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Off Topic: More proof that kitties are up to something

I mean, come on. That’s pretty spooky. Someone (can’t remember who, alas) posted this in the comments recently, and I felt I needed to share it.

Also, here’s a dog that meows like a cat.

Ok, that one’s fake. But the one with the cat? Seriously, what the fuck are these creatures up to?

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Rutee Katreya
11 years ago

Nothing that comes out of your mouth will change my opinion.

I’m aware that you’re immune to evidence, thought, and logic.

I grew up being bullied by thugs, you did not (if you were bullied, it was by people who only needed to be threatened to back down)

No part of this is correct. You have no idea what my history is. Stop digging.

I didn’t bring any political gender conflict into this situation (barring my [unsupported] assertion that people wouldn’t be so eager to defend the aggressors if they were men).

That means you brought gender conflict into it, you dimwit.

Your inability (or unwillingness) to even imagine what a person could possibly be feeling when they’ve been confronted by violent thugs with similar builds to their own speaks volumes. I’m sure that your life circumstances will prevent such an incident from ever happening to you, so enjoy your privilege in that regard

Yo’ure right, I don’t think of this, because in my fearful thoughts, the ones that have an unfortunately good chance of becoming reality where I live and given what I am, my assailants have *intimidating builds*, not my slender one. You really, really, really have no idea what you’re talking about. Does it not occur to you that I know the law despite my fear? That I agree with that law despite my fear?

don’t really appreciate it when suburbanites click their tongues, wag their fingers and look down their noses at us.

I’m not looking down on you for having to use force. I’m looking down on Rayon for beating someone after they were down. You can keep skating around this, but in no way, shape, or form is this permissible. He beat people who were fleeing. On this, I may be in error either factually or philosophically, but I don’t consider hitting someone who was running away to be acceptable self defense.

P.S. I’m serious. If the idea of having to strike an aggressor more than once

I know you’re solipsistic and all, but you do realize that I only said the other hits weren’t reasonable self defense because that was all that was needed to make the assailants run. Not because an unarmed assailant automatically will run on the first strike, but because *these* unarmed assailants were. Well, the one that was still standing, the other one went down.

o you think that those two women would have overlooked *you* if you crossed their path when they were drunk and mad?

No, but I know I wouldn’t beat them after they went down, assuming I hadn’t run like fuck instead.

8 years ago

Ii realize that this is a reaaaally old thread—but the cat was “barking” in the first video because she was in heat. She was calling for a male. Not all female cats sound like that, but some can. Nothing really out of the ordinary.

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