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>A Mammoth Undertaking


Fast forward to about 13 minutes in, and start watching. All seems lost for the intrepid neanderthal hunting party, but wait! Could it be? Is it? It is!!!

Aw, yeah!

T-shirts are available to commemorate this (pre)historic victory.

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>Nagging Cavewomen: Honestly, don't you ever listen? I needed salmon for the recipe, not mammoth. You could've just caught some in the stream out back. And how about explaining where you've been the past month?

>*narrator voice*"Millions of years ago, men had not yet discovered clothing, and were forced to position themselves strategically to cover their naughty bits."-katz

Okay, so the men hunted the mammoth. But who made them those stylish ugg boots they’re wearing? Huh? Huh?

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