The Cuckunist Manifesto

A spectre is haunting sluts: The spectre of Chad
A spectre is haunting sluts: The spectre of Chad

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Sometimes dudes stop by this blog and drop entire manifestos in the comments. I thought I’d share this one with you all. I’ve highlighted some of the best bits.

Puahater/sluthater here to shake up this echo chamber. Look David, as an obese unattractive guy, why do you devote your life’s work to being a white knight for women who only want to fuck Chads and cuckold beta male boyfriends and hubbies? Join the dark side. I invite every beta male on this blog to join the dark side and fight for men’s rights together.

You want to know why I joined the dark side? Society has treated me like shit all my life because I’m an autistic manlet. Society made me who I am. And one day I woke up and decided that I was going to stop being subservient to a society that enslaves us and treats us like yesterday’s garbage. I decided to go my own way. I don’t owe society shit. We’re going to red pill as many men and female allies (like MRA Karen Straughan) as we possibly can. Every single one of you white knight beta cucks will be red pilled and see the truth. You’ll stop being white knights. You’ll stop being cucks. You’ll be disciplines and acolytes of the Red Pill church.

And together we will put our bodies upon the gears, the levers, upon all the apparatus until we make it all stop. Until western civilization collapses. If we all go our own way and drop out of society, society will crash. Society can’t function without beta males. If it wasn’t for beta male engineers, there would be no Tinder for sluts to hook up with Chads. You beta males. You are the difference in the world. Stop being cucks. And join us.

Society has done nothing for you David. You’re obese and ugly. No girl wants to fuck you unless she wants to use you for beta bux. You owe nothing to society. Join the dark side.

Why should we be nice to girls and pretend to take an interest in their lives when these bitches fuck Chad without a condom on the first date without any effort? Why should we buy bitches dinner and drinks. Wine and dine them and jump hoops in order to get laid when Chad gets it instantly and for free? Beta males need to boycott dating and boycott society.


Sorry, I’m not going to join your revolution. Which is a pity for you, because I could destroy Western Civilization in a snap BY SITTING ON IT.

giphyrimshotBONUS POINTS for anyone who can find the sentence in the above manifesto copied almost word for word from a famous speech by Mario Savio of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement in 1964. I mean, for anyone who can find it without clicking that link, which would sort of be cheating.

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i know they say and do horrible things and that some don’t want to change but can we afford to leave them to their own devices

So… because these guys who are old enough to take responsibility for their own behaviors don’t want to, you want us (the people these nasty folks focus on) to try and change them?

Look, dude. These guys won’t listen to us, because they’ll hear what they want to hear. On the whole, the best mentors to try and help these young men are older men who have learned better.

Basically, even if I wanted to educate these guys, it would be largely ineffective. They see me being kind, they assume it means that they deserve things from me, and things go downhill fast.

It happened within the last month.

You know who the dude who took me being polite as something more and started stalking me on Facebook finally listened to?

Yeah, not me being polite and saying to stop it, and that I wasn’t rejecting him because he was hideous, but because he was asking me to go to bars after only ever talking to me for 20 minutes and because he wouldn’t stop pestering me while I was ill.

He listened to a man old enough to be my dad, after I went to him and said “Here’s this situation, and I’m at a loss for what to do because he won’t listen and he won’t leave me alone.”

It took me getting someone this guy actually respected (or maybe just feared) to get him to stop being ridiculous.

Did he actually learn? I have no clue. I hope he at least got hit by a clue-by-four in the guy to guy chat.

So, dude: We can’t stop toxic behavior by ourselves. If you think it’s a problem, then help us out already and stop trying to rake us over the coals when we vent about our very real experiences with entitled young men who wouldn’t listen to us, no matter how nicely or how rudely we were when we told them to go away.

When we tell them to stop, all they do is either write us off as [sexist slur here] or just flat out ignore our words in favor of attempting to push us into roles we don’t want.

If they asked, I would probably recommend they seek a trained psychologist to help them with their anger and self-esteem issues. Note: I am not implying they have any particular mental illness. To be honest, I think just about everyone could benefit from a little guided navel-gazing. In other words, I would suggest they pursue self-improvement techniques.

Yeah, sorry for the teal deer. I just spent three weeks dealing with an entitlement fiasco and I’ve had it up to my eyeballs.

Fortunately, thanks to said older guy (who is literally the best person ever) and the glory of spam filters and Facebook’s blocking feature, the situation is mostly resolved.


In other words, I would suggest they pursue self-improvement techniques.

ACTUAL self-improvement techniques. Not the codswallop they feed themselves about benching large numbers and otherwise getting further ensnared in toxic masculinity.

@kirbywarp: exactly. and from actual science, guided by a trained professional who is being paid to put up with and correct their bullshit.

@contrapangloss: I’m glad you got the help you needed *hugs, if you want them*

but i’ll ask again because i genuinely want to know the groups answer. What would you do with these guys? just let them fester and infect other people?

And I honestly do realise that asking to engage these men on an emotional level is asking a lot. i know they say and do horrible things and that some don’t want to change but can we afford to leave them to their own devices?

At this point I’m plain stumped. I don’t see how I could productively engage with random bitter unhappy strangers on the interwebs even if I wanted to. I also can’t see them respectfully engaging in a conversation with a middle aged lady they don’t know. Plus, I can advise them to get a therapist or read Dr Nerdlove but I can’t conceive of a grander plan.

What I can conceive of is social issues and problems that seem more pressing and interest me more. Bitter outcasts who lashed out against society have existed before the Internet. I want a better world, but I don’t envision one where there is no personal suffering, heartache, sadness and despair. If you personally want to help “incels” I would focus on making mental healthcare more affordable and less stigmatized.

Shoot, I’m unattractive and filled with rage at how things turned out myself. I do manage to not blame an entire gender for it, though. I like men.

I wonder how many of these unattractive incels have considered dating unattractive incel women. Personally it would be pretty hard for me to sympathize with them if they haven’t.

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