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The Confused Cats Against Feminism Store is OPEN for funny business!

This shirt can soon be yours!
This shirt can soon be yours!

Good news everyone! You can now snag yourself some nifty Confused Cats Against Feminism swag, and help out a couple of charities at the same time The Confused Cat Store on Zazzle is now open for business, offering everything from key chains and coffee mugs to 126 different styles of shirts and other tops for adult humans of all shapes and sizes, not to mention babies, dogs, and pretty much anything and anyone that can wear a shirt. (Sorry, squids, you have too many arms, or legs, or whatever those things are.)

There are two awesome designs to choose from, both featuring my very own Sweetie the cat, who has no idea that she’s on a shirt, or what exactly a shirt is. Big thanks to designer JohnnyKaje, who also provided the awesome designs for the old Manboobz store.

All my royalties from the Confused Cat store will go to two charities, the Global Fund for Women, a well-respected organization working for the rights of women and girls worldwide, and No-Kill Los Angeles, an initiative to “end the killing of healthy and treatable pets in city shelters in Los Angeles, California, by the year 2017” by providing spay/neuter services and working to increase pet adoptions.

Oh, and today there’s even a 10% off SALE going on!

Also: I will also be opening a new We Hunted the Mammoth store up soon. We’ve got a good Mammothy design, but I also wanted to do some shirts, etc, featuring some infamous quotes from some of the terrible people I’ve written about on this site, or who’ve come by to drop their own peculiar wisdom in the comments here. I am taking requests, so if you have any favorite quotes you’d like to see on a t-shirt or a mouse pad or whatever, post them in the comments below!

EDIT: Well, turns out that, as of right now (3 pm CST), the products are NOT up for anyone but me. Apparently Zazzle is still processing them. So, uh, check back in a couple of hours, I guess?

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This post was apparently made in the couple minutes while I was reading the War Machine post, so when I hit back, the picture of War Machine morphed into the “I don’t need feminism” shirt. It was… a little freaky.

Damn, the products are showing up for me (after not showing up for about 12 hours), so I thought they were up for everyone. I’ll see if there’s something I need to do, otherwise, I guess the store will be open as soon as Zazzle decides to start displaying the products.

Zazzle is a bit frustrating at times (I have a few shops for my art stuff). It can take up to 24 hours before new stuff you created actually shows up in your store.

I feel that if Mammoth is affiliated with T-shirt with cats on them, it is proof we have attained one of our milestones. Cheers! *sets off firecrackers*

Awful MRA quotes on T-shirts ??!! That is absolutely brilliant. But there are so many. I. think my head is going to explode.

I’m not sure I understand why anyone would wear an MRA quote as a t-shirt. Seems unlikely to be well-received outside of a mammoth convention.

I just want to say that I think it’s amazing that you are donating proceeds to charity. When I started reading this post, my first thought was “oh neat! David might actually start making some well deserved money for his awesome and valuable work on this blog.” I am sincerely moved and impressed by your intentions for these sales. I want a tshirt but I also want to donate to you and your cats so stand by. Very very cool. Thanks for your amazing work on this blog. It tangibly helps women in so many ways. You rock.

One that just says SPINSTERS! would be funny.

Or perhaps a styalized sunset over the ocean with DIRECTLY ON THE BEACH under it.

I personally wouldn’t wear any quote from a troll that made ‘sense’.

I’m nthing the totebags idea. And I just checked the shop and I don’t see anything in there for sale.

There’s a commemorative plate! Or maybe just a plate for eating nachos, I don’t know. But the shop has a Confused Cats plate!

And I’m sorely tempted by a Sweetie apron. Everything I cook will surely taste better if I’m wearing a Confused Cats Against Feminism apron.

I did enjoy making them. I’ll make some more based on in-jokes. Like Scented Fucking Candles are Misandry. And Hard Chairs are Misandry. I’ll take requests though 🙂

Oooo requests (I would so already buy the two you have done on t-shirts). How about a penguin sitting on a wooden chair (no seat cushion). 🙂

I’m not so good at doing actually illustrations. Plus it’s hard to beat the penguins already on Artistry For Feminism. And Kittens. I like doing spoofs of existing/retro t-shirt styles, but I will see what I can do.

Kim, these are delightful. I’d love to get the Beach one on a beach towel and take it to the beach.

Kim, these are great! I’ll send you an email.

You know, I do feel obliged to point out that whatshisname did actually seem to live on or very near a beach. Not in LA proper, though. He was lying about lots of other stuff though.

And of course he brought up the beach thing rather a lot. And as if it mattered. So, still funny!

Yep. Not sure which one. The Man Boobz store profits went to Planned Parenthood. I could stick with that. But I’m open to suggestions.

Kim, those designs have ALL THE WIN. I really love the Directly On the Beach one: it would be so totally meaningless to any non-Mammotheers seeing it. I’d wear that on a tee shirt and it’s not even my colours!

Ah, late the party (sorry). Kim, that third one is great too.

Payday tomorrow, so I shall have some dollars to spend in the shop. 🙂

What other colours would it be kitteh? Are the beaches in Melbourne really that bad?

*gloats over gold coast beaches*

I just placed my order. Bloody $8USD for tracked shipping inside the US compared to $40USD tracked to NZ. Ouch. I’m shipping to my handling company in Florida as I have a parcel there already so I can combine to save shipping costs.

What other colours would it be kitteh? Are the beaches in Melbourne really that bad?

*gloats over gold coast beaches*


Oh, you know, sort of grey-green greasy … wait a minute, that’s the Limpopo River in The Elephant’s Child. Though pale greyish and steel-blue-teal are the colours I see when I’m anywhere near a beach: I stay away from them ‘cept in winter.

But! I meant not the colours I wear, not “not Melbourne beach colours”.

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