Meetups and Book Clubs all tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite things.

Note: Actual Man Boobz meetups may vary.

Last night, many hundreds of comments into what would become Man Boobz’ first 900-plus comment thread, an idea arose: a Man Boobz meetup! Specifically, a Boston-area MB meetup, since a lot of MB commenters seem to live around there. Holly – the awesome lady behind the excellent blog The Pervocracy – stepped up to organize the thing.

And thus was born the first of what quite possibly could be many Man Boobz/Pervocracy meetups, tentatively scheduled for 6pm on Friday, June 17th at the Prudential Center Food Court in Boston. If you’re in the area and want to attend, post a comment below and/or get in touch with Holly directly. (Email her at [email protected].) I’ll post about it again before it happens, so if there are any changes in the details you all will know about it.

Also: for those Man Boobzers who live in and around Chicago, I’ll be organizing a meetup here too, probably within the next couple of weeks. If you’re in the area and want to attend, post below! I’ll do my best to accommodate everyone’s schedules, find places for people to crash, and so on.

There’s also talk about a Toronto meetup.

If anyone else reading this blog wants to get a meetup going in your area, post below! There are Man Boobzers all over the map. Let’s make this happen.

Meanwhile, some other Man Boobzers have set up a book club on Library Thing. Which is also amazing.

I am really happy to see this sort of thing happening, and honored, really, that so many of you all have found a little online home on this blog. And I want to do whatever I can to facilitate this. I’m still considering the possibility of a Man Boobz forum, though I’m not quite sure that the peculiar dynamics that propel so many of the discussions here into sprawling hundreds-of-posts-long threads would work as well on a forum. People here seem fairly evenly divided on the idea. So I’m holding off on that, at least for now, but if there’s enough demand for it I can set up a forum pretty much instantly. Post your thoughts below!

Also: I know a lot of you are broke (as am I), but if you have a few bucks to spare I’d like to once again plug the Man Boobz store., which has awesome “We Hunted the Mammoth” and other t-shirts and assorted products, designed by the awesome JohnnyKaje, who also designed the main Man Boobz banners. (Shaenon also contributed a lovely drawing of an evil cupcake.)

And finally: If you want to help Man Boobz take over the internets, promote the fuck out of the posts here with the little “share” buttons. Links bring traffic, and traffic brings more regular readers and commenters into the Man Boobz fold. Heh heh.

And finally finally, keep sending along suggestions for posts. Quite a few of my recent posts have been inspired by links people sent me. (If you send along a suggestion, and you’d like me to credit you in the posts, let me know; I’ve been assuming people would prefer anonymity.)

Thanks again, everyone!

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12 years ago

Ack, I am way late, but Julia: I live on the Eastside, and the studio is BlissFlow, with locations in both Fitchburg and over on University near Whole Foods. I commute, personally, but the bus stops near both! I hope you see this! I love it here. I’m at work RIGHT NOW.

12 years ago

Also! The Buffalo Wild Wings in town are hiring to re-staff the new one they’re putting in the Lucky Buidling! I’ve been jog hunting here the last, oh, well, since March, so.

12 years ago

Testing Gravitar…hope it works!

Johnny Pez
12 years ago

Works like a charm, AD. However, by long-hallowed Manboobz tradition, you have to post three times in a row to make sure it sticks.

12 years ago

Holly, I’m a lurker who’d love to come to the Boston meetup. May I?

Captain Bathrobe
12 years ago


If we could get Pecunium or any other Bay Area folks to come along, I’d be interested in a meet up in SF, possibly at the Academy of Sciences or the Exploratorium. I’d probably have kids in tow, though.

I’m shy to the point of Social Phobia, so I don’t think I could handle a one-on-one meet-up, which probably wouldn’t be prudent for a first-time meeting in any event. 🙂

12 years ago

Errrr, Atlanta/Birmingham/points south representin’. Such as it is

12 years ago

I am in the Bay. I will be in the Bay until the end of July. After that I will be in Jersey City/New York City. I will be, on occaision, back in The Bay, LA, San Luis Obispo, Boston. I may be, on occasion, in Chicago.

It’ is possible I will be travelling elsewhere, depending on the odd speaking gig. I am in Pasadena tomorrow night, but it’s my birthday, so I suspect my time is spoken for.

12 years ago

Happy Birthday, Pecunium!

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