Prostate Cancer Foundation to Reddit "fappers": We don't want your tainted money

Redditor conducts prostate research
Redditor conducts prostate research

A prostate cancer charity has returned $6000 to donors from Reddit because it doesn’t want to be associated with their toxic money. Chalk this up as another proud day for Reddit.

So here’s the story: With Reddit emerging, over the past several days, as one of the central distribution hubs for a vast cache of stolen nude pictures of assorted celebrities – including not only an adult Jennifer Lawrence but at least two celebs who were underage when their photos were taken – one Redditor thought he saw a way for the newly created TheFappening subreddit to spin itself as a public-minded enterprise rather than as a large-scale enabler of criminal activity: why not take a few minutes off from frantic masturbation to raise a few bucks for charity?

The charity chosen for this PR stunt was the Prostate Cancer Foundation – the joke being that Jennifer Lawrence is already supporting prostate health as the unwitting supplier of nude pics of herself, because masturbation can help to reduce prostate cancer. Hilarious. So one Redditor set up a page on the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s website in the name of TheFappening, to raise money in her “honor.”

In less than a day, the subreddit had raised $6000, which might sound impressive at first glance, but which sounds decidedly less so when you consider that TheFappening has signed up more than 100,000 subscribers and generated millions of page views since being founded only a few days ago. This was enough to get TheFappening listed as the top fundraiser on the PCF’s home page.

At least until the Foundation, not wanting to be used for propaganda purposes by a bunch of skeezy assholes, shut down TheFappening’s fundraising page and returned the tainted cash, declaring that “[w]e would never condone raising funds for cancer research in this manner.”

Naturally, Redditor’s fappers were outraged.

CaptainDogeSparrow 2356 points 18 hours ago*   So they rather watch people with cancer die than to take reddit money?  They are literally saying that Jennifer Lawrence is more important than cure for cancer.  Disgusting.  Edit: Source for OP's pic:      permalink     save     report     give gold     reply  [–]BonsaiGoat 720 points 18 hours ago*   I would love it if JLaw herself called out this bullshit.      permalink     save     parent     report     give gold     reply  [–]Jon_Snows_Dad 561 points 18 hours ago   I am willing to guarantee she won't say anything.      permalink     save     parent     report     give gold     reply  [–]mm1234565 400 points 18 hours ago   Yeah despite Reddit's infatuation with the woman they think is just like them, she's as fake-realperson PR-trained celebrified as they come.      permalink     save     parent     report     give gold     reply  [–]krazykellen 253 points 17 hours ago   Tits are real and that's what matters here.

Meanwhile, another Redditor put up a petition on begging the CEO of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to take their money:

Our donations were refused due that it was being raised in an inappropiate manner. Which is not the case. We wanted to give back and are willing to donate if you will let us. We want consent so we are not wasting our time. Even though the donations were first formed out of humor the number of donations kept coming in and were about to trend even more. This is due to us wanting to show the community that we care and will put our money where our mouths are. So please “TAKE OUR MONEY!!!”.

The top comment on the petition page:

 Bobby Guzman WEST COVINA, CA      about 12 hours ago     Liked 1  So that JLaws TaTas may rest peacefully.

Oh, Redditors, will you ever understand how terrible you are? There are things worth more than your $6000. Like, for example, not being associated with your bullshit. Indeed, had the Foundation taken the money, the resulting PR disaster of being connected with you assholes would have likely cost them a lot more than $6000 in donations. As it stands, the Foundation’s reputation remains intact, and it’s likely to get some extra donations for taking a principled stand.

Indeed, if you would like to donate to the foundation to help fund prostate cancer research and reward the charity for its stand, the donation page is here.

Over on TheFappening, some of the regulars decided to move on to a new charity,, which has also reportedly refused their money.

But before caught on to what the Redditors were doing, the “fappers” celebrated the fact that an anonymous Redditor was briefly honored as a “featured donor” on’s website. One Redditor posted this meme, with the comment “that’s right buddy.”


Naturally, other Redditors responded to the meme with masturbation jokes:

kli561 85 points 14 hours ago   And theres more where thats cumming from      permalink     save     parent     report     give gold     reply  [–]Liquid_paper_lies 19 points 10 hours ago   Let's milk it for all we got      permalink     save     parent     report     give gold     reply  [–]Happy_Shopper 3 points 3 hours ago   That's a stroke of genius

Elsewhere in the same thread, other TheFappening regulars joked about the fact that the pictures they were all “fapping” to together included actual child porn. After one “fapper” noted that the anonymous Redditor’s donation was bigger than the donation of another “featured donor,
” a “little girl,” this edifying discussion ensued:

Fappers_Delights 24 points 14 hours ago   That girl doesn't look so little, lol. Easily at least a teenager.      permalink     save     parent     report     give gold     reply  [–]runealex007 37 points 11 hours ago   Good enough for me      permalink     save     parent     report     give gold     reply  [–]runs_and_chews_gum 11 points 11 hours ago   nope.      permalink     save     parent     report     give gold     reply  [–]13abie 15 points 7 hours ago   She donated before she was 18. They need to remove it.

Reddit: where the terrible meet to celebrate one another’s terribleness.

[EDIT: I updated several paragraphs about to acknowledge that the charity is now reportedly refusing money from Reddit’s fappers, and added a link to PCF’s donation page.]

[EDIT 2: I corrected the bit about the petition, which is directed at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, not the Prostate Cancer Foundation.]

97 replies on “Prostate Cancer Foundation to Reddit "fappers": We don't want your tainted money”

Uh, escorting an employee out and shipping them their shit isn’t exactly uncommon when the employee has proven themself a liability to the company. Idk about charging for the shipping costs, but yeah, the rest is totally a thing that happens, and viewing child porn, possibly on company time and tech? So very much warrants an escorting out.

I already donated to PCF last night. Now, I suppose maybe I will also donate to This could get to be beyond my means, though, if Reddit keeps trying new respectable charities. The KKK accepts donations. I’m sure they’d proudly accept this tainted money.


My mind just has trouble computing the twisted brain patterns that would lead them to behave this way if they have mothers or sisters that they love and respect.

I think you’re forgetting the “women as property” aspect that flavors a lot of misogyny. Mothers and sisters are “their women” and therefore worthy of their “respect” and “protection.” Other women, however, are still fair game for whatever treatment they wish to dish out.

I added a link to the donation page in the post, and updated with the info on rejecting their money too. Thanks misha and contrapangloss.

My maternal grandfather died of prostate cancer. These dudes are in effect pissing on his grave. May they stumble across a floor full of Legos one drunken evening, fall, and be unable to get up.

We want consent so we are not wasting our time.

File under “Not clear on the concept”.

And if they want to put their money where their mouths are, then they should wash those out with carbolic soap first.

Glad to see that also decided that taking their money wasn’t worth it. Hopefully they and the PCF will be able to make up the loss through donations from those who appreciate their integrity.


Thanks. Although, I don’t think I was forgetting the property aspect of misogyny so much. It’s just that my definition of “respect” is incompatible with something someone can give to property. 🙂

@Belladonna993: Understandable. And let’s be honest, there’s a reason I put “respect” in quotes in that statement. My experience also suggests that misogynists have a pretty strange definition of the concept.

I looked at the fundraiser page (and emailed before the page was taken down. The comments added with the donations were full of masturbations jokes and peoples thanking JLaw. While I’m generally up for a smutty joke, I can’t imagine any legitimate charity happy to have them all over their site. The content of the page was bad enough to justify it’s removal, without even considering the motivations behind the fundraiser.

Basically, I’m amazed they’re surprised. It’s as if they don’t understand consequences at all, and that’s a bit scary.

@Georgina: I can somewhat see your concern. I’d hope that any employer who would fire an employee over this would ensure that the employee really is engaging in this kind of behavior, doing it on company time, using it as a vehicle for sexual harassment, etc. Unsubstantiated watercooler rumors leading to someone losing their job… not cool.

However, depending on the state, a company can terminate an employee at will. They are not required to allow the terminated person access to their workspace, but perhaps in special situations (like leaving necessary medication in a desk drawer, for example.) If someone is suspected of using company property to commit a crime, you better believe they will not be allowed access to their workspace, lest they try to destroy evidence. As some of these women are underage, its child pornography and a serious crime. I’d throw them out of the building too. If management suspects something like this and doesn’t act on it, they shoulder a lot if potential liability. Not sure how it would work if the stolen photos are not of a minor, but photos of a minor = big fucking problems.

“I’m not on board with this thing about throwing employees out of the building, and shipping their personal possessions on to them minus expenses. It seems to me that in doing that you’re committing theft. I think that in fighting monsters we must be careful that we don’t become monsters ourselves.”

During my undergrad days, I did security in a large corporate office building. If I would have had it my way from the start, no employee that was going to be let go would have been allowed in the building once the decision was made. However, I live in Canada and my bosses felt that was an “American” approach they felt was unnecessary. I’ve seen too many (that is, more than zero) people assault other employees or destroy equipment once they were fired and allowed to gather their belongings. Although the ideal is to call police and let them deal with incidences like that, when you’re security people kind of expect you to do something when somebody’s on a rampage. I’ve had coffee cups, big metal staplers, and even computer monitors thrown at me in the four years I did that job. After three or four instances, it was decided that all firings would be handled offsite, like at a restaurant or a coffee shop. Their access cards were deactivated, security packed up their office, and we had extra officers on that day (when possible, firings were coordinated with HR a week or so in advance). We shipped their stuff to them at the company’s expense so they had no legitimate reason to be on the premises. It took too,long to implement the policy and it should have been done after the first incident.

If you think that’s “committing theft,” that’s fine. You’re entitled to your wack-ass opinion, even if it’s wrong. Security’s job is to protect the physical well-being and property of other individuals and the company, first and foremost. I get that firing is traumatic, but so is getting assaulted or having to witness a furious tantrum in what is supposed to be a safe place – or being suddenly thrust into a situation where you must try to defuse it (some guys who do security like physical confrontations during the course of their jobs but I’m not one of them). I’ve fought enough “monsters” to know that the way that most companies deal with terminations is the most reasonable way. Other employees don’t get hurt, equipment doesn’t get destroyed or stolen, and the individual who just got fired doesn’t have to get clocked over the head with a maglight, tazed, maced, or end up with a criminal charge on top of what is already a pretty crappy day.

I’m not sure why we’re talking about this, but even in a union environment employees can be immediately escorted off the premises and proceedings begun to terminate their employment if there is evidence of serious misconduct. But usually the contract will provide some time period during which the employee/union steward can find out exactly what s/he is charged with, what the evidence is, and have a chance to respond before the termination is official.

But most places aren’t union environments, and firing at will employees for something serious like theft or looking at child porn at work is very defensible both legally and ethically.

Redditors who are actually upset at PCF and/or JLaw over this are terrible people. I encourage anyone who makes a donation to PCF to include a comment thanking them for returning the money. Not sure if that’s an option on

Can someone explain Georgina’s babble to me? Either there’s a context that I’m missing or that was pretty random.

Thank you. Having seen that, yeah, I’m more in favor of having an employee gather their own stuff and leave with a bit more dignity, but if you think they’re breaking the law (ie something like child porn may be on their work computer) then locking it down and throwing them out asap is a reasonable way to proceed.

A company I used to work for fired a VP-level employee for watching porn at work (the legal variety), and he was allowed to gather his own stuff and leave, which I’m not sure was any kinder, since it just meant that he got to do the walk of shame past the rest of the staff, who by then all knew why he was being fired.

I think the allegation is that charging to ship someone’s property back to them is theft.

I think it’s cheap-assed, and petty, but that’s not the same as theft.

Having to escort a very upset just-fired employee out is very unfun, and I really rather would have them hear the news offsite and be delivered their things…potential for things getting violent is mostly eliminated that way.

“So they’d rather watch people die than take Reddit money?”

My response to this is simple: Why don’t you anonymously donate the money you were already planning to give? Would you rather watch people die than not get credit for your charity?

Seriously, if all they wanted to do was give money to a charity, then they could do that, but for them it’s all about drawing attention to themselves and pretending that what they’re doing isn’t horrible.

I’m not on board with this thing about throwing employees out of the building, and shipping their personal possessions on to them minus expenses. It seems to me that in doing that you’re committing theft. I think that in fighting monsters we must be careful that we don’t become monsters ourselves.

Minus expenses if porn is found on the computer is what Kevin K said.

I’m with him all the way on treating an employee who was into violating women (let alone children) this way – and I’ve been an employee, never an employer, all my life.

So, y’know, fuck this concern for this hypothetical employee, because you’ve stripped it of all context. This is about men who’re getting off on violation.


Seriously, if all they wanted to do was give money to a charity, then they could do that, but for them it’s all about drawing attention to themselves and pretending that what they’re doing isn’t horrible.

The donation was just a tool. They were trying to add a sliver of credibility. It’s the same as MRAs pointing to prison inmate numbers or male suicide rates. They don’t actually care at all, but if anybody criticises them or their actions they can point to that and say “you don’t care about number of male prisoners! MISANDRY!

Heck, you can see it in action with their “So they rather watch people with cancer die than take reddit money.”

I do see the irony in people who hide behind their anonymity refusing to donate completly anonymously.

You may want to check out on website. They fail to meet some standards and their admin costs seem a little high. On the other hand PCF has a better record.

Oh, but anonymity is sooooo important while fapping. And so is being able to brag about it afterward and pretend you’re charitable, too.

What? You mean charities aren’t starving for some good dollars? You can’t hide what a huge asshole you are by hiding behind a pile of money?

I think it was Lisa Simpson who said: “You’re evil, and when you try to be good you’re even worse!”

So, thanks to the two guys I passed while on campus for grad school today, there’s apparently a followup to r/thefapening called “The Second Cumming.” The two dudebros, of course, thought that it was hilarious.

Oops. I should clarify that they didn’t make start “The Second Cumming.” They were just talking about it as I walked past, so now I know that it’s a thing, and I was too speechless to say anything about it.


So I take my head out of Baldur’s Gate look around and see a spirited defense of child porn and the end justifying the means.

Nope back to fighting beholders I go.

I love Baldur’s Gate! For about a decade now, it has been my go-to therapy when I am so incredibly angry that I want to just punch someone in the face. Instead, I kill kobalds, whack orcs, and pummel demon-spawn. In this way, I work out the physical sensation of the anger and frustration. Once that adrenaline-pumping anger is out of my system, I can breathe easily, think rationally, and behave in a calm, cool, civilized manner.

See, violence in video games serves a purpose, when used correctly. However, I would like to point out that I’ve seen ALL of Anita Sarkeesian’s youtube videos about feminism and video games, and I don’t recall a single instance of her pointing to a problem in Baldur’s Gate. Could it be because the violence in that game is not misogynistic? Nor misandrist. Mis-monsteric, perhaps. Or anti-villain. Even if you’re playing an evil character, you still have to save the world from the OTHER villains. You know, so it will be around for you to rule, later.

Anyway, it’s cool to see another Baldur’s Gate fan. I like BG, 1 and 2, so much better than NWN (either one). And yaaaay, Beamdog! for bringing it back!

…was I the only person who thought JLaw meant Jude Law? Just me? Okay.

RE: Kevin K

Please tell me these are all 13-year-old boys. Please?

Knowing myself at thirteen, I’m actually more disturbed by the idea of children that young thinking it totally okay to do this shit. (Then again, I was getting shoved up against lockers and called transphobic and homophobic slurs at eleven, so I guess THAT eleven-year-old boy was watching horrible trans porn.) And also, they sure as hell wouldn’t have the money to donate $6K. I associate this kind of behavior with 18-and-up, myself.

” I’m actually more disturbed by the idea of children that young thinking it totally okay to do this shit.”

I agree — it’s like the 14-year-old MGTOW several threads back, if they have the disease that early it makes you wonder whether there’s any hope they’ll grow up with their values somewhat less obnoxious.
However, it is my observation that most kinds of bigotry are learned young, before people are old enough to have some ability to evaluate what is poured into their brains. That’s why I would say, after murder and rape, the worst thing you can do is implant hatred in the mind of a child.

RE: Grumpy Old Man

I’m STILL astounded that an eleven-year-old boy learned a term that is primarily used in grotesque trans porn. And this was BEFORE most kids were constantly on the Internet.

(I like to fantasize that that boy was actually so deep in the closet he was in Narnia, and that when he grew up he came out and got the fuck over himself. He seems to have vanished off the face of the Internet by college, so it’s not a hard thing to imagine.)

I’m STILL astounded that an eleven-year-old boy learned a term that is primarily used in grotesque trans porn. And this was BEFORE most kids were constantly on the Internet.

Well, before the internet, lots of kids still had access to their dads’ magazines and videos. And I know het dudes have been fetishizing trans women since before the Internet, so maybe his dad had a stash of that crap.

LBT, you’re back! Yay!

(And that’s about as much sense as anyone’s getting out of me till I get some coffee. Just wanted to say hi!)

RE: emilygoddess

Erlech. Even worse.

RE: cassandrakitty

Yes! I am back, ish! I am still way behind on my correspondence and kinda crazy mcpsychobonkers, but I am here! I don’t even know what all went down in the horror thread! That is a task I shall have to take on a saner day.

“I’m STILL astounded that an eleven-year-old boy learned a term that is primarily used in grotesque trans porn. And this was BEFORE most kids were constantly on the Internet.”

One of the things I learned from raising four children is that you do most of your teaching when you don’t realize that you are teaching. Children imitate, and they tend to imitate the things you wish they wouldn’t, so you have to make sure not to provide bad examples for them to copy. And you have to listen for undesirable stuff they might pick up elsewhere, and make sure you explain why you believe it’s inappropriate. Your 11-year-old antagonist probably heard the objectionable terms at home or at a friend’s home or just from a friend. Shit tends to spread.
When my daughter was about 15, she made a snide remark about lesbians. I took her to task for it, which she didn’t really like, but hey, it was my job. Now she’s happily married to another woman, and I don’t have to worry about whether she thinks I’m homophobic.
My parents weren’t without prejudice, but they never taught me to hate. Sometimes I think about what it would have been like if my parents had been hate-filled — what would I be like now? After all, children have to take what their parents say as gospel most of the time, and they don’t have much of a defense if their elders are teaching them to hate. So when I read racist or misogynist crap, I’m never quite able to totally avoid a bit of “There but for the grace of whomever it may concern …”

I don’t even know what all went down in the horror thread! That is a task I shall have to take on a saner day.

I’d be inclined to leave it, really. Suffice to say Ally’s gone and the atmosphere seems a lot freer. Look how the Open threads are populated again.

My dad was racist, among his many other charming qualities.
I had a black friend I was really close to in third grade…one day dad said one of his usual noxious jokes, and I suddenly realized how horribly unfair racism was.
He didn’t know my friend. Or the people he was calling names. Or anything.

…I really don’t understand how it is that some people parented by vicious people turn out like me and the kind of people who hang out on survivor forums…
While others turn out like Janet Bloomfield.
I wonder what part of that outcome is wiring? and what part is choice?

Blahlistic — If you could answer that one…. I, for one, would love to know the answer. But I’m not holding my breath.

Apparently, some people have a genetic mutation that made their ancestors immune to the Bubonic plague and makes them immune to AIDS. Maybe there’s a bigotry immunity gene. I guess we’re back to the nature vs nurture debate. I used to come down fairly heavily on the nurture side — then, at the age of almost 60, I met my biological half-sister, and we are so much alike that I’ve had to reassess my beliefs.

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