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Off-topic (mostly): Jealousy, in drag

So on this lazy Sunday I have decided to forgo the pleasures of mocking the manosphere in favor of this little musical interlude. Here’s an interesting performance by Malian musicians Daouda ‘Flani’ Sangaré and Alou Fané of their signature song, “Keleya.” I found it on the excellent African/Latin music blog WorldService. The blogger explains:

The song is about the jealousy (“keleya”) between co-épouses (co-wifes) in a polygamous marriage. When performing the song Flani would dress up as a woman, and would at times improvise to add to the comical effect of the song.

So is Flani’s cross-dressing a challenge to gender roles, or a comical reaffirmation of patriarchal power? I really don’t know. Gender is complicated. But this is a killer song. Today, the Boobz can wait.

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In some African religions, cross-dressing has sacred connotations too (devotees of certain gods cross-dress as a symbol of their commitment, and a way of carrying the gods’ power with them). Which doesn’t necessarily tie to this song at all (as the cross-dressing here is for comic effect) but sure as hell amplifies the “gender is complicated” point.

Just got back from the cardiologist – good news. Whatever is causing the SVT / palpitations / faintness / chest pain it isn’t a bad heart, so not about to drop dead of a heart attack! Yay!

“bad taco” is definitely a possibility for at least one of them. LOL 🙂

Thanks for the support. I’ll see my GP again next, to find out what IS going on.

But yeah, big relief XD

So, I bought these prosthetic plastic fangs for Halloween (predictable, I know), but the putty they came with doesn’t hold them onto my teeth properly. I was thinking of trying denture adhesive, but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. Anyone have any thoughts?

Magpie: Glad your heart is okay – chest pain can be scary. The first few times I had acid reflux, I was convinced my family heart problems had come a couple of decades early.

Dracula: did you hear about the couple who didn’t know the difference between window putty and KY Jelly?

A first for me – doorbell rang, and there’s half a dozen little kids (and 2 mums) in costumes saying “trick or treat!”

Never happened before, sadly had nothing to give them 🙁

Magpie, glad you’re not dead!

Where I live kids seem to have mostly given up going to residences; they just seem to go to the local businesses. And they definitely don’t go to apartment buildings at all. Which is handy, because otherwise I’d have to turn off the lights and hide. I have no candy.

We’ve got plenty left over from our kids’ Halloween party yesterday, so provided I don’t eat it all before tonight we should be fine.

I’m in Australia, trick-or-treating is not our thing 🙂 they were so cute, though! (Thinks: this could be a good excuse to have lots of lollies in the house next year)

Ithiliana – that’s awesome. But now I have a question: in movies, books, TV shows and whatnot, I always see Prom royalty elected as a couple. In my school, the Prom Court was elected as individuals. The King and Queen (and indeed, the whole rest of the court) were not dating, but after one dance and maybe a few pictures, they went back to their dates and that was it for everything bar the bragging rights. Was my school unique in that?

I’ve watched the video a few times, and what gets me about it is how opaque it is to me. I just don’t understand what these people are saying. Obviously, it’s in a language I don’t know, but it’s more than that. I have no context for why he’s dressed in women’s clothing, beyond a basic knowledge that it is women’s clothing. Is he mocking women? Is he a good old boy? Is he showing a daring support of women by dressing in way that men (certainly his bandmates) usually don’t? I can’t really make heads or tails of it. Which is fine.

But what it does make me think is that anyone who claims to know what other generations of humans thought about gender relations, and how that should somehow govern or determine our current relations is making it all up out of whole cloth. We don’t have so much as a video of our ancestors, and yet evo-psych idiots will claim reams of knowledge of their motives and thoughts, and how that means X for us now in our culture.


Popping in to say happy halloween everyone! so who’s dressing up as an MRA this year?

And Dracula, yea try fixodent…I heard that works well for fangs.

Do vampires count as MRAs? Or PUAs maybe?

Well, the putty didn’t really work out, so I may give the adhesive another shot. What I really need is to invest in some better fangs next time. I’ve heard good things about the ones that use thermoplastic.

@Seraph: I honestly don’t know what is most common–I never did any proms back in the day in my high school, or college. Around here, I see individual names being promoted for King or Queen, not a joint ticket, so to speak, but how common that is, I have no idea.

I think the individually elected king and queen is pretty well standard, but I don’t know for sure.

Do vampires count as MRAs? Or PUAs maybe?

I think vampires have enough natural charisma that they don’t need “game.” But I suppose the disregard for human life and the blood-sucking parasitism are similar? 😀

I think vampires have enough natural charisma that they don’t need “game.” But I suppose the disregard for human life and the blood-sucking parasitism are similar? 😀

Yes, but Vampires are cool. Very different from PUA XD

Gonna chime in and add that my prom king/queen were elected individually.

I think vampires have enough natural charisma that they don’t need “game.”

I think that depends on the source. MrB has described some of the Vampire: the Masquerade games he’s played in, and every single player seems to have used CHA as a dump stat. But in most paranormal romance books out there, vampire = seriously hot thousand year old dude who totes wants to make out with some random awkward girl because she is his Fated! Mate! (Srsly, wtf is up with this Fated Love thing that so many para books have? is it just a random plot device to force two totally unmatched characters into sexual situations until they realize that they really have Twoo Luv, despite pretty much hating each other for most of the book?)

I think vampires have enough natural charisma that they don’t need “game.”

Only if you put a lot of points in Presence or Dominate.

There are two broad vampire traditions: the (predominant) sexy vampire one, in which vampires are dangerous but appealing and bloodsucking is a pretty clear analogue of sex; and the vampire-as-scary-monster tradition (as in Nosferatu or 30 Days of Night). Sometimes, as in Buffy, you get the two together.

Watched the old Hammer horror flick The Horror of Dracula last night. There’s a scene where one of Dracula’s female victims carefully opens her window and removes her cross before getting into bed to eagerly await sexy Dracula’s arrival.

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