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New Year's Eve (and Day) Open Thread 80s Dance Party!

On the wheels of steel
On the wheels of steel

It’s New Year’s Eve (at least in my time zone) and I’m sure none of us want to spend it thinking about MRAs or PUAs or GamerGaters. So here’s an open thread, and an assortment of 80s dance classics, to distract you! Well, they’re classics to me, anyway.

Videos after the jump.

If you’re not up and dancing by now, maybe these guys will inspire you:

Happy New Year!

Oh, and if any trolls show their heads in this thread, email the mods and we’ll get the bouncers to remove them.

177 replies on “New Year's Eve (and Day) Open Thread 80s Dance Party!”

You know, I think this is a good sign. Stephen Fry is getting married. And I haven’t heard/read anyone saying ‘But it’s to a guy!’ Everyone is saying ‘Age gap!’

Hugs are not too late and much appreciated! After a night’s sleep, I’ve adjusted a bit better to knowing I’m not having the adventure I thought I would be having today. Anyway, now I finally have time to clean the apartment.

FWIW, on occasion my smalls have interrupted game night, which we’ve been doing via chat with an online tabletop because smalls, and very rarely I’ve gotten back to the game only to find that the rest of the group called it for the night.

That doesn’t feel very good, even though I know they’re not doing it to slight me.

@gilshalos: Holy shit, thirty years’ difference? He looks like he could be Fry’s son!

Yeah! I’ve failed to see the guy perform as a stand-up too, so to me it’s “OMG young unknown man!” But still, no-one so far seems to be hating on it for two men marrying so…still good.

Also, terribly embarrassing when you realised you’ve failed to log into a site for hours not cos there is a problem, but cos you’ve typed your email wrongly.

A question for those of you from Canada: What are your opinions on Smoke’s Poutinerie, assuming you’ve tried the poutine there? I happen to be relatively near their first ever location outside of Canada and am cautiously curious.

Didn’t know it existed. Honestly, if you want legit poutine, just eat the stuff served in Montreal, not chain stuff. I don’t consider what we call poutine in BC poutine. It’s fries and cheese and gravy which is totes amay. The stuff is Montreal is the real deal though.

@Aerinia, I tried Smoke’s Poutinerie and was pretty disappointed. Their more traditional options are nothing special on my opinion, even for Western Canada (which has nowhere near the selection of Quebec), and their more creative inventions were pretty gross, from what I sampled.

Thanks. I’ll wait for a chance to visit Quebec and try the real thing.

Now I just need a reason to visit Canada…

Poutine is not, in and of itself, a good enough reason to visit Canada?!

I kid, of course. The only time I have been to Montreal it was for a music festival, which was pretty fantastic. It’s an incredible, vibrant city. I hope you do have a reason to go sometime!

I tend to prefer John to Sherlock. In many ways, the series is a story about this one guy and his amazingly annoying best friend.


next time I’m going to a wedding, I’m totally wearing the Black Pearl up there on my head.

It will go so well with my suit and tie. You would look most dashing, I’m sure! The amount of attention such an ensemble would generate may, however, cause some jealousy from your Beloved, so I do hope that she is a secure individual!

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