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It’s Veterans Day, #GamerGaters. Lay off the military imagery and remember those who fought in real wars


Today is Veterans Day in the US, a day to honor those who’ve served in the armed services. That is, real soldiers, who have fought in real wars.

As one person with a silly name but a good point wrote on Reddit:

There are many examples of military-themed calls to action and propagandizing in [Kotaku in Action, the main GamerGate subreddit] used to rally their users into a virtual “battle” against ideas that they don’t agree with. …

Today, take a step back and remember that very real people fought in very real battles and answered very real calls to action for their country. Today should serve as a sobering reminder of not only those who served, but also how ridiculous [GamerGaters] sound when they pretend that this is some type of war they are nobly fighting for when there are those who actually serve bravely for their country.

GamerGaters love comparing themselves to soldiers fighting a war against, well, whatever it is they think they’re fighting a war against.

Their propaganda, much of which is made for internal consumption, is drenched in military imagery — some taken from video games, some from real life and real military propaganda. The ridiculously bombastic GamerGate video I posted here yesterday mixed game imagery with documentary footage from World War II.

It’s true that most of this military-themed GamerGate propaganda is intended, at least in part, as a joke. (At least I hope this Starship Troopers reference is meant ironically.)

But it’s also clear that a lot of GamerGaters take these “joke” memes and over-the-top rhetoric a lot more seriously than it deserves to be taken. They really think they are fighting some sort of noble battle for truth and righteousness.

Today, GamerGaters, try to have a tiny bit of perspective. You’re not fighting Hitler. You’re not breaking down the Berlin Wall. You’re not fighting for the future of civilization against the barbarian hordes.

What you’re doing is harassing women (and some men) and sending emails designed to punish online publications for daring to criticize you. It’s not a war. Hell, it’s barely even activism. It’s closer to a collective tantrum — though unfortunately, one that’s doing real harm in the real world.

When you compare what you’re doing to real war, you’re insulting those who fought in real wars.

Below, I’ve pasted in a bunch of #GamerGate graphics, found on 8chan and on Twitter. There are countless more just like these out there. And they are an embarrassment.

(Leigh Alexander, Anita Sarkeesian, Feminist Frequency collaborator Jonathan McIntosh)

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7 years ago

I guarantee you the majority of those whiny-ass crybabies couldn’t make it through basic, let alone the multiple enlistments I did. They can’t deal with criticisms of their hobbies; how the hell could they deal with active duty?

I went through basic in the USAF, generally regarded at that time to be the easiest. Even there, the TI’s felt they had a mandate to knock everyone down a peg or two which meant that they would be deliberately contrary when interacting with us recruits (not constantly, just enough to let us know that we were never right unless the TI’s allowed it.)

I don’t think many of the gamedoodz could take it; all the vulcanistic rationality in the world could not help them and would, in fact, make their lives miserable. And then there’s the endless drudgery of making beds and doing laundry just so, lining up said beds and shoes underneath perfectly and etc. and so on. I’d love to see a flight or platoon of gamerdoodz in basic training; what a reality show that would be!

What did you do in 27 jumps in peacetime? Because I so want to imagine that it was coming down from the sky and delivering surprise cakes to people and so on.

Ooo! I know one answer! While I was in Italy, we had an air show every summer and the 509th Airborne from Vicenza always did some demonstrations. My favorites were when they would drop huge pallets on not-so-huge targets. From a C-130 you could barely make out, it was so high. They were perfect every time! Not that I didn’t love the paratroopers, but a big old pallet of supplies can’t steer itself, so those folks who do that really have to know what they’re doing.

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Antonio Pe Yang III
7 years ago

Basically, Gators are the second half of this gif…

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