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John "The Other" Hembling on MRAs spamming Occidental College with false rape reports: "Go forward, brothers, and f*ck their sh*t up!"

This has to be my favorite quote to come out of the whole Occidental College fiasco; it’s staggering in its moral blindness and fanaticism and its complete lack of self-awareness. It also captures well the peculiarly self-defeating quality of so much Men’s Rights rhetoric and, er, “activism.”

johntheother [-37] -8 points 3 hours ago (11|19)  "‘Men’s rights activists’ conspire to cripple college rape reporting system with false reports"  GOOD! Go forward, brothers, and fuck their shit up.  rape is a crime. If somebody has a report to file of being the victim of this crime - file that report with a POLICE ORGANIZATION, not with some jumped up kangaroo court or administrative star chamber. And when operating in an environment where the star-chamber rules - FTSU with the same fraudulent reports they've tuned their system to process against you.      permalink     source     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]O-Fortuna 3 points 35 minutes ago (4|0)  This came off so silly and juvenile I thought it was one of the troll comments the mods talked about, but you seem to be some kind of widely known mra. In favor of making false reports. Appalling.

The backstory here: the commenter in question is none other than John “The Other” Hembling, the Number Two (or Three? I can’t tell) boy at A Voice for Men. He’s responding to an article on Raw Story that’s indicative of the incredibly (and justifiably) bad press Reddit MRAs have gotten for spamming Occiental College’s anonymous rape reporting website with false reports of rape, some of which may have named real people at the school as the “perps.”

At this point in the story, even the normally obtuse Men’s Rights Redditors realize they have a disaster on their hands, and are trying to blame anyone else they can.

But Hembling thinks it’s the perfect time to cheer on the false accusers amongst the MRAs.

That’s right: apparently jealous of all the attention Reddit MRAs have gotten for their cloddish “activism,” he’s decided to jump aboard this train — after it’s left the station, derailed, and fallen into a ravine.

That response is classic, too

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A decade ago or so, I used to work late nights next to bar and it was hair-raising to watch patrons (and the bar owner) drunkenly stumble into their cars and swerve off. This was in NYC, so these people could easily take public transportation or jump into a cab.

I’d agree with Cassandra that a good portion of Americans think adults who have “a drink or two” are not officially drunk, it’s just the social custom. I also firmly believe that a lot of people don’t drive after drinking only out of fear of getting busted and don’t really consider driving while “somewhat” impaired morally wrong if they make it home safely. This “no harm, no foul” approach allows you to drive after social drinking and yet still morally condemn drunk drivers who get DUIs or cause accidents. Socially convenient hypocrisy is pretty common.

Thanks guys for your explanations. The legal limit here is 0,02 %, which pretty much means you can’t drink AT ALL, and that’s what people go by.

It’s interesting, because I’ve talked to a woman who lived in France for a while, and she said that while at first she was apalled by the way people would have wine for lunch and then drive, she sort of accepted this custom herself after having lived there for a year… But here, yeah, it’s not just the law, it’s morality as well. Most people would really judge you as horribly irresponsible if you had a little bit to drink with your food at a restaurant, for instance, and then drove home.
I’m not saying Swedes are perfectly responsible drivers though, since it’s completely accepted to drive when you’re really tired, although that’s really as bad as driving when you’ve had a bit to drink. So that’s hypocritical. Still, the idea that you should have peak reflexes when driving makes sense. After, like, two beers, you might be perfectly capable of driving around safely in normal conditions, but still too slow to hit the breaks in time if a child or an animal would unexpectedly dart out in front of the car… You obviously don’t need peak reflexes to have sex though – you just need to know what you’re doing.

The driving while exhausted thing does bother me. I can’t remember the exact number of hours of sleep, but there’s a point of sleep deprivation at which they’ve measured it and a driver’s performance is just as impaired as if they were legally drunk. Part of the problem in the US is that in many parts of the country people wouldn’t be able to, say, get to work in the morning without driving because there’s no public transport infrastructure, so no matter how tired they are it’s either drive while barely able to keep their eyes open or call in sick.

Cassandra — I start acting tipsy at 30~ hours awake. But we’re talking goofy, not too out of it to consent (too tired to actually fuck is another matter!)

As for BAC, for someone as small as pecunium and I, two drinks in an hour is over the limit. For my brother’s size it’s three. I am definitely still good after two shots in a row. Not to drive, but mentally I’m just a bit sillier, not out of it at all. So yeah, using the legal limit for this seems a bit off.

I have seen fresh mountain lion tracks while hiking in LA. (Fresh as in the animal was probably still within 100 yards of us. The paw print was perfect, and the dirt around the edges wasn’t even starting to crumble yet.)

I think in Montana, or maybe Wyoming, it was legal until very recently to drive while drinking.

I know this is late, but…

Onward, rapist soldiers, marching as to Gor,
With the book of Farrell going on before,
John, that stupid asshole, leads against the foe,
Forward, into college, see his spammers go!

I just…tears. This is amazing. XD

You obviously don’t need peak reflexes to have sex though – you just need to know what you’re doing.

Yeah, the standards for driving competently and making an informed decision are going to be different. I’d never drive after even a single beer, but it would take something other than alcohol to get me to a point where I’d consider myself incapable of informed decision-making.

That said, I’ve seen enough people who seem rational who retain no memory of those events the next day, which is why I don’t hit on drunk people; I never want to be in a bed with someone who can’t remember the night before.

Looks like 0.1-0.125 is where good judgement goes out the window, and by 0.13 you’re obviously drunk. (Like, reaching the point of falling down drunk)

So over the legal limit might not be a bad standard since that’s probably a one drink difference. Certainly once you’ve reached slurring (which starts around the lower end of those levels) you’re past the point of good judgement and shouldn’t go picking up people who’re that drunk.

I’d think just one drink would be the ideal level for drunken sex — it’s the area where you’re probably a happy drunk, reactions aren’t notably impaired, and the effect on mental state is just enough for inhibitions to be lowered by judgement to be maintained. In short — happy, less shy, still able to make decisions.

This is, of course, assuming you aren’t drinking with an existing partner where you’d be consenting sober, in that case I can see putting the rapey line a smidge higher since all involved parties likely know whether the other parties are too impaired to make decisions — the difference between plying someone with alcohol and having some alcohol with a lover you were intending to fuck already. (Note though, I’m making a moral distinction, not a legal one — legally perhaps the standard should be a simple “does you potential partner appear drunk? If yes, get their number and call in the morning”)

I think in Montana, or maybe Wyoming, it was legal until very recently to drive while drinking.

cloudiah: it wasn’t all that long ago that open containers were perfectly legal while driving in TX. Sometimes I think they still are, given the driving around here.

A few years ago a friend brought one of those “DIY” breathalyzers to a party. At that point, I had had three or four drinks and considered myself quite impaired (I wasn’t the designated driver, obviously!), so I was surprised to find I still registered under the legal limit. My personal rule for drinking and driving is not more than one drink, and wait at least one hour after that before driving. It definitely doesn’t take much to affect one’s judgment.

And OT: I hope some of you guys head over to HateWatch and show them some support because some MRA’s are trolling the site right now over that new article.

oh wow. It takes a very special kind of stupid to troll the SPLC.

The thing with using the legal limit as the ethical standard is that different people have different tolerances. By which I don’t mean “let people with a high alcohol tolerance exceed it”, I mean that people like myself who feel tipsy after one or two drinks shouldn’t be driving at that point even if both the law and the people around us think it’s OK.

I was once at a friend’s house for snacks and wine, I had one glass, waited an hour, then figured I was good to go and drove home. Nothing happened, but although I felt perfectly lucid I noticed that my eyesight wasn’t as good as it usually was. That was kind of scary.

Another time I was out to dinner with friends, and while I usually have one beer with dinnner, this time I decided to have two for some reason. Again, I felt perfectly fine when I left, then I stepped outside and promptly fell off the curb. I turned around, went back inside, and told my friends I needed a ride. Luckily I was parked in a lot that allowed overnight parking, and it was close to home.

Anyway, what I learned from those experiences was, no alcohol at all for me if I’m planning to drive within the next four hours or so.

Years later I learned another important lesson: Never drive while having a nervous breakdown. It’s a wonder I’m still alive and not in jail.

Cassandra: go cups are legal while walking around NOLA, but I highly doubt they’re legal while driving now. I’m sure at one time it was a different story.

I just learned of this hilarious new Twitter trend it’s #meninisttwitter and it’s brilliant! Here are some samples;

Just because I brought my wallet DOES NOT MEAN I’m PAYING for dinner! #MeninistTwitter

Just cause we go on a date doesn’t mean I have to pay, be a real woman and pay for yourself since you’re so “independent” #MeninistTwitter

#MeninistTwitter Its December…Why didn’t you bring your own jacket? No, you can’t wear mine. I didn’t get a flu shot this year.

So what I aint seen my abs since junior year of college. My opinion on your lack of thigh gap is still valid. #MeninistTwitter

#MeninistTwitter I agree with my wife that women are equals to men. Then it snows and the driveway needs to be shoveled and she thinks diff

@MordsithJ Especially after this Occidental College fiasco, you would think they would want to keep low and not call anymore attention to their bullshit but they are like the gift that keeps on giving and they just cannot stop being stupid and so expose themselves to the whole wide world what assholes they really are. One of their head assholes Jonathan Taylor of AVfMS still just does not get it…he keeps commenting and digging their cesspit deeper and deeper.

“… a small hit of LSD…”

1) that is not a thing that exists, either you’re tripping, or you aren’t, this is a binary state
2) oh dear sweet gods no. I have literally gotten lost in a bathroom while tripping (What, the floor tiles were an interesting pattern!). You are NOT okay to drive until the next day, and maybe two depending how late it was when you dropped the acid.

Actively tripping wears of in *thinks* 7ish? hours. Proper lucidity takes at least another 5. I’ve never been back to normal same day as tripping, and I mean like…up at midnight still doing the rambling thoughts part after dropping acid not long after noon.

No no no NO!

Like, I’d be more okay driving after drunk puking that while on any amount of hallucinogens. (After is important there, I sober up fast once I puke, like, cleaning up after myself. Wouldn’t actually drive at that point, but safer than tripping!)

*shudders* that is the opposite of responsible drug use!

@ auggziliary The ones I quoted probably weren’t. Some of them are. Mostly I think it’s funny because the whole thing was about mocking feminism but they just came off as a bunch of tools.

Just cause we go on a date doesn’t mean I have to pay, be a real woman and pay for yourself since you’re so “independent”

Golly! I guess that means MRA’s are going to start dating feminists now, right? Right?

On those twitters – the fourth one sounded like it was mocking stupid men who judge women; the others sounded like … stupid men. (Stupid as in misogynistic.)

On drunk driving: the limit here is .05, but we have a horrible drinking culture in this country. Binge drinking, going out intending to be vomiting-drunk by the end of the night, is the thing, and far too many road deaths and maimings come from drunk idiots, and especially teenage drunk idiots. The TAC (Traffic Accident Commission) has had major campaigns going against this sort of shit for years, and they work, but it seems there’s always a fresh supply of morons on their P plates who think they’re invulnerable. (NB I’m not saying all P-platers or all teenagers, or even everyone who’s ever had a drink and driven; but the ones responsible for the crashes are so often in those categories.)

To what extent is Australia a car culture? I’ve always thought that it’s a good thing that the UK has such good public transit, given that our binge drinking culture is legendary. It’s bad enough having drunks throw bottles at you for no reason on a Friday night (yay Glasgow! that was a hell of an introduction to the city for on-a-date teenaged me), I hate to imagine what would happen if they all had cars and no other way to get home after the pubs shut.

@CassandraSays: Well, Australia was home to the ute and the Valiant Charger(regarded as one of the best non-American Chrysler products of all time by many an auto enthusiast), so there’s that.

Auggz — that sucks, I, thankfully, end up disgusted by the idea of food and thus stay out of hue kitchen entirely. And yeah, I’m trying to figure out how you even manage to drive in a straight line when the lines are swimming (or snakes, or whatever thing that isn’t a solid straight line)

Pretty much a car culture, unfortunately. It’s okay in the capitals; we’ve pretty good public transport, though it’s woefully neglected here in Melbourne, partly because of the roads lobby. I can’t speak for other states, but the regional rail infrastructure here was gutted in the 90s, and if you live in the country most places are only accessible by car. Melbourne’s roads are getting more and more congested (government’s solution: knock down houses and build more freeways). The sheer size of the place doesn’t help – not just the size of the country, but urban sprawl. Greater Melbourne is as big as Greater London, so I’ve read. So yeah, cars are very much A Thing here.

Sweden is probably similar to the UK in that our drinking culture is pretty horrible, but we have good public transport and don’t rely on cars the way Americans do. Also, most people abstain from driving the next day as well if they’ve been binge drinking, since it’s gonna take a while for all that alcohol to be cleansed out of your system.

I can have three or four beers and not really be impaired… Like, I’ll be more easily-amused and giggly, but far from the point where I’ll do stuff I normally wouldn’t do. When I was twenty though I was a really habitual drinker and had a tolerance level to match. I could down six-seven stiff drinks and not be visibly impaired at all. That’s pretty dangerous, actually…
Obviously it’s bad for your overall health to drink as often as you have to in order to build up that kind of tolerance, but it’s also dangerous because you can get to a state where you’re much more drunk than what is physically possible for a person with lower alcohol tolerance (because the lower-tolerance-person will throw up or pass out long before zie reaches that level of extreme drunkenness).
Like, once I was having a night-out with some friends, and when I was going home, I had forgotten where I lived. All I could remember was that I lived in the northern part of the city. I did realize that it wouldn’t be a good idea to just go north by a bus or whatever and stroll around hoping to stumble over my apartment, so I didn’t know what to do. By pure accident I did end up outside of the building where Husband lived at the time, although by then we weren’t a couple. I thought that “Yay, I can stay at his place tonight and go home in the morning! Just gotta give him a call so he can let me in.” Problem was, I couldn’t remember his phone number either, I only vaguely recollected what the figures were. So I began making phone calls, trying out the figures I thought was part of not-yet-husband’s phone number, and rang like twenty different random people or so. Eventually, I did manage to call not-yet-husband. Me:
– Heeeeey, can I crash at your place? You see, I’m really drunk and I have forgotten where I live.
– Um, that’s not a great idea, my father is here visiting.
– But come ooooooon, how am I gonna get home when I don’t know where I live? Pleeeeease, I gotta crash at your place!
Not-yet-husband reluctantly agreed that I could crash at his place because he was scared that something terrible would happen to me if I was left wandering the city all night in that state. And that’s how I, for the first time, met the man who would eventually become my father-in-law. I really hope that the saying “first impression lasts” is false.

So yeah, cars are very much A Thing here.

This is what irks the snot out of me about Austin. You NEED a car here. It’s pretty spread out and the busses aren’t that great and light rail only has one route (to top it off, the city isn’t very walkable if you’re not downtown, it’s not uncommon for neighborhoods to have no sidewalks at all). Plus, there’s more po po than I’ve ever seen in my life here, so driving for a night out is not gonna happen. Thankfully we’re only a six dollar cab ride from anywhere we might want to go downtown.

Seattle was great in that you didn’t absolutely need a car. I sold mine after a few years because finding parking was more hassle than it was worth.

The sheer size of the place doesn’t help – not just the size of the country, but urban sprawl. Greater Melbourne is as big as Greater London, so I’ve read. So yeah, cars are very much A Thing here.

Waaaay off. The Melbourne land area is over 8.5 thousand sq km, London’s only one and a half. Even Adelaide’s a bit more than that – and we’ve only got 1.2 million people.

I love the star chamber. Every so often I invite guests into my star chamber for a good ole stew that I made in the misandry crock pot. What a fucktard Hambling is.

Hambling and new girlfriend are writing crappy rants together now.

It’s a tough world I’ll tell ya.

@House Mouse Queen: I agree with you, though, TBH, I don’t think it’d be a wise idea to keep using the word “fucktard”, as it may come across as offensive to people who struggle with certain mental conditions. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂

Where’s my unicorn? *restarts the timer* can we go to 10am tomorrow, blog time, without ableism? Probably not.

If people are wondering why the regulars are annoyed, this is why. Imagine if we had to tell people at least daily about some other -ism that we hadn’t had to ask people to knock off, not with any regularity, for months. Like, you go months with just the occasional “they must be fat, that’s why they can’t get laid”, and then you have to say Every. Damned. Day. that this sort of anti-fat bias isn’t cool around here.

Relatedly — neuroticbeagle — narwhal narwhal swimming in the ocean…thank you, my brain beach backlog only goes to Christmas Eve cuz I didn’t know what I wanted to do for Christmas Day. Narwhals it is!

Oh and alternatesteve90 — this is why people keep raising issue with your warning to other people — fuckt*rd is offensive, not “may come across as offensive”. Calling pecunium a mango may come across as offensive (he hates them, with a passion), mangos are not, contrary his opinion, inherently offensive. Fuckt*rd, and all variations on ret*rd, are inherently offensive.

(Hi pecunium, do they make mango cutters or anything like that? I keep seeing ones for avocados and such, but not mangos. You know I’m buying you one if I find it ^.^ )

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