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Riding the Alpha Female Hen Carousel

I think most of those are hens, anyway. I'm not an expert at sexing chickens.

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Even still, this is clearly not an alpha carousel! The chickens are the one riding him, and he’s clearly a beta mancloaca* for letting them walk all over him. I’m sure they’d be spitting if only they had lips!

*And just like that, my search history now includes the phrase “female chicken genitals”

Actually, now that I think about it, mancloaca doesn’t work as a ‘hurr durr yer a girl’ insult since ‘cloaca’ is a neutral term for all chicken’s naughty-bits. /joke fail

Ehhh at least one is a rooster.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

(Well, aside from the whole sex with chickens part.)

Seconding filetofswordfish: the three in front definitely hens (the one between his legs hard to tell because comb cannot be seen clearly but probably a hen); the one in the back with the larger comb (red growth on top of head) and larger wattles is the rooster. Who also seems to have a larger…..beak.

*former farmgirl too*

There’s at least one gallic cock in that photo (says the guy who used to tend a flock of forty-odd hens/five cocks).

I can’t say as I want to ever “sex a chicken”, but hey, YKIOK.

The MRM expression is:

“Riding the Alpha dick carousel.”

Consequently, the female equivalet expression would be:

“Riding the Alpha pussy carousel.”

They should have been cats, David. I am disappointed in you πŸ™‚

Hey, I never said they were ALL hens!

Anthony, generally it’s referred to as a “cock carousel” — that’s why the woman in the banner at the top of roughly half the pages here is riding a rooster.

Also, I am well aware of the joke potential of the word “pussy.”

Provided the fellow lying on the ground has not been too closely associated with Loreena Bobbit – I think it’s safe to say there are two cocks in that picture, albeit one is buried under a hen and some articles of clothing.

The boss rooster has a bigger comb than the other roosters, and the boss hen has a bigger comb than the other hens. If the boss hen or rooster dies, whichever chook takes over grows a bigger comb.

She’s at the top of the pecking order! she even bosses the rooster a bit – like Chanticleer’s Pardelote πŸ˜‰

AND there are at least a dozen different shapes of combs depending on breed and variety. Most are familiar with the classic single comb, but there is also; pea, rose, cushion, walnut,V, buttercup.A hen’s single comb is bigger than a cock’s pea comb.

Um, the proper terminology is “Alpha Asshole Cock Carousel”.

I should know.

Funny, I just visited someone with chickens today. Was thinking about getting some at one time, but zoning laws for our subdivision wouldn’t allow it.
Anyway, I got to see the new chicks they just got this week. So adorable!

Yes, yes I do! I currently have a flock of araucanas, but I’m thinking of switching to sussex or wyandottes next year. I’m a registered cock expert, if there is one.

I’ve only got a vew backyard chooks, but I love going to chook shows and seeing the sheer variety of fowls. I’d love to have one of those game* cocks with huge long legs, that look like a dinosaur.

*PUA cock? πŸ™‚

Malays and shamos are particularly unpleasant looking, orloffs too. I’vve got a little banty redcap that is the most hilarious bird, has a sea anenome on his head.
On the topic of boss hens, they come in 2 types; mellow and bully. I had one that would peck every other bird until she screamed everyday just to make the point. Most others will only peck when someone oversteps their place. I likened that to the different styles of kyriarchies in other countries.

Yeah, the chicks all spit on the poor little bantams πŸ™‚

Half the eggs hatch into males. MRAs want to be cock of the walk, but they forget what happens to all the other males …

True fun fact; my daughter went to school with this kid! Lurking on man boobz is awesome!

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