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The Man Boobz Street Team Posters the World!

Man Boobz is not only a blog. We’re all about ACTIVISM! I want to thank the Man Boobz “Street Team” for spreading the word via posters in major cities across the globe – New York, London, Paris, Munich, and many more. Here, some photos documenting our global postering offensive.

Here’s one of our posters in Detroit:

And one in La Paz, Bolivia:

And one in Ulan Bator, Mongolia:

Remember the words of Sylvia Plath Genghis Khan Ghandi Gahdhi Gandhi: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then you put up some posters, then you win!”

I’m paraphrasing loosely here.

Keep up the good work, Man Boobz Street Team!!!

(NOTE: The Man Boobz Street Team is imaginary.)


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Wait I am so confused, if he is taking pecy’s comment seriously how are we hipsters? Hipsters like obscure, isn’t that the point of hipsters??? So he is not a hipster but is made fun of hipsters by liking the obscure??? I don’t understand????

This is all ignoring that pecy was not serious. XD

Bu-but he called us hipsters buttt hipsters like obscure buttt why would he call us hipsters if he said we didn’t like the obscure. Does that make us both hipsters??? Does he know what a hipster is???


Jormungandr can apparently turn into a cat too.

No, no, that was a glamour laid on him by Utgard-loki, remember?

“So the Norse used to burn their clippings to delay the end of the world.”

Teeeeeeechnically Raganrök doesn’t start until Loki is imprisoned and subsequently frees himself following the murder of Baldr, so alternatively: burn all the mistletoe.

Fun fact: It is generally believed that when Christians went to Norway, they described the events of Ragnarök as having already happened, hoping that by telling Scandinavians it was a prequel to the bible they would more easily convert. (Ragnarök results in the death of the sun goddess, causing a long-lasting winter on Midgard/earth, which only one man and one woman survive.)

/is Norwegian

MSN is the kind of person I can imagine saying “I can’t abide pretension.”

Hey MSN – fuck off and kill me a mammoth! That’s not just a gender reversal of the sammich joke; I really mean it. Don’t come back until you’ve brought one down.

Sounds about right. Aspies love the obscure, and get accused of being pretentious for such by hiptards. :-p

Holy extreme generalization, Batman. Also, lol @MSN’s apparent belief that there couldn’t possibly be any Aspies among the non-troll commentariat here.

“Now I’m rooting for the ninja.”

Appreciated, though he’d never see it coming and it’d be a bit “idk, his heart just stopped” (my avatar is Haku from early Naruto)

Re: Pallas kittens — omgs nothing should be that cute, D’AWWW (oh wait, Haku also knows all about genjutsu huh? *breaks cute-ness spell* Ah, much better!)

I’m apparently in a silly mood currently…I’ll stop derailing threads with my insanity, sorry!

Felis manul! The trouble with these impressive cats is that kittens are unusually susceptible to fade, and since the same is often true of Persians/ part Persians, I suspect there’s something to the theory that they have some Pallas’s cat in them.

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