere’s mayor witnesses that the big birthday party organized by two locals is, in fact, a trans European neo-nazi rally or nazi free-fight competition. I am not kidding, the latter happened just last week.

Ew ew eww. I hate it when far right people essentially compare my children to livestock. And see my uterus as some kind of baby factory for continuing the “master race.”

As if we don’t already have too little control over our own reproductive rights, these douchebags want us to have even less?!

DAE notice that when they talk about single mothers raising boys up to adulthood as a bad thing because ” he wont learn how to a real man”.Yet whine against Anita Sarkeesian making videos critical of women in video games because “that’s male nature and what men like and you cant dictate what we’re attracted to” and other things pertaining to male sexuality and behavior as being innate to male nature.It undoes their argument about single moms supposedly feminizing boys, because maleness is innate right? They should just come out and admit they hate women who don’t devote their lives to making them happy.

While an NS comeback is definitely not going to happen, and while you’re right in stating the fascist’s difficulties in openly holding events, I think one also shouldn’t underestimate their mobilisation potential. The Pegida demonstrations were for a period extremely big, and Neonazis have tried to use these to recruit. Pegida also is the manifestation of a trend that shows in Heitmeyer’s long-term studies – that while many Germans would not openly identify as right-wing extremists, ideological fragments of Nazism (most importantly, authoritarianism, antisemitism, and racism) are shared by a disturbingly high number of people – all over the political spectrum. Also, pressure from groups like Pegida and parties like the AfD has led parts of the mainstream parties to adopt harsher anti-immigration policies – a repeat of the shameful deletion of the right to asylum from the Grundgesetz (constitution) in the 90s. This is not just a German phenomenon, you can see it all over Europe.

Also, the extreme right becomes more and more a European phenomenon. Neonazis connect and mobilise across borders, and regions of Europe (including in Eastern and Northern Germany, Italy, Hungary and the Czech Republic) are still dangerous for People of Color and people from the political Left.

Another issue:
Why is everybody so obsessed with fertility rates? Politicans routinely complain about low fertility amongst a “native” population and then go on to talk about overpopulation in “Africa”. That’s just racist on the face of it – why not let immigrants in and let them work to contribute to taxes? Why is it more important to have German, British, whatever, babies than to let young people in the country who are eager to work and contribute? All the policies that people have mentioned, like better child care facilities, are good on the face of it – they allow women to keep pursuing careers while also establishing a family. Don’t use their discourse to advocate for policies you like. Their goal is wrong – no one needs higher fertility rates.

the humans clearly started the war by encroaching on bug space

The fact that Buenos Aires (before its destruction, natch) has basically been turned into Beverly Hills, Argentina, kind of adds another layer to this.

Starships Troopers had dat cast.

Also the 100% perfectly delivered Michael Ironside line, “It sucked his brains out.”

“Disable the hand” jokes are still being told in my house. Lurve it.

Systematically oppressing women and treating them like baby factories was not something “miraculously” invented by the Nazis in the 1930s. Virtually every culture/society/nation on this globe has done that, and still does–some are very obvious with the oppression, some are more subtle. Nothing new as regards sexism.

However, the fact that the Red Pill alpha-as-frack total dudebros are finally acknowledging that they are, in fact, nothing but a bunch of Neo Nazis is a good thing. At least the world can see them for what they truly are. Res ipsa loquitur.

Yeah, as a stay-at-home mum, I’m pretty sure that stopping women from working does not make them have more children. Most parents have as many children as they want and can afford to y’know, feed and clothe and care for.
Halve the family income by stopping one parent from working, and you effectively halve the number of children the family can afford to feed. Making childcare and groceries cost less, and wages pay more is probably a better way to increase your birth rate, but as others have said, you can make up your population deficit much easier with more immigration…

@Bernardo Soares
Nazis in german-speaking Europe didn’t miss a beat when it came to re-estabilishing their international ties after the war. They did pull Neonazis into their sphere of influence pretty quickly too. It’s just that the new right (which covers most of the reactionary rightist parties) is generally nationalist rather than straight out fascist, so their attempts at working out international cooperations seem to always fall short as special national interest inevitably clash. Putin would have to furnish a lot more of their working capita if he was really serious about getting them to unite into an effective anti-EU plattform.

Germany’s relative success is mainly founded on the exploitation of their own people. Wages haven´t been keeping step with the rise in worker’s productivity within Germany for fifteen years or so and social services have been massively cut back under Schröder as well. It’s undenieable that that had negative effects on the rest of Europe, but I personally feel that most of them could keep up if they pushed for serious political reforms as – frankly speaking – wages in Germany are unattractive enough for those workers to be easily convinced to uproot their lifes and move to other EU member states.

RE: misogynazi

Well, here at home we use the word macho,or its probable hyperbole machonazi.

I know, redundant, but still works and has a well-deserved nazi in it.

Some people also use machofacho plural machosfachos, in an allusion to Fascism instead.

The fact that Buenos Aires (before its destruction, natch) has basically been turned into Beverly Hills, Argentina, kind of adds another layer to this.

I don’t actually know the stor but woha! Buenos Aires!

I guess it’s sort of ironic, since porteños liked to think they live in Latin American Paris. After our independence from Spain (and economic independence from England), US made its cultural invasion and people from Buenos Aires began to see it as some Latin American New York.

I wonder if it’s possible the author knew of this tradition about Buenos Aires being a “foreign” city, or maybe it’s all just coincidence?

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