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Off-topic: Steely Dan Cover Band Saturday

It’s Saturday, so I guess that would make it time for Steely Dan Cover Band Saturday, something I just made up. Here are a couple of Steely Dan cover bands doing their Steely Danniest versions of two Steely Dan classics. It’s Steely Dannerific! With an added bonus of what may literally be the worst band in the world playing Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine.”

Don’t feel obligated to watch them. It might be better for everyone if you didn’t. If you’re only going to watch one, watch the last one.

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Oh, come on. We’ve all been drunk at some block party and cheered these idiots on.

I wish I’d had the foresight to take a video camera when I saw the worst band of all time (much worse than this one). The singer was dressed up like Evel Kneivel, and I think they were attempting to do a Gary Glitter cover. I say I think, because they all appeared to be playing a different song, so it was kind of hard to tell, but based on what can only loosely be described as a chorus I gather that they were aiming vaguely in the direction of this song.

It was pitiful.

By the way, in terms of Evel Kneivel dude, the answer to that question was definitely “no”.

In the case of the band that did the bad covers of Clapton and Pink Floyd, I think the way they handled it was great, and it does take a lot of courage to be onstage — I speak from personal experience — and if anyone who frequents this site besides me is a musician surely knows that we’ve all started here, and if they keep it up and rehearse, they will get better.

Guys! Guys, I got drunk on 4 drinks because I am a lightweight and then I made my bf listen to Wish You Were Here on the way back to his place (don’t worry he is much soberer than me) so I would like to invite you all to shine on, you crazy diamonds, and also sorry for the ableism, it was a different time.

Omigosh I <3 you guys for real

i’m not a Pink Floyd fan…but Wish You Were Here is another category completely. Many memories. Must Listen To It Now.

I can’t help but notice that the worst band in the world is comprised solely of men. Misandry!!!!!!!1!!!

Several years ago, when I was living elsewhere and this band was still together, I enjoyed many a summer evening listening to a bluegrass duo play Steely Dan covers. Absolutely brilliant! Also misandry. of course, because they were sitting on hard chairs.

Wow. Being German and all, I didn’t even know that there was a business in running huge bands of accomplished musicians to cover Steely Dan. Both those cover bands are fucking impressive.

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