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One of these days I’m gonna get organiz-ized, GamerGate edition

Travis Bickle: Not actually a good role model.
Travis Bickle: Not actually a good role model.

So one Reddit GamerGater recently took offense when a commenter in the Kotaku in Action subreddit said something that maybe, possibly, just a teensy bit suggested that Gaters weren’t a fighting force as tightly disciplined as the Marines.

LousyDryad 79 points 4 days ago  We can be organized. Bitch please. A lot of us were raiding in wow 1.13 days, organizing 40 man raids. A lot of us are playing eve online, manipulating markets and fighting wars that costs thousands of dollars. If anything, gamergate showed that gamers can and will organize with ruthless efficiency to pursue their goals. We can be organized? We are one of the best organized movements I ever witnessed. With no rigid structure we're capable of designing worldwide synchronized operations on the fly, as need arises. No one's irreplaceable, no one can be targeted and singled out to bring down the movement. And they said that games don't teach you anything.


You want organized? I’ll show you organized. Here is actual video footage of a worldwide conspiracy against humankind. I don’t know how they do it, but I’m telling you, THESE CATS ARE COORDINATING THEIR ATTACKS.

H/T — r/BestOfOutrageCulture and the thoughtful reader who linked me to them

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When you absolutely need to settle the restless ghosts of buccaneers, I have beaten the Dread Pirate LeChuck (not to mention escaped the foul clutches of the Dread Pirate LeChimp) on at least one occasion!

Hey look, there is a thread in kokatuinactuon about this fabulous new book on gamergate called Understanding #Gamergate: Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian and the Social Justice Warriors! Oddly, there is no mention of ethics in the title, in video game journalism or otherwise. Bit of an oversight I am sure.
You can find it on kindle here:
There is a lovely review of the book by davis mj aurini. You can find it here:
I suppose his pure ethics drove him to report the following:

Full Disclosure: I’m friends with Scott, and he tossed me a few bucks to edit/critique the book for him.

If you are unfamiliar with Aurini, he has his own entry on Rationalwiki:

“No, I didn’t say “the n-word”; I said “nigger”. “The n-word” is deeply condescending towards blacks, implying that they’ll break down in hysterics at it’s mere mention, regardless of context.”
—Davis Aurini, YouTube comment.[1] Well, that’s all right then.
Davis M. J. Aurini is a Canadian MRA, race realist (which he says is not “racism”),[1] white nationalist (“on paper”),[2] neoreactionary, vlogger, terrible novelist and all-around creepy guy.

Sounds like a fabulous read to me!! Cannot wait to be informed!!

@repentantphonebooth – Scott Cameron, the author of #Understanding Gamergate, lives in Arlington, Washington. He’s in his 40s and lives with his parents. This has been known for some time in the gaming community.

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