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Practice with these guys first

Stop the presses! The Happy Bachelors Forum regular who calls himself hhb has … gone Galt! Here’s his announcement:

Feminism is a joke. I have refused to take part in this screwed-up society. I have sold my business and I will sit on my ass until conditions change.


It’s only a matter of time now until civilization collapses in a heap. Start your countdown clock. Stock up on food and ammo. (Since my weapon of choice is the Potato Gun, food IS ammo!)

I do wonder, though, what hhb’s “business” was. A paper route? A lemonade stand? Selling “Gone Galt” t-shirts on Zazzle?

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*Yes, that was a Bioshock reference.

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11 years ago

>Yeah David, you always say "I believe it's a joke" when one of your feminists says something bigoted. Here's a hint for you… One does not generally try to defend a joke the way he has (read his last 2 posts, both imply he felt justified in making the accusation).As for HHB, I don't give a damn about that site, and have no intention of wasting my time there to defend it, as even you can't deny that it's irrelevant to my issue (IE, Tri's assumption of sexual predation), otherwise, you wouldn't have felt a need to brush it off as a joke.

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