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Rape jokes: Not a good way to advertise vodka. Also, a non-apology is not a good way to apologize for using a rape joke to advertise vodka.

No thanks, Belvedere vodka. I think I’ll be going with pretty much ANY OTHER BRAND than you the next time I purchase vodka.

After a flurry of complaints online, Belvedere offered this “apology.”

Yeah, pretty sure “sorry if you were offended” does not count as a real apology. Neither does this: Belvedere Vodka, I’m sorry you’re so fucking clueless.



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@ithiliana and @shadow, Costner is a shocker as Robin Hood but i just ignore him and watch Rickman…Carve out his heart with a spoon? whimper.

as for TMD, yeah Juliet Stevenson is a bit of a wet blanket i agree…but i do bawl my eyes out every time, and i find it touching the way grief is handled.

we lent our copy of Galaxy Quest to someone and never get it back, the same happened (TWICE!!!) with our collection of Eddie Izzard DVDs…

While I appreciated the performance, the part was so bad, that even Rickman couldn’t really save it for me.

That film was just so bad, the only character that really worked for me was Tuck. The communist subplot, the stupidity of the crusade opening, the facility of the escape, the utter incomprehensibility of the witch (as a plot device), ugh.

Ads… I hate medical ads, and have since they started. If I were in the FDA/FCC I’d ban them. It’s funny, when Pharma starts to say they need the money they charge becase, “Research”‘ one discovers they spend more on direct avdertising then research. Ad in marketing to physicians… (I have friends who have been supplied with all, or at least most, of the medicines they can’t afford from physicians samples), and that seems to be a bit of a stretch, if not an outright lie.


i bow to your analysis, i think i last saw the movie at least 15years ago and all i remember really was how sexy Alan Rickman was, and how cute Christian Slater was.

I saw it on opening night, in garb (renaissance) with about thirty friends (all in garb). The best part of the evening was making a fundie who was haranguing the line with threats of hellfire, lose it by quoting scripture at him (I don’t know what he expected from someone able to cite chapter and verse about texts he ought to be reading. He certainly needed those more than I needed to re-read John 3:10).

After that, the movie was a great let-down, though the bit where we all saw the beer punch line coming and laughed earlier than the rest of the theater was a decent moment.

Then we all went and had drinks, lots of drinks.

Hi Big Momma! Things are great. Cecil is thriving, starting to sleep 5-6 hour stretches at night, and actually smiling. And the mangina training is proceeding according to plan, of course 😉

*adds giant blinking SARCASM tag to that last sentence for the benefit of our more literal-minded MRAs*

I didn’t quite get the “joke” until I looked at the slogan and the facial expressions. Honestly, I thought he was giving her the Heimlich maneuver. So, not only was the joke in poor taste, but it wasn’t even set up well. (I must now defend myself by blaming the post op drugs for my obliviousness. Really, it’s the meds.)

you’re not the only one, actually, I thought that too at first, but then it hit me.

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