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>T-Shirts Are Here!


The Man Boobz Store is open for business on Zazzle!

Mammoths and Cupcakes and t-shirts, oh my! So far we’ve got 5 t-shirt designs, illustrating 2 different boob utterances: “We hunted the mammoth to feed you,” and “Underneath that fun cupcake is a MONSTER.” You can pick the color and quality of the t-shirt, put the designs on a hoodie or a baby doll t-shirt or pretty much whatever you want. There are also stickers, coffee mugs, and an assortment of other swag. And I take requests: if there is something that Zazzle sells that you want to have a Man Boobz graphic on, let me know in the comments and I’ll make it available.

Order now! Zazzle has a coupon for $5 off on t-shirts (the coupon code is listed on Zazzle); it expires on Monday. 

Big thanks to JohnnyKaje, who designed the t-shirts and provided a lovely mammoth cartoon (and who’s got a Zazzle store too), and Shaenon, who drew that deliciously monstrous cupcake. Thanks also to the folks at who gave me the idea for the t-shirts in the first place, and suggested the now-legendary mammoth quote.

All profits will go to charity — specifically, to Planned Parenthood. I’m offering the T-shirts at a variety of different costs, depending on how much you want to donate. With the T-shirts, some are being sold with only a 10% royalty fee — the lowest that Zazzle allows — for those who can’t afford a big donation; others are sold with a 30% or 50% royalty. The rest of the swag is being sold with a royalty fee of 20%. The amount you end up donating to PP depends on how expensive the item is and what the royalty rate is. For a Man Boobz postcard, you’ll be donating all of 22 cents; for one of the more expensive t-shirt options at a 50% royalty, you’ll be donating about $20. (The royalty fee goes to me; I will send it along to PP.)

If you want to donate more than this, or if you need a receipt for tax purposes, donate directly here.

Depending on how this goes, I may decide to add some more t-shirt designs based on other strange quotes from the boobz. Make me proud.

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*Yes, that was a Bioshock reference.

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11 years ago

>> I don't see misandry as a problem on or anywhere near the same level as misogynyHow so? Don't give me some link with long long long reading of some rhetorical feminist literature. Keep it simple and straight to the point.I see misandry everyday, that's how much it happens. A prime example; the extreme distrust towards the male gender. To say misandry is not a big problem is terribly ignorant.People shouldn't matter too much about feminism or men's rights these days as there are bigger problems happening in the western world. Such as Islamisation.I would prefer to follow this group than any such movement like feminism or men's rights.

11 years ago

>I see misandry everyday, that's how much it happens. A prime example; the extreme distrust towards the male gender.Yeah, and what was with those Jim Crow-era blacks who insisted on distrusting white people? How unfair to white people.

11 years ago

>trip said–"I'm not against misandry. Well, more to the point, I'm quite certain that misandry doesn't exist. Don't get me wrong, there are women out there who hate men, but that hatred does no harm to men because men are the ones with power and women are not." *** so hating a group of people based on their gender is ok as long as the group is perceived to have power over any other group? That's clearly what you're saying here. As long as society perceives men to have power (regardless of any and all evidence to the contrary), we can hate them without impunity?….disgustingand also said:""Misandry" as an institutional, collective thing does not exist."Which is sheerly your opinion, but it serves as a nice mirror for trip's next opinion which is:"(Actually, a lot of MRAs claim that patriarchy never really existed, even in previous eras, which is all the evidence you really need that they're balls-out loopy.)"So, in trip's world, hating men? totally sane. Misandry is a myth, which all 'sane' people recognize, but misogyny is very real and whoever doesn't think so is nuts…or "balls out loopy". trip, your logic is tits out deranged.

11 years ago

>tits out*looks up*Hm? Oh, just an expression. Sorry.

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