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Teaching people about slavery, tolerance will lead to destruction of “the heterosexual identity of men,” GamerGater explains

Warning: People knowing about this could destroy heterosexual masculinity.
Warning: People knowing about this could destroy heterosexual masculinity.

Some Green-and-Purple Pill wisdom from the Kotaku in Action subreddit, Reddit’s home for GamerGaters and SJW-haters:

2yph0n 4 points 7 days ago  In school, people are being taught of being "accepting" to other people. People are being taught the concepts of slavery and privileges. Then in the media, everywhere have subliminal messages that being a straight male is the worst thing ever with false rape stats and wage gap fallacies. Thus people are being brainwashed into thinking that the straight males is the big evil. Now that social media is a huge thing now, those people who have the blue pill mindset found a spot to band together and bully others in the name of "Social Justice". So that being said, this is a collusion to the nth degree to destroy the heterosexual identify of men.

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121 replies on “Teaching people about slavery, tolerance will lead to destruction of “the heterosexual identity of men,” GamerGater explains”

Holy guacamole! My writing sucks today. Will I never learn to preview before posting?

Of all the people in the world, I am the least able to object to you posting walls of text. Besides, that wall of text was really interesting.

I think your point about authoritarian societies and gender stereotypes creating the concept of a Real Man is a strong one. It’s often easy to not notice the intense stress that’s created when people try to fit into these impossible archetypes; even more so given that people try to hide the stress in order to avoid showing just how bad the fit is.

This is one of the reasons why I avoid traditionally male spaces nowadays and since GamerGate am drifting away from geek spaces too: once you realise that everyone is unhappy and just pretending, then you start seeing the unhappiness everywhere, and then you’re suddenly living in a haunted house of pathological denied pain. Much better to be with people who are open about who they are.

(I also hope your Christian friend is in a better place now. I grew up in a similar family and… yeah, not nice. There’s a reason why I own a shelf full of New Atheist books now.)


LeVar Burton said something on the Nerdist like, “Jordie was the only main character that was never shown in a sexual relationship. A robot could have sex, but a black man’s sexuality was too scary”.

Not that I don’t agree with this, but don’t Worf and Deanna count?


I think that’s spot on. A lot of guys are shamed for acting in any way that may be seen as feminine.

(Somehow my other comment didn’t get through moderation…Not sure why :(…)

Cthluthlu’s intern, I think the idea is the ‘masculine’ idea of sex is sex is something you do to a person. You sex women. Subject verbed the object. And men always get to be the subject. If a man is having sex with another man, who is the object??? To save their brains from melting homophobes just hurl out slurs and beatings.

Hmmm…I don’t know. Maybe he wasn’t counting Worf because he was Klingon?

Well, this is as good an excuse as any to get Steven Dorn and Levar Burton together to answer questions like this.
Con season is upon us. We might get a clarification.

Dunno. I don’t do teh twitter. I guess the Klingon thing probably had something to do with it, but I saw enough badly made-up white dudes as Klingons in TOS to immediately track Worf as a different Klingon “race” if that makes any sense? It seems that they cast lots of different types of actors as Klingon in TNG, though.

I did always kind of wonder why Geordi never got a love interest, though.

Lea, but then Sisko showed up, and he had at least one major relationship after his wife died. I mean he married Cassidy Yates.

I thought Deanna was into Riker. I actually don’t remember her and Worf ever hooking up. But Worf definitely had a son, Alexander, so we know that he enjoyed at least one thing apart from battle.

I thought Deanna was into Riker. I actually don’t remember her and Worf ever hooking up.

Deanna was into Riker, at first at least; my recollection is that Riker was the one who left because he was finding a relationship with an empath to be considerably more intense than he was willing to deal with.

The bit with Deanna and Worf really started with one episode (Parallels) where Worf ended up jumping sideways through alternate histories for a while, including one where he was married to Deanna. At the end of that one, Worf started being a little more actively friendly towards her. She’d already been helping to look after his son Alexander.

I think there is some sort of racial prejudice going on where you kind of imagine all anthropomorphic characters as white. Remember when that my little pony character was drawn as an African American girl? There was a very unhealthy uproar.

@Friday Jones:

So Sisko was in Mall Space Nine.

I never thought about it that way beforee, but you’re not wrong, lol!

Only if the core of your identity is “be an asshole to everyone else” will your identity be destroyed by tolerance and equal rights.

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