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So-called Men Going Their Own Way need to really GO. This video shows them how.

So I get periodic visits here from hostile and uninformed visitors demanding to know just what I have against those Men’s Rights activist-adjacent fellows who have declared themselves to be Men Going Their Own Way. Surely, they sniff, I can’t be really opposed to men living the lives they choose to live, independent of women? Don’t feminists encourage women to be similarly independent? You go, girls, and all that?

As a fellow calling himself Praetorian wrote:

Why are women so bitter towards men going their own way, without them

“John,” meanwhile, thought he detected some hypocrisy:

So, if a woman says she does not need a man in her life, she is seen as a strong independent woman. If a man says he does not need a woman in his life, he is seen as someone who has a deep hostility towards and/or profound distrust of women.

How convenient and how logical…………….

Happpily, the commenters here always put these misguided souls straight: we don’t object , in principle, to men “going their own way,” if that’s what they want to do.

But in practice, the men who classify themselves as Men Going Their Own Way don’t go anywhere; they stick around and stink the place up with their raging misogyny.

If you go to MGTOWforums or any other popular MGTOW hangout, you’ll discover that the regulars there don’t spend much time talking about the fabulous lives they’re leading on their own — the things they’re learning, the hobbies they’re pursuing, the experiences they’re having.

Nope. They spend virtually all their time and energy taking about women, and how awful they are. The typical MGTOWer spends more time thinking about women on any given day than the president of Planned Parenthood does. And what they think about women is awful. Just go through my MGTOW posts here for example after example.

You want to see some men who are really going their own way? Watch the video at the top of this post. These are guys enjoying themselves and not giving a shit what anyone thinks. They are AWESOME.

That’s what Men Going Their Own Way should look like. And I’m not even joking.

NOTE: I think I’ve posted this video before. I don’t care. Some people might not have seen it. EVERYONE MUST SEE IT.

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6 years ago

Hey Dave! I’m relatively new to wehuntedthemammoth but I’ve really come to appreciate it over the past few months, particularly the weird and wonderful gifs, videos, and memes that occasionally show up. Thank you for encouraging everyone to “go their own way” in the funniest, most empowering, and individualistic way possible whether that means blogging passionately, confronting misogyny wherever you find it, or dancing your heart out on someone’s back forty with a boom box, a group of old friends, and the presence of mind to document the whole thing for posterity! Well done on all counts 🙂

4 years ago

That’s a funny video of the “terrible two” toddler looking for mommy so as to have his audience. Thanks to GillyRose.
I’m wondering what is generally thought here about the responsibility of we men and women to make peace in front of the children?
Shortly before my X walked out my third grade step daughter made the comment at dinner that “I dumped three boy friends today ha ha!”
Later on reading up on divorce (I got blindsided by our situation) I learned that children of divorce often get the feeling that if they give their heart to someone (parent, boy/girl friend, playmate) that they just open themselves up to be hurt when the divorce materializes or the boy/girl friend walks out.
I think my former step daughter finally got married but was past 30 by the time she did.
I’ve survived life as an incel (involuntary celibate) for decades. I was able to because my parents had a remarkably good marriage and cared well for us. A good foundation in child hood can make you strong enough for adult life.
I realize that people born after 1970 may not have had such blessed formative childhoods, but what are your thoughts on we scared adults “biting the bullet” to give the young a solid foundation for the rest of their lives? This would entail making a marriage work or at least making a divorce survivable for the children’s psychi. (sp?).
As a mildly autistic (creative but socially insecure person- see Ben Aflick in “The Accountant”) I’m trying to work with autistic incels like Alek Minassian, the Toronto van killer. It’s looks as if it’s difficult to reach the radical incels. Rather like taming a wild creature.
I’ve also an interest in the terrible problems brought about by “serial polygamy” (older men dumping their wives for young women – see the case of Jennair Gerardot in Delaware, 2018).
To end this post on another funny note, and older divorcee once told me: “The way I see it I had the best years of my husbands life and she (the younger woman) is going to have to take care of him in his old age”.
Life’s a never ending kindergarten lesson.

4 years ago

Hey…i emailed u about this problem but wasn’t sure the right person would see it. You’ve been hacked. The link supposed to take me to all of your mgtow posts led to a rope retailer instead. You probably know that incels use ‘rope’ to mean suicide…that’s how i knew it was hacking, not a server error.

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