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Off-topic Saturday: Meet the Searchers (again)

Not THESE searchers.

I don’t know if anyone else is as interested in this as I am, but I am perpetually fascinated by the weird search terms that have led people to this site. Currently trending: cats and sperm — sometimes at the same time — as you can see from these recent search terms:

men dressed as sexy cats pics

 i want to hug your sperm

cat women with spermy faces

But not everyone coming here is interested in cats, people who dress as cats, or sperm (with or without cats involved). Here are some other topics that tickle their fancies:

snow white doing blow

rapist unicorns

do women like it if guys get boners

And perhaps my favorite:

ascii boner

Note to readers: I am not interested in seeing your boner, in ascii or in any other format.

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Laughing gull
Laughing gull
11 years ago

Could we send a box or two to The Spearhead? Probably not really necessary, though, now that I think about it.

zombie rotten mcdonald
11 years ago

do women like it if guys get boners:

further complicating the question.

Cat of Many Faces
Cat of Many Faces
11 years ago

Magical Unicorn Mayonnaise!

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