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Off Topic: Saturday Night’s All Right For …

Enjoy your Saturday night. I know I will.

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So you’re actually admitting you’re a Mangina now? :O

This is a day that will be celebrated by conspiracy trolls for centuries to come! xD

And TY.. you too! :3 (i suppose it’s not a holiday weekend where you are? 😮 or you’d need more cucumbers! xD )

Oh my. And I’ve just sliced a cucumber up with tomatoes and olives. There is a “No Return” policy on produce, I hope.

I can hear it now… “Feminism has caused wimmins to abuse cucumbers! This has got to stop!” or “Woman claims false allegation of rape against a cucumber. Please sign a petition!”

(i hope that didn’t offend you 🙁 this is your space after all 😐 and it occurred to me afterwards that maybe my joke hit a raw spot)

As a fluffy present for dead evil feminist overlady royal person long weekend, this is what Saturday Night means to us Soviet Canuckistanians 😀

It’s not actually my receipt. But I sort of wish I knew the shopper in question.

Aw, David. She’s probably one of those Ameriskanks who’s being unfaithful to her spouse using produce. Talk about hypergamy!

In the early eighteenth century, when there were all sorts of odd ideas about harems floating around, Alexander Pope joked with Lady Mary Wortley Montagu about her trip to Constantinople that she’d better be careful of the cultural influence. One instance he gave of the strangeness of life in the East was that apparently women could only be served sliced cucumbers* in the harem because otherwise it might…give them ideas…about something. Probably thongs weren’t involved, though. He was also worried about her losing her soul and her husband getting circumcised.
*No cucumbers were harmed in the making of this post.

Not worried about you, Ami, but some of the MRA/MGTOWers around here are very literal-minded.

I can’t remember where I found it. It’s been floating around online for a bit.

I agree, Johnny Pez. Taxes are only used to support feminists. So it is Theft. And make it illegal for women to buy phallic shaped produce!

$4.84 for motor oil? That’s a steal!

/car guy
//only thing I buy at Walmart

Also off topic:

Just seen Beyonce’s new video:

Can only imagine the joy it’s going to provoke in the manosphere… 😀

The shopper should have used a coupon for the lubricants. He or she could have saved $2. At least the cucumbers were a rollback price that day, saving 6 cents. You have to be wise about your money if you’re kinky during a recession.

It all sounds pretty fun except the thongs. Those things are stupid beyond words.

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