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Open Thread for Personal Stuff: August 2014 Suspended Kitty Edition


An open thread for personal stuff, continuing from here.

As usual for these threads: no trolls, no MRAs, no arguments.

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If your market for your desired pups is the breeding and showing group, obviously the non-complying pups are unwanted. So you have the opportunity to exploit a totally different market, pets. Instead of having to pay the vet to have them put down, you can Get Income. Bonus! And that income stream also has the potential to introduce a few pet owners into the showing and breeding aspects of your preferred breed, thus expanding your target market in the first place.

What’s not to like?

I really can’t wrap my head around people who are cruel for no benefit to themselves.

It’s actually totally standard for the type of librarian I am

Which is?

The breeders I’ve heard justify having pups euthanised instead of fixed and adopted have said “we’re trying to improve the breed and we percieve that as a genetic defect” whether that’s ridgelessness or colouring that disqualifies a pup from pedigree status. They’re actually offended by this puppy who is genetically the same breed as it’s siblings but something a little different means it’s appearance isn’t identical. They’re so offended by the imperfection they think it shouldn’t exist.

I’ve heard another say “better I have it put down than it end up in dog fighting” as if the only people who would want such a dog would be animal abusers. No, really, there are people who would be nice to genetically defective dogs! They dont care though. They’re old school, accustomed to throwaway culture when it comes to animals.

How timely – the news just had a clip of a husky sled team up at one of the snow resorts here. 🙂

They’re so gorgeous.

I had the pleasure of loving a Black and Tan Shiba inu the other night. The red ones look like handsome fox/malamute hybrids. The Black and Tans are tiny though and look like micro shepherds. I was in love with that doggie and it loved me. It’s people were telling me how unusual this sort of meeting was. Clearly we’re meant to be together forever.

Hey everyone, I just posted a new Open Thread for September, so head on over there!

@Phoenician in a time of Romans, I’m probably being to paranoid, but I don’t want to say more publicly. If you’re super-interested, feel free to email David or the mods to get my email address.

THAT’S WHAT THE LADY SAID THAT NOT ALL SHIBAS ARE LIKE THAT! This Shiba was like that though. Proves we’re meant to be. Little darling.

Oh, right; off to the new thread, After I procure pop tarts and quiche fixings.

Kitten, our Italian greyound has those shoes! When it’s really cold in the winter he gets cramps in his feet if he walks barefoot, so then he wears those little red shoes, just like the ones the Shiba has on the pic you posted. They have fleece lining, so they’re pretty snug.

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