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Off topic: Yes, the pie-throwing angel bassist is wearing roller skates.

Turns out not all men are bad! For example, Roy Wood is a man, and he did this.

If you can’t get enough of this Wizzardry, here’s another performance of the same song. And yes, the bassist is wearing angel wings and roller skates in this one too, though the guitar-playing gorillas are nowhere to be found. Also, no backup singers. I’m beginning to suspect that there might be some lip-syncing going on.

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Not just a little bit of lip-synching. That song suuuuuuucked. I love glam rock, and know it’s served with big side of cheese, but that was limburger, not cheddar.

Well, yeah, they’re really not even pretending that they’re actually playing the song live. But, come on, Roy Wood was a GENIUS.

PS. To be fair to Wizzard, assuming this is the show I think it is, they weren’t usually allowed to perform live back then.

Pretty sure there are few, if any, problems that can’t be solved by Wizzard.

Except incontinence. Those videos will not stop you from pissing yourself.

It’s the not-real that bothers me though, because I start thinking about what the extensions are made of and how flammable they probably are. It looks like people dropped a box of half-melted Pixie Stix on their heads.

Myoo – love those pics! Especially Oh No Fart Cat’s green cloud of death. Cat 1 in our house does farts exactly like that. Usually when she’s lying on my lap. ::cough hack gasp::

Can’t see the video at work but no need – I have my memories of Roy Wood because I’m old enough. Wizard were a kids favourite 73/74 ish, after all they did sing “I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday-ay-ay”.

Ah, Hark! A Vagrant. Kate Beaton is da bomb. I wish I could think of an appropriately awesome history-themed parallel to “da bomb,” but I can’t, so there it is.

I used to have some slime thing when I was a boy, but it was its own thing, not a part of any other toy. I remember it eventually congealed and developed a nasty(er) smell.

I never had any of the He-Man buildings either, but I remember I used to have Modulok and Multi-Bot and I’d have a lot of fun mixing and matching the various parts.

I wish I could think of an appropriately awesome history-themed parallel to “da bomb,” but I can’t, so there it is.

“le petard” probably comes closest, but that has a couple of negative connotations that would probably render it inappropriate.

@Myoo — I think it was probably that slime toy thing you had. Wiki says there was a slime made mostly of guar gum marketed to the Nickelodeon market since before there was a Nickelodeon market — about 1976. Hordak’s Slime Pit was just the latest attempt to make more money off it.

We had Castle Greyskull. Our parents weren’t about to buy us the Slime Pit playset, but they got us a little canister of the goo that was being sold separately in case something happened to the goo that came with the set, like it got all over the carpet or something, and then the parents took leave of their senses and wanted to buy MORE.

My brother got Stinkor. He was a humanoid skunk who was supposed to have an incapacitating smell, but that obviously wouldn’t sell on the shelf, so they implanted the toy with a patchouli capsule. I think if I found that toy today, it would still smell as strongly as it did in the 80s. One of my college friends has a tale about dropping his Stinkor doll, which broke the patchouli capsule, and the only way they could get away from the smell was to bury the doll in the back yard.

Baroncognito, I know! He’s got that french horn in both performances, too. What a tease.

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