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Viral Video Comedy Corner: Fedora Defender vs. Viral Kitten

The video above — in which a highly agitated young fellow with poor camera technique defends his sartorial choice — got posted in the comments here yesterday, and frankly it was too good not to share.

Oh, SPOILER ALERT: The fedoraed gentleman is not for real. He’s a YouTube comedian of sorts who specializes in surreal, awkward and often disturbing videos in the vein of television’s Tim and Eric.

I especially liked this VIRAL KITTEN video he posted the other day, and not just because it contains a kitten.

This Blender Box Blog Race is pretty exciting as well.


12 replies on “Viral Video Comedy Corner: Fedora Defender vs. Viral Kitten”

wth…just go to his channel and look for clegg wing: bird murder journalist, if you’re interested 🙂

Fnoicby, that last embed DID work, but I made it into a link b/c the image it displayed was a bit NSFLunch.

Thanks David, sorry for the many posts. I do work with html so should know how to post friggin’ links.

Okay, confession. I love fedoras. However… I first got into them during the late ’90s during a vintage fashion boom. I love them not as “modern” wear, but as something that goes with 1930s and ’40s fashions. For the last couple of years I had no idea about the fedora-douchebag connection, mostly because all the people I knew who wore them were fascinated with historical reconstructions and wore them to vintage events. Also, the fedoras we liked were wider-brimmed Stetsons, not the kind you can buy at Target.

It angers me that guys like this are trying to ruin one of my favorite pieces of fashion.

(And by “guys like this” I don’t mean the comedian. I mean… well, you know who I mean.)

Just discovered this video… my husband is with Cassie’s Major Domo. He wears old style vintage fashion (since the 90s) and is most definitely NOT a MRA. He knows nothing of the unfortunate association!
Bastards, ruining a perfectly good way to keep a head warm for everyone else.

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