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John "The Other" Hembling on MRAs spamming Occidental College with false rape reports: "Go forward, brothers, and f*ck their sh*t up!"

This has to be my favorite quote to come out of the whole Occidental College fiasco; it’s staggering in its moral blindness and fanaticism and its complete lack of self-awareness. It also captures well the peculiarly self-defeating quality of so much Men’s Rights rhetoric and, er, “activism.”

johntheother [-37] -8 points 3 hours ago (11|19)  "‘Men’s rights activists’ conspire to cripple college rape reporting system with false reports"  GOOD! Go forward, brothers, and fuck their shit up.  rape is a crime. If somebody has a report to file of being the victim of this crime - file that report with a POLICE ORGANIZATION, not with some jumped up kangaroo court or administrative star chamber. And when operating in an environment where the star-chamber rules - FTSU with the same fraudulent reports they've tuned their system to process against you.      permalink     source     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]O-Fortuna 3 points 35 minutes ago (4|0)  This came off so silly and juvenile I thought it was one of the troll comments the mods talked about, but you seem to be some kind of widely known mra. In favor of making false reports. Appalling.

The backstory here: the commenter in question is none other than John “The Other” Hembling, the Number Two (or Three? I can’t tell) boy at A Voice for Men. He’s responding to an article on Raw Story that’s indicative of the incredibly (and justifiably) bad press Reddit MRAs have gotten for spamming Occiental College’s anonymous rape reporting website with false reports of rape, some of which may have named real people at the school as the “perps.”

At this point in the story, even the normally obtuse Men’s Rights Redditors realize they have a disaster on their hands, and are trying to blame anyone else they can.

But Hembling thinks it’s the perfect time to cheer on the false accusers amongst the MRAs.

That’s right: apparently jealous of all the attention Reddit MRAs have gotten for their cloddish “activism,” he’s decided to jump aboard this train — after it’s left the station, derailed, and fallen into a ravine.

That response is classic, too

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Encyclopedia Dramatica page for the MRA movement:

“The Men’s Right’s Movement is a movement made up of whiny white men complaining that it’s too hard to be a man because the ladies are allowed to say ‘no’ to sex […]”

Hembling’s decided rape really is a crime, now? This is the same fecal specimen who said he’d walk past a woman being raped.

Oh, it’s a crime, all right…but it’s one that he heartily approves of, provided the victim isn’t a Manly Man™. And the perp isn’t an Uppity Woman™.

ED page continued…

“They complain about how irresponsible, privileged, and easily offended woman are, while they try to find ways to weasel out of paying child support, talk about the burden of not calling woman c*nts, and get offended by Homer Simpson.”

Yeah, iirc, I read the ED article on twilight (may have been another site, though, this was like five years ago) and half of the article was dissing stephanie meyer for being fat (according to whomever wrote it). It was really awful.

Oh, ED is terrible, no doubt. I just figured since they were all about making fun of people the MRM would get a page eventually.

Anything an AVfM PR person could come up with for anything they want to get out to the media would sound like it came from The Onion, I think.

(Sorry About The Weird Capitalization. I’m On My Phone, And It Does This.) I’m Still Laughing About The AVfM Logo, Which Half Disappears Off The Screen On Every Device I’ve Viewed On. Why?

The barrel bottom has been breached long ago and they are busily clawing their way to the Earth’s core.


I’m indebted to David for covering the amateur hour AVFM logo contest because I get a laugh every time I see the blurry, off-center results.

It’s so blurry I feel like I’m failing an eye test and the left edge is clearly chopped off, and yet I know Paul and Co. are so cheap and inept that they are most likely never going to fix the damn thing. Classic AVFM moment.


Reading “Give Paul A Sad Boner” with proper noun caps made me snort some of my whiskey through my nose for some reason. Your unintentional hilarious! It burns!

The barrel bottom has been breached long ago and they are busily clawing their way to the Earth’s core.

I’ve said before that I stopped hoping these guys would hit bottom, and instead started hoping they’d hit magma.

I think this might be the Magma moment.

Thank you, I needed that cat.

In even more off topic things, my mouse just decided to be FUCKING WEIRD because it had a hair under it. Not because I took it apart earlier, nope, because one of my hairs was stuck under the optical part. At least it was the easiest fix in the history of mice? (Or is it mouses in this context? OCTOPODES!! XD )

At least it was a simple fix you figured out on your own. At work today, there was a VERY IMPORTANT problem. A VERY IMPORTANT person’s wireless mouse wasn’t working.

Me: “It is ON?”

VERY IMPORTANT person: “?… Kay, Thanks, Bye.”

Problem in chair, not in computer? At least that one had the sense to realize that the best thing to do was just get off the phone and not go off about how it couldn’t have been their fault. People get so weird when it’s pointed out that the problem is actually their fault.

I always love dealing with help desks, because of course the first questions are all “yeah I tried that, no dice” and “well try it again with me” — which, ok, I get it, people are idiots. But when I work in the same damned department as you, could you please have the sense to realize that when I say I tried it I bloody fucking tried it (probably more than once, because that was a windows computer and I’m a mac person) Fun times. You’d think “we have the same boss” might get the point across that I know to check the basics, or, at least, actually did try what I say I tried, but nope.

Anyways, my all time favorite idiot was the doctor who needed acrobat because he had surgery in 45 min. He got fucking PISSED at me, one of the few times I actually needed to get my boss for something besides “yep, the student employee is actually correct” (turns out middle aged men are not very keen on having someone barely old enough to drink tell them that they’re SoL) Gotta love when VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE have VERY IMPORTANT PROBLEMS though eh?

“turns out middle aged men are not very keen on having someone barely old enough to drink tell them that they’re SoL”

Or a woman, in my case. If I had a nickel for every old white dude bro who asked me about my college credentials just to reassure themselves that a woman would need a crazy amount of expensive ivy league education to know more about PRINTERS than they do, well, [hyperbole] I’d have my student loans paid off, that’s for sure. [/hyperbole]

I’ve just caught up on the whole Occidental College thing and… I can only say one thing:

To me, the Men’s Rights Movement proved itself a terrorist group.

Yes, you read that right: TERRORIST GROUP. We have the smoking gun right here. Did someone report to the SPLC or informed the authorities?

Explain, MRAs, how is that not cyberterrorism? From Wikipedia:

“Cyberterrorism can be also defined as the intentional use of computer, networks, and public internet to cause destruction and harm for personal objectives.[1] Objectives may be political or ideological since this is a form of terrorism[citation needed].”

And I especially love the “4CHAN DID IT” excuse. Because that changes everything, right? After all, everybody knows that there are no MRAs on 4chan… /sarcasm

Speaking of terrorism… That’s some Al-Qaeda tier fanaticism from JtO right here.

The only positive side about this, is that it may lead to the definitive death of the MRM. Many people are unsubscribing from r/mensrights already.

I think this might be the Magma moment.

I want to think that, but every time it seems like they’ve gotten as horrible and indefensible as they can be, they go and do something worse.

I’m trying to think of another crime, besides rape, that has a group of people actively lobbying for their right to commit it. And trying to shut down victims of said crime. And claiming that false reports of the crime are a bigger problem than the actual crime. And providing how-to manuals for overriding consent.

Imagine a group devoted to preserving their “right” to murder other human beings, offering training and instruction in killing people, and trying to downplay actual statistics that call attention to the seriousness of the problem.

Oh wait, that’s the NRA.


>Both racist/sexist groups of white men
>Anders Breivik is a hero for both

Yep, the difference is indeed just a letter. I still think MRAs are worse though.

I want to think that, but every time it seems like they’ve gotten as horrible and indefensible as they can be, they go and do something worse.

Right. What I meant by “magma” is that this time they seem to be facing pushback both in the wider media and the internal community about this.

They’ll keep digging, but at least now they face the flames for it.

@Ashley: Heck, to be honest, I actually became a feminist thru YouTube……particularly thanks to people such as Divinity33372(she’s awesome!) and others.

@cloudiah: I know, right? =p (P.S. did I tell you that you’re one of my favorite posters on this blog?)

I can never tell if MRA’s are upset by false rape reports or simply by rape accusations, period. They claim it’s the former, but their attitudes and actions frequently indicate otherwise.

I was really sad when I first heard about this, but the way people are reacting (understandably outraged) makes me feel a bit better. I have to keep reminding myself that mras don’t speak for most people.

@blanktie: I would agree. I think that most human beings in general are decent people

@misery: I think so, too. Moreover, though, I think that they’re just upset that the playing field has been levelled out some more over the past 50 years. And a lot of these MRAs are pretty hardcore racists, too, btw: I’ve seen some rather nasty stuff in that regard on The Spearhead & Jack Donovan’s site in particular.

Hey, all Americans here, can I ask you an off topic question? Here goes: How much is considered okay to drink before you drive in the USA?

The reason I ask is because I’ve read several American feminist bloggers (last Cliff Pervocracy) claim that it’s wrong to have sex with someone who shouldn’t drive. And that’s just confusing to me, because here in Sweden, it’s a) illegal and b) considered immoral as well by almost everyone to drive if you’ve, say, had one beer for dinner. Your brain should be perfectly alcohol-free so that your reactions are tip-top before you drive. My guess is that American feminists do not say that having sex with someone who drank a glass of wine or one beer is automatically rapey, so… What state of drunkenness do Americans refer to when they say “too drunk to drive”?

Differs from state to state, some places also have like.. two tiered laws, such as being ‘under the influence’ and then with abit more, outright drunk, If I recall. Either way, its usually not too much, so cliff may be insinuating that (good choice incidentally. thats another blog I keep up with.). A quick google search is inconclusive for me, but I did find a calculator claiming to know the amounts.

@Dvarghundspossen: The absolute (legal) limit is usually .08 but sometimes lower, depending on where you live. But sometimes, problems can occur at half that level, though, so it’s usually advised that you don’t drink at all before attempting to drive. Hope that helps a little. =)


As for the social aspects, which I forgot to mention, Its usually frowned upon to drink and then drive, even small amounts, but generally speaking, its assumed to be harmless to have small amounts. A common excuse is “But I just had one or two beers!” I guess basically, the idea is that your impaired, but not enough to be a problem, until you hit the legal limit. Or something. obvously, opinions vary.

I’d say that, going by what Dvarg said, the legal limits may be similar (or not, I dunno) in Sweden or the US, but the general public’s perception of what’s ethically acceptable is very different. I’ve rarely seen/heard anyone here express disapproval of the idea of driving after one or two beers.

(I’m not picking on the US here, the UK, where I’m from, also has a higher-than-ideal social tolerance for driving after a few drinks, though driving when visibly impaired in the stumbling/slurring words sense would be frowned upon in both countries.)

I was dating a woman who said she drove home drunk one night. I replied that wasn’t cool and she said something to the effect of “No big deal. O have driven home much worse off than this”. When that failed to impress me and I said we should talk in the morning, she said “I don’t do lectures.”. Did not go well past that.

Just venting a bit. Also, drunk driving ideas are fairly personal. I have seen some rants on how drunk driving laws are the worst human rights abuses of our century, but they strike me as remarkably similar in tone to MRA rants.

It’s a tell in the same way the ranting about rape laws is, isn’t it? Why would laws against driving drunk offend you unless you plan to drive drunk?

I guess the Randroids who object to any sort of rules designed for the greater good of everyone might object on general principles, but they’d be the first to sue if they themselves had their car damaged by a drunk driver.

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