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Burro Misandry

Just look at this blatant burro misandry I found on Tumblr!

The Biblio-Donkey. This is an initiative by a teacher named Luis Soriano Borges, who travels through the most distant and hidden villages of Colombia to bring books to children. The male donkey is named Beto and the female is Alfa.

That’s right! Alfa and Beto! Just look at that alpha bitch burra marching along, so smug and carefree, while that poor beta trudges along behind her, forced to stare at that hot burra ass he will never have! And you just know that the slut burra is totally riding the alpha ass cock carousel.

NOTE: In all seriousness, what Borges is doing is awesome.

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Back in the 30s in the Appalachian states there was a program to bring books up into the mountains where people didn’t have easy access to libraries. It was pretty successful. The (woman) librarians would ride their horses along a circuit and exchange books with people, dropping by a central location regularly so they could keep their variety fresh.

I salute this biblioburro initiative.

I don’t know why people are saying that burra is hot. She’s is a 4, at most.


That iniative is awesome, and i love the look on Beta burro’s face. He knows what’s up.

I’m reminded of a rhyme that my Spanish teacher taught me: “A-E-I-O-U, sabe el burro mas qu tu.” (It’s for teaching children their vowels.)

One of my friends actually worked with the Biblioburro guy briefly a few years ago when she was doing volunteer work in the same area! She said he was awesome. She had no comments on the burros themselves, though, so I cannot confirm their slutty/neglected status.

Um, how do you tell which burro is which, she asks plantively!

La burra has got chocolate smeared on her mouth.

@Falconer There was a program like that in the West as well. One of the librarians, Mabel Wilkinson, traveled around Wyoming on horseback and told a story about escaping from a terrible storm by sheltering with a poor family in their tent. They told her to bring her horse into the tent with her, and gave her a box of oats to hold on her lap so that her horse could eat over her shoulder*. I am going to immediately go to my administrators and demand either a burro or a camel, forthwith!

*Source: Passet, J. E.. (1994). Cultural crusaders: Women librarians in the American West, 1900-1917. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, pp. 93-94.

[cloudiah disengages library geek mode, returns to normal geek mode.]

@ithiliana: In all seriousness, male equines have a penis sheath below their abdomens that should be visible from any angle where you can see under their bellies. I don’t know much about burros, but I don’t think they’re so different that the males would lack external genitalia. Honestly, both of these burros seem to be mares to me.

@cloudiah: Well, you got me beat. The packhorse librarians in Appalachia was a WPA project, with the blessing of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, which ran from 1936 to 1943.

Disagree, Falconer, this picture is angled from the top down, so it’s difficult to see. The one in the rear actually looks like it could be the jenny though, since the viewing angle is a little better for that one.

Of course, this is still proof of the gynofacist femocracy, because she just has to carry some stupid light books around while he has to carry a dude. How’s THAT fair?

Oh, and of course I forget that it’s specifically called out that there’s a male and a female burro in the OP.


Hey, why me no can stick pineapple in ear?

Not sure anyone mentioned, but “Alfabeto” means alphabet in Spanish (and Portuguese, not that anyone cares).
It would be sorta weird to have a female donkey named Beto, wouldn’t it?

Just i case anyone is wondering, I have no idea which of the burros in the picture is male and which is female.

@Falconer: Sorry, I should have been more clear.

Offline, when I can look at actual burro, I can tell. BUt I could not tell from the pic!

*Peers at it again*

Obvious things MRAs fail to understand part the 648124th: donkeys do not comprehend the sociological undertones of people languages.

I think the mra would disagree too as taking books around is a bit communist isn’t it? And little girls might be taught too much thus rendering them unsuitable as foreign brides later on. Damn I want to go and volunteer delivering books by horse or donkey somewhere now !

Maybe they can hand out books that are an international marriage version of What To Expect When You’re Expecting. What To Expect When a Foreign Man Comes Wife-Shopping?

This is an awesome idea, and interestingly, naming the female burro alfa subverts the pronoun rule in Spanish, where el always (afaik) prefases any noun starting with a vowel, therefore all nouns starting with vowels are masculine, except for her!

Grinner, if I recall correctly, feminine noun starting with a vowel, like agua (water) use ‘el’ but are still feminine: el agua frĂ­a (the cold water). They just use the masculine pronoun for easier pronunciation. But what would you put a pronoun with a name? You wouldn’t say “the Alfa”.

David, thank you for bringing to light the often overlooked issue of Burro Misandry. Burro Misandry has a long, dark history: its earliest incarnation goes back to the fourteenth century, when the French philosopher Jean Buridan famously starved a (male) ass by placing it between two equidistant, and in all other ways equivalent, piles of sweet, delicious hay. Unable to choose, the poor ass starved to death, the first victim among many of feminism’s war on men and boys. Unsurprisingly, Buridan arranged this scenario in order to prove the antiquated theories of the mangina philosopher Aristotle (a distant ancestor of Valerie Solanas) as expressed in his “de Caelo,” in which the white knighting ALPHA FUCK himself posited that a man placed directly between food and water would be stricken with indecision and thereby starve to death. Though feminazis and manginas have been attempting to destroy men and boys through a similar mechanism ever since, their inferior ladybrains/mangina softheads

…never did grasp the fact that the male brain is perfectly capable of understanding that he will die of dehydration long before he starves, and so naturally take the water first.

Also, I must protest the “post comment” button, David. It made me post before I was done, thus embarrassing me, a man. It is therefore a misandrist button and should be either removed or placed on as a bigot.

Loving Frida Ghitis right now. She seems to be throwing down with the mra’s on twitter, and they are getting all excited a real journalist appears to know they exist.

The comments in that post are appalling, and the level of upvoting seems to be higher.

I wonder if that’s because they don’t really expect it to get highlighted anywhere.

Obvious things MRAs fail to understand part the 648124th: donkeys do not comprehend the sociological undertones of people languages.

Obvious things MRAs fail to understand part 648125: Everyone else laughs at their attempts to apply animal behavior terminology to human interaction. Even if the names were meant in a hierarchical sense, the idea that he was commenting on human society is paranoid gibberish.

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