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Open Thread: Manfeels Park Dance Party Edition. No trolls, no MRAs.


Open thread! As always: No trolls, no MRAs.

This is a general open thread; for more personal stuff, go here.

Oh,and the pic above is from a hilarious new website called Manfeels Park, which mashes up whiny MRA complaints with … Jane Austen.

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Unless 4chan changed recently, they don’t archive directly the posts. So if a thread dies, it will eventually disappear. Which is why you may not have been able to find the original. Secondary sites have taken upon the jobs of archiving the most interesting material. There is virtually no moderation on 4chan, except for child porn.

Well that thread disappeared within a few hours of a bunch of comments that make ’em look incredibly thick (I was refreshing fairly regularly and activity had not died out), which I guess I saw as a bit of a coincidence, but fair enough!

Oh actually I saved it so was able to check it for the message it flagged up! On an update, it got flagged with the message “This thread has been pruned or deleted”. That was what made me think it had been actively removed rather than simply expiring.

So after the 4chan Tumblr trolling incident, I was feeling pretty depressed about the general lack of humanity some people have. But the next day I went in to work and at visiting time, I was getting ready to walk a patient named P, who has been with us for a couple of weeks recovering from severe burns. His owner is also in the hospital from the same fire, so while we all give P a lot of love, he doesn’t have any visitors. So as I was picking P up for his walk, the owner of the dog in the next cage got my attention and said, “you make sure he goes home with that blanket in his cage”. I was gearing up to say, you know, we do our best and I’ll certainly try and etc., when she added, “I made it for him*, so he’d have something that was his own.” Then she told P she was rooting for him. It was just the exact opposite of the shit I saw on Friday and it was nice to see someone go out of their way to be kind to a sick and frightened dog and I’m actually tearing up a little.

I thought you guys would enjoy this tale of niceness to our furry overlords 🙂

*It about 2×2 feet (~ .5 meters) and knitted. Not difficult per se, but she probably spent a couple of hours making it.

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