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>Blah blah Scott Adams blah blah blah


Scott Adams’ giant brain (Artist’s rendering)
In case anyone is still interested, certified genius Scott Adams has written a little apologia (not an apology) for his recently exposed sockpuppet self-puffery. Actually, it’s not so little. It’s about a bazillion words long, and I couldn’t bring myself to read the whole thing. But I rather liked Mary Elizabeth Williams’ take on Adams’ self-inflicted PR woes in Salon. Adams is turning into a nerdy cartoonist version of Charlie Sheen.
You know who’s a much better cartoonist? Kate Beaton of Hark, A Vagrant. This one of hers is my fave. Or maybe this one. This one’s good too. Also, this. Oh, I can’t decide.
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11 years ago

>I will never give up my love of Pearls Before Swine!

11 years ago

>Same here, Elizabeth.I'll also add Frazz, Zits and Get Fuzzy as personal favorites of mine.

11 years ago

>Wait, so Scott Adams has naked men on the brain?Because that would mean he and I have something in common.

11 years ago

>Wait, looking closer, that might be a naked woman. I can't tell. Luckily I'm into naked people in general, but Scott Adams reeks of privilege-denying hetero, so I hope there's an opening for a gay joke here.

Sunny Burn
11 years ago

>I'm not going to bother reading Scott Adams, mostly because you've reminded me that there is always time to read through the Hark! A Vagrant archives. Oh, Kate Beaton, you are a history comic goddess.

11 years ago

>Nothing on this earth will ever top Tesla the Celibate Scientist, with the possible exception of another Kate Beaton comic.

David Futrelle
11 years ago

>I'm pretty sure that's a naked dude on the album cover. A naked dude with a mullet, doing some sort of ballet pose. I assume naked dude is supposed to represent the right hemisphere of the brain while business dude with the bowler hat represents the left.I'm not sure where the philosopher or the plowman fit in all this. I think you'll need to ask Neil Peart that.

11 years ago

>That's a dude, all right. Look at the waistline.

Captain Bathrobe
11 years ago

>Man, I thought Neil Peart's lyrics were just so deep and profound when I was in high school…He's still a good drummer, though.

11 years ago

>"Don't hate the tool."Oh that is just too much.

11 years ago

>Scott Adam's should not be kicked anymore inho.

11 years ago

>David, it's the "creative" hemisphere of the brain compered to the "logical" hemisphere of the brain.

11 years ago

>Oh, I LOVE Hark, A Vagrant! So happy to see her getting some love!

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