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Men’s Rights Redditors outraged again by imaginary injustice, alleged-stripping-at-school-assembly edition

Trapped in an imaginary matriarchy!
Trapped in an imaginary matriarchy!

MRAs spend an awful lot of time getting worked up by hypothetical injustices. On the Men’s Rights subreddit, angry Men’s Rightsers regularly post links to stories of women behaving badly – or who may have been charged with or convicted of a crime – with indignant headlines suggesting that the women in question would be treated far worse if “she had been a man.”

The latest example of this outrage over imagined injustices? This post, found in r/mensrights today, with 87 net upvotes:


If you follow the link, it goes to a brief story about the alleged incident in The Huffington Post. I say “alleged” because the woman in question has not yet been convicted of anything. As the story reports, the police arrested her because

school staff told them the assembly was halted and the cafeteria cleared after Meaders began dancing onstage and took off some of her clothes.

She’s charged with seven counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of public lewdness.

An Albany City Court clerk says Meaders was arraigned Friday afternoon and ordered held on $3,000 bail. She doesn’t have a lawyer yet.

There is no mention of putting her on a sex offenders registry because, and let me be blunt here, YOU HAVE TO BE CONVICTED OF A CRIME TO GET PUT ON ONE. She’s merely been CHARGED.

There is no “pussy pass” for women that enables them to bypass the sex offenders registry ONCE THEY ARE CONVICTED of public lewdness. The relevant NY State law can be found here; as you can see, the gender of the convicted offender is not an issue. (It took all of 30 seconds on Google to dig that up.) Meaders isn’t getting special treatment because she’s a woman; she’s not on the offenders registry because an arrest is not the same as a conviction.

Enjoy your imagined oppression, fellas.

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“Really? Then why do you say things like, “neighborhoods that would prevent those kind of things to happen (a case, when the victim had the incredible courage to go to the police, judged many years after the events and a ridiculous sentencing in order to avoid riots) “, and make a point that in a crowd from, “those neighborhoods”, there are, quelle horreur, “two or three whites”.”

Yes, that’s not true : there’s is a segregation, there’s the place of the “français de souche”, the white French and places where what politics call “the diversity” is, at least a real diversity. Ironically, these places where you found Blacks, Arabs, Portuguese, Spanish, some Indian and Vietnamese are the place where the “integration” worked in the sense that all these populations live together and call and define themselves first as “banlieusards”, people of the banlieue, which is not a color, not a religion, not an origin, but a way to talk, a way to dress, and a shared experience of living in “banlieues” that all look the same.

Jade Garden is a chinese euphemism for vulva. Period of Lao Tsu and Li Po. Jade is smooth, and rich, and has a visual depth.

It’s not as if English isn’t possessed of odd euphemisms. I happen to like the late ’70s, early, ’80s, french slang of, “praline” for the clitoris.

As far as we’ve been able to tell, Kittehs, the people here who keep telling him that we don’t like him and that he should go away are the closest thing that he has to friends.

So, not to change the subject but my cat just tried to put on my jeans. They were hanging over the back of the chair, and Buster stuck her head into the waist and then started to crawl inside. She only made it about halfway in, and then she lost her footing and [kerplunk] back into the chair. And then she turned and looked at me reproachfully. What a goofball.

If only I’d had my camera or phone handy.

The funniest time I got that reproachful look from my cat was when she ran past me, out the door, into a thunderstorm. It took her about 30 seconds to realize she as getting soaked. She ran back inside and glared at me. Because, obviously, I had made it rain and tricked her by failing to stop her.


I live in the PNW. My cats give me the stink eye every day for three months out of every year.
My friend Twerpazoid used to wahoo until I couldn’t stand it any more and opened the door. (they have their own that she knew perfectly well how to use) She would stick her nose out shake her foot and give me the stink eye. It was hilarious. She was five and a quarter pounds of ferocious Siamese and brooked no nonsense from the cats the peeps or the weather.

Some Gal, I had a cat who did the exact same thing but then to maintain her “dignity” she decided to stay out in the rain for a while to prove that it was totally intentional. I sat there with the door open trying to coax her back in, and she just sat there in the rain grooming herself for 10 minutes, and then casually sauntered back in.

That was the dearly departed Cookie.

One of my apartments in London had a big ledge under the window. My old cat would run around on it chasing snowflakes and trying to eat them.

Can I panic about something OT? I’m getting a tattoo on Friday, it will be my first. I’m ridiculously good with pain, I’ve had over 70 piercings, but people either fall into ‘you’ll be fine’ or ‘you’lll be dead’, without actually giving any hint as to what the pain will be like. Any hints?

Nat, the pain is not bad. It’s a sort of burning feeling, but not the sharp burning that makes you jump away when you touch something hot. And that’s the needle they use for linework; the one they use for shading is barely painful at all, it’s more of an itchy feeling.

Mine felt like a sort of buzzy itch that got warm to sort of hot. The first one on my breast only took twenty minutes – simple black line work on soft tissue, easy. The second on my upper arm took about an hour with all the shading and I did have a break in the middle, but more because of the constant itch/burn sensation than because of pain-pain.


That is certainly commitment! My cat can only manage “dignity” for 5-10 seconds at a time. She just started doing this thing where she opens her mouth as wide as it can go and squeaks. That is about as far from dignified as you can get without falling off something!

Nat: Where are you getting it? That will affect what you feel. I’ve found that the outline is the worst of the stinging, the fill is hardly noticeable. That said, I will never do the undersides of my upper arms any more than they are.

She didn’t look so dignified when she came in dripping wet, the silly dear thing. But I wrapped her up like a burrito in a big towel (also not dignified) and she was fine.

I have two tattoos: one on my xiphoid process and the other from hip to breast on my left side. The first took about 10 minutes and I don’t even remember a sensation. The second was as the Kitteh’s Unpaid Help describes. Kind of a warm pain, almost more akin to an itch. The first three hours were fine, but then the artist did an alcohol wipe before fill ins and I cried like a baby. Overall, I think the pain isn’t that bad, but I also don’t think anyone will judge you for asking for a moment to breath or get some water.

I’ve got a couple. For conventional tattooing, it’s not much worse than drawing blood when you poke your finger sewing. It also depends on where the tattoo, and how big it is. If you’re having it put right over bone it’ll hurt more, and if it’s really big you’ll have increasing soreness. Overall I’d say it’s about as bad as skinning your knee – it’ll bleed and hurt but you should be over it fairly quickly. I’m not great at dealing with pain, but I’ve never needed painkillers for the three I have.

Hope that helps!

It’s going to be at the top of my shoulder. I didn’t even think about pain until I booked it, since I was already OK, but then everyone started bothering me about it and now I’m scared cos my tattooist is really cool and I’m just a big dorkbag. On the same note – I can’t talk to hairdressers or anything – any ideas or tips?

If giving blood doesn’t make you all squeamish I doubt the tattoo will! 🙂 Also the top of your arm’s a good place for a first one, it’s reasonably fleshy, not right on top of bone.

If you don’t want to talk to the tattooist, just say you’d rather not. I don’t think they’ll be that surprised. And they may want you to sit quiet and still anyways.

Nat: that are didn’t hurt all that much. Your tattooist has seen every kind of dorkbag there is, you’ll be fine. Most are chill, just let the convo happen or Zen out.

I find some hairdressers great to talk to (my main one) and some I just can’t think of a thing to say – especially when it’s the apprentices who are about 18. My mind goes blank and I end up hearing about how trashed they got at the weekend and how some guy was sleazing on them and wanted them to go home with him and their boyfriend won’t take no for an answer and keeps texting after they’ve broken up andAAAAAARGHHHHHHHH.

Blaaarg, I am so crap at talking to people because I see anything as an avenue to talk to people about politics, but my tattooist didn’t even recognise the raised fist when I went for a consultation. Anyway, I need to go to sleep now, it’s 03.30.

Good luck tattooing! I’ve had two done on my deltoids, and I didn’t find the pain unbearable at all. I was anxious as well (I have a needle-phobia, and tend to faint), but warn your artist beforehand. Trust me, it’s not unusual. Mine was a huge cantankerous bear of a man, but he was perfectly nice to me.

A warning that nobody ever gave me though: you might have some weird emotional reactions after the endorphins wear off. Both times I’ve been tattooed, I had an emotional crash half an hour or so afterward where suddenly I felt like everything was awful. It wore off once my body got over the endorphin crash. Just be nice to yourself.

Owned and exposed by toysoldier:

And I bet not one of you cowards will have the guts to step out of your little hatespace and stand up for your beliefs where they’re challenged.

Instead you’re just going to spew more shame and insult at any kind of criticism just so you can feel better about yourselves regardless of the truth and happily at the expense of victims of sexual assault if they made the stupid mistake of having male genitalia.
I’m not even going to come back to read any responses. Wanna argue? Do it at toysoldier’s blog … if you’re not too scared that you might be wrong.

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