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Dance, dance, dance!

Man Boobz’ first FRIDAY NIGHT OPEN THREAD DANCE PARTY is now open for business. Most threads here are pretty open, but this one will be even more so. Talk about whatever you want, link to interesting shit, link to your own blogs, go wild!

Or you can talk about this:  Earlier today I was listening to the song Dusseldorf, by La Dusseldorf, one of my favorite Krautrock bands, and I started thinking about bands that write songs referencing their band name in the lyrics and/or the titles of the songs. (In the song “Dusseldorf,” the word “Dusseldorf” is repeated probably a hundred times.) Off the top of my head, I can think of a couple of other bands that have done this:

The Monkees, “Hey hey we’re the Monkees”

Public Image Limited, “Public Image.”

The Fall, “Neighborhood of Infinity,” “Crap Rap 2,” I’m sure others will come to me.

Who else has done this? (I think we should leave out rap, because rappers often mention themselves.)


New challenge: try to find a song that syncs up with the dancing guys above!

I vote for “Tuff Titty Rap” by Ciccone Youth, followed by “Into The Groovey”

I am almost positive the two are going to be wildly out of sync, but it will seem appropriate.

I agree that the traditional concept of ‘women’s work’ should be valued more. I absolutely love cooking and sewing, but I do them because it satisfies me to make something beautiful and enjoyable with my hands (and the investment and necessary space to get into sewing is much less than with carpentry!). I’m starting to branch out a bit into leatherworking, as well. Being a woman has very little to do with it, it’s about being creative and crafty.

I’m also into cooking because I like being in control of what I eat, and want to eat fresh, wholesome food instead of overprocessed prepackaged food loaded up with high fructose corn syrup and various chemicals.

Kirby, nah 13 and I are trying to create a new type of hamburger that is more then just meat patties.


America hater or no, David, that link is fully of nutty goodness.

The first two paragraphs instantly juxtapose sexual assault, rape, and domestic violence with no distinction.

Not to mention the title talking about 1 in 10 somehow NOT being a minority, then later changing the claim to “small minority” so it would seem more reasonable.

No mention of whether the remaining 9 in 10 instances of domestic violence are OK or not, but I suppose we know the answer to that, don’t we? either that, or if 1 in 10 instances are false, than all the other instances must be false also, right?

I read the survey and it was a telephone survey, not a checking of court records or anything like that.

I thought about commenting but after reading about the Yuma shooting I just do not see the point. The blogger is going to assume that most, if not all women, are in the wrong and that this guy was at most a lone wolf. If this guy could sit in on when one of the judges here who put together a program where victims can request orders of protection at the hospital they are still recovering from the last beating in has to do one of these orders…maybe he would understand that 10% or even 11% is nothing compared to the misery that victims go through.

@Dave Futrelle – I went and looked at the survey methodology. How did they get their statistics? They randomly called people and asked “do you know anyone who was falsely accused of abuse?” Um. Yeah. Real reliable. Because it’s not like we live in a culture that downplays abuse. Because it’s not like people are unwilling to believe that someone they personally like – whether it’s their own child or a friendly face down the street – could be an abuser. It’s the classic line, as rumors are flying around: “But (person) is so nice! I don’t believe (he/she/etc) is capable of that!”

The second this guy was the blogger, not he shooter as he is dead now and cannot watch anything unless you believe in hell.

Also, I love America so much that the national anthem is one of my favorite songs. That said, hamburger needs something.


…dang. I was looking for Ted Leo’s “Loyal To My Sorrowful Country”, but no luck.

So instead, here is “Tell Balgeary, Balgury is Dead”, a song that is such an earworm that IT SHOWED UP IN MY DREAMS.

1 in 10 Falsely Accused of Violence-Still Think it’s A Minority?

That’s so awesome. It’s like a little gift. Oh, for me? How kind! It makes me sad, though. We have this lovely language full of all kinds of words that have actual meanings! And here is a person who has no use for any of that. SAD TROMBONE. Oh, I know. I’ll just type random words and hope it works out.

I’m pretty sure the two guys up there are dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).” Like, 97 percent sure.

You mean this song?

(no, it doesn’t match up at all, but damn do I love that cover)

On issues of culture: About 20 years ago I had a book by an anthropologist at Oberlin. She was from France, and comparing the culture she grew up in, with the one she was living in.

One of the chapters was about being a mother, and that in France there was a large chunk of feminist thought that held rearing a child was a feminist act. It had to do with cultural expectations, and aspects of how the rearing was done, and without the book I can’t clearly explain it.

It was a great book (the chapter on being a late adolescent, and the quality of, sedusiant(e) alone was worth it).

Re: Pecunium’s link about using “slut” as an insult: I apologize to the group for referring to “my inner slut”–I was trying to convey sarcastically what the man in this interaction seemed to think of me and did not intend to condone slut-shaming itself.

@LaPlace, I was referring to Lawson’s linked article, not Yearwood’s (I agreed with most of what was in Yearwoods, but I am not certain she is interpretting Lawson’s statements as I would). Really, I don’t think Lawson said anything that was extremely disturbing or something of that order, but her wording and titling is problematic, for example:

“Sometimes that’s the best we can manage, but at other times we don’t want to feel like a post-modern, post-feminist, overstretched woman but, rather, a domestic goddess, trailing nutmeggy fumes of baking pie in our languorous wake.”

Lawson herself is conflating feminism with anti-feminitity there, using an asinine term like “post-feminist”, and suggesting women who enjoy these sorts of tasks are somehow more womanly than those who do not. Yearwood, on the other hand, is trying to call out just that stereotype that Lawson is reinforcing, for example, saying this:

“We’ve bought into stereotypes that are no longer useful – that women who thrive in positions of power can’t also enjoy “girly” hobbies like baking, for example.”

That doesn’t mesh up well with Lawson’s statements that are actually being discussed. I think Yearwood is giving Lawson too much credit (or, maybe, she is familiar with Lawson in a way that I am not, and so understands a good underlying understanding of Lawson’s of these ideas that is not coming through well in Lawson’s brief article). Lawson’s words and Yearwood’s statements about Lawson’s words just do not seem to match up to me.

Yes, I see more sexist and anti-feminist shit than this on a daily basis, but Lawson is still making some problematic gendered statements.

I was right! I checked, and they ARE dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).” I win.

So, a few weeks ago, there was a thread about Manboobz dreams. I am apparently extremely open to suggestion, and have since had two, which I shall share below.

Dream the first: In real life, I am an advocate for rape victims. In my dream, I took on another role: Advocate for MRAs. They (some … dream person) explained to me that I would be on call in case any MRA had an unpleasant experience — e.g., some bitch spat on him, etc. — so I could moderate for him, talk him through it, help him get through the situation.

Dream the second: David was dating and then broke up with my best friend (in the dream), Zoe Deschanel. As she was totally heartbroken (and he treated her rather crummily), I took her side and had to stop reading Manboobz. Sigh. David: Please promise me that you’ll treat Zoe Deschanel nicely in real life, so I never have to do that, okay?

“instead of overprocessed prepackaged food loaded up with high fructose corn syrup and various chemicals.”


I’m a Californian 🙂

Only in my dreams …

If I were best friends with her, I suppose I would have figured out how to spell her name correctly. Embarrassed pouty face.

I’m late to the party so someone may have mentioned already but KMFDM has a song on every album that references the band.

Yep…it is as if he has no clue why anyone would possibly have a problem with be catcalled on the street.

Almost tempted to tell the guy to dress as a woman to see what we have to deal with.

I told him he was a rape-culture apologist, and committing exactly the logical failure he accuses women of.

But the comments tell me that was as wasted an effort as dealing with NWO, or EWME.

Hey, one never knows-he might respond and say “nut’un!” And hilarity ensues.

Haha, I wonder if he picked his own photograph. The headline is “These are the Most Antisocial Sluts on Earth,” and just below that is a picture of a woman carrying a sign reading, “This is not an invitation to rape me!”

So… I guess anti-social actually means not wanting to get raped, in the MRA mind.

Who knew?

To be fair he’s not an MRA, rather he’s a, “tell it like it is” idjit, who thinks that by being some sort of conservative/reactionary who is against, “priggishness he’s an iconoclast.

What he is, is a bog-standard sort of “whah… my privilege is eroding” twit.

I’ll be brief since I’m typing on a phone. This site is making me smile which is rare since the Joplin tornado. Once I rebuild my home I will enjoy adding more instead of lurking.

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