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Off-Topic: Saving the World By Fiddling With Garbage

Yes, they're candles.
Yes, they’re candles.

So I thought I’d take a quick break from the misogynists of the world to tell you about a new blog from my somewhat environmentally obsessed friend Etelka, who has noticed that a lot of crafty types like to think they are saving the world by incorporating biodegradable and/or recyclable junk into their craft projects — “upcycling,” they often call it — when in fact what they’re doing is creating new garbage that will often be harder to dispose of then the original materials they started with.

Also, she’s noticed that a lot of the stuff they produce — like the eggshell candles above — is hilariously ugly.

So check out her blog, Wretched Refuse.

You might want to start off with this post about repurposed orange peels and eggshells and other organic matter — which is where I found those candles — or this one, about “recycled” soda can tabs.

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My best find from the trash in the last couple of years: A working C64.

Victory! πŸ˜€

I actually have issues the other way. It’s the stuff that’s too old and worn to donate or sell, but not old/worn/broken enough for me to just throw away.

I’ve got this twill love-seat cover which was bought on liquidation then damaged in the dryer. I can’t really use it, since I meant to buy a sofa cover, I couldn’t return it, and I can’t really give it away, but I can’t bring myself to throw it away either.

leftwingfox — can you sew? Maybe make cushions or something out of it? Or cut it rectangular and trim the edges as a throw? (Might want to line it with something like an old sheet if you do that, idk if the back would be scratchy)

I know how to sew, but I’m lousy by hand, and don’t have a machine. I’ve thought of recutting it to act as a cat-scratch defender for my office chair, but they’ve tso thoroughly destroyed t that there’s really not much point in trying to save it. I’ll probably break it down for usable fabric swatches for Halloween costumes, but that’ll probably wind up as just one more project I never get around to. πŸ˜›

Too many ideas, not enough motivation to carry through.

I think the eggshell candles are super cute, but the container is ugly and possibly flammable.

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