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>Taking victim-blaming to new lows: The Spearhead on Lara Logan


Lara Logan, shortly before the attack

There has been an astounding amount of vile shit posted on the internet about the reported sexual assault and beating of CBS reporter Lara Logan in Cairo’s Tahir Square. I spent a depressing hour or so the other night looking through hundreds of comments on the Yahoo news message boards; it was a virtual festival of misogyny, racism, victim-blaming and simple nastiness. A sample (each quote is from a different comment):

don’t put some nice white pu55y near crazy @#$% arabs. it’s like goddamn king kong

Kinda’ like sending a woman reporter into a locker room? Don’t ask me to feel any kind of remorse for her. Equal rights demands equal responsibility

it started as a revolution and turned in a black spring break! mwaa ha ha

She loved every minute of it.

I could multiply examples ad infinitum; the last I checked there were more than 1500 comments on the one Yahoo news story I looked at, and most were of this sort. The only slightly encouraging sign? Most of these vile comments have more downvotes from readers than upvotes.

You expect this kind of behavior from the Yahoo message board crowd, which has never been very big on civility, or even basic human decency. Typical anonymous internet assholery.

Leave it to the readers of The Spearhead, though, to take commentary on this sad case to an even lower low. Yesterday, Spearhead head honcho W.F. Price published his own, predictably victim-blaming, take on the subject — essentially blaming feminists for encouraging women to report the news in the same dangerous places that male reporters go. (When Anderson Cooper was attacked, you didn’t hear anyone suggesting that men shouldn’t be covering the events in Cairo.)

I think that’s a supremely tasteless way to use this tragedy to push an antifeminist agenda. But the comments to his article, roughly 270 of them at last count, are far worse — rarely bothering with even a pro-forma expression of basic human sympathy, some blaming and even mocking the victim, and most using the case to crudely push an assortment of their own misogynist agendas.  Here are some of the worst; I present them without comment, as they pretty much speak for themselves. I have edited some for space reasons; you can follow the links to read them in their entirety.

Alucin explained about how rape allegedly benefits its victims:

When I studied in university a woman claimed to have been gang-raped. After telling the story, she acquired a certain authority. She was at the top of the feminist hierarchy …. Her word was gold because of her rape.

It was never even verified if she had in fact been raped.

It’s a harsh thing to say, but the woman at university gained immensely from the rape, or her rape story-telling, with this increased stature. She probably wouldn’t have gotten into that very small degree program without the rape story to tell to the admissions committee.

At school, no one, especially a man, could ever challenge her about any subject, however remotely related to rape. …

Rape against men or women is a tragedy, but I also find it sickening how “survivors” or their “friends and supporters” often use their status for personal gain. … It’s the same thing when feminists politicize breast cancer. 

Opus added:

I agree with Alcuin: In my experience women wear RAPE like a badge of honour or military medal (as I presume Ms Logan will now do). I, of course, never believe word of it, and I notice most guys these days are equally sceptical. There may be an increasing Rape epidemic but no one I know is a Rapist. Funny.

Confused declared that he didn’t give a shit:

No group on earth is more privileged that American/western women.
I won’t waste my time any more worrying about their safety, or lack thereof, due to their choices.

intp took it a step further:

Don’t believe her. Don’t care. I hope the Arab guys didn’t catch anything from her.

That is what the non-stop lie called feminism has done to me. Vive la nihilism.

Rebel offered this highly original take on rape:

I don’t see the point here..

According to feminist orthodoxy, humpteen gazillion women are raped every day. This one is the humpteen gazillionth plus one for that day.

Women are raped if you have sex with them, women are raped if you don’t have sex with them, women are raped even if there are no men around. …

Every time two animals are copulating, a woman feels raped. There are more rapes on earth than there are hydrogen molecules in the universe.

To women of today, rape seems to be the highest achievement, the Royal Road to Success.

I’m laughing so much I might get a hernia, my belly is aching from the laughter.

Papa Smurf suggested the reported rape was a great career move, and ended his comment with a smiley:

she’ll be a CBS news anchor in no time. great way to get promoted.

I dont know if she genuinely didnt want what just happend or maybe feminism has affectivly blinded her and rendered her stupid. Blonde western women in the arab world are like all you can eat restraunts to fat people. Just help yourselves 😉

Troll King posted a long rambling diatribe against “western women” in the Middle East, of which these remarks are only a small portion:


Typical feminist/western woman(as if there is a difference) acts like her typical bitchy self in a place that won’t tolerate it. ….

The fact is that women, western cunts, think they can go into a culture and act how they want and treat the poorest of the poor not just like “help” or a but like a slave that should be lashed for simply flirting. I bet these rapists look who do this probably thought she would act towards them the same way white women act towards brown and black men on western tv. Like he was a stud….

But, umm, like yeah dude. That is so hurrible I might go and cry a river.

The Contrarian Expatriate took victim-blaming to a new low:

Sounds like she got what she set herself up for. You can yell, “I am woman, hear me roar!” all you want in the Anglosphere, but step into the 3rd world behaving that way and they will pound you (no pun intended) back into your place.

Again, as is generally the case with the comments from The Spearhead that I quote here on my blog, these are not weird outliers in the discussion there. Unlike the comments from Yahoo I quoted above, all of the comments I quoted from The Spearhead got multiple upvotes from readers there, in most cases several dozen; none had more than a handful of downvotes. Alucin’s comment about the benefits of rape — a comment surprisingly similar in spirit to an infamous quote on false rape accusations from Catherine Comins, an assistant dean at Vassar, that still raises hackles from antifeminists two decades after it was uttered to a Time magazine writer —  got more than 80 upvotes. There is more than a little irony here.

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>@ brigetWhat school are you in Apex Tech? You truly need some help with the basics of logic or people will fool you and push your buttons all the time.briget said: "okay hmm who am I going to believe when dealing with rape an MRA website which says that a reporter deserved to be raped for doing her job, or the DOJ who has a lot of interest in seeing that number be as small as possible. I think the answer is the DOJ."1. Rainn is not the DOJ. They are not a government agency. They are a non profit CLAIMING to use DOJ information. That's a big difference. Also, they are a non profit who only exist as long as they convince people there is a problem that they are attempting to solve.2. Even in the link you gave (did you read it?) it says this "What happens to Rapists When They are Caught and Prosecuted?60% of rapes/sexual assaults are not reported to the police, according to a statistical average of the past 5 years.2 Those rapists, of course, never spend a day in prison."Read it again for clarity. "What happens to Rapists When They are Caught and Prosecuted?60% of rapes/sexual assaults are not reported to the police, according to a statistical average of the past 5 years.2 Those rapists, of course, never spend a day in prison."They conflate rape with sexual assualt. Hell they even put them together "rapes/sexual assualt". But rapes are rapes and sexual assault can mean many things from penetration to a swat on the buttocks to lewd words. Sexual assualt does not neccesarily equal rape. Got it? Continuing in that vein, since sexual assualt in this day and age includes lewd words you cannot have ANY accurate view of how many rapists go to prison because the information they give also includes non rapists! Some guy's lame lewd pick up line to a woman is now included in "rape statistics" in order to get people like you all revved up so that RAINN can get more donations and continue to exist.Do you understand now?!Until you have non biased evidence you haven't proven anything. Also it is damn well inconceivable that 15 out of 16 rapists go free. RidiculousRandom Brother

>@ briget1. This was a phone study with 8000 female interviews. A phone survey doesn't have the highest reliability and 8000 people is not an overwhelming amount to judge from. 2. I seen nothing about the number of rapists who allegedly go free. Perhaps I missed it, could you direct me to that page.3. According to this study in a lifetime a woman has a 1 in 6 chance of rape or attempted rape, (if I read this correctly), not the 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 that had been previously stated by some feminist sites.You know what I need some more time to look this over and digest it. I'll get back to it later.Random Brother

>One more thing before I lay this to rest for a while. This survey question bothers me."Has anyone, male or female, everattempted to make you have vaginal,oral, or anal sex against your will, but intercourseor penetration did not occur?"This question's wording seems too vague. But I'll need to look at the whole thing more later.Random Brother

>How telling. I quoted Richard as saying he only gets upset about things that hurt HIM. This is the attitude of a sociopath: to be concerned only about things that concern him directly, and to not give a fuck about things that hurt other people. Richard's response:So I should be happy about things that hurt me? WTF?It's a spectacular failure of understanding, and further evidence that Richard really is some form of sociopath. No, it's fine to get upset about things that hurt you. The problem come when you say "And I don't give a fuck about stuff that hurts other people." IOW, be a decent human being and get upset about things that hurt other people, AS WELL AS getting upset about the things that hurt you. Simple. Unless you're a sociopath.

>Nick, what privilege do you assume women have outside of family court?Because now I am curious-do you think they are first hired, last fired? Do you think they have privilege because they, unlike men, can be refused medical treatment if the provider thinks they should be?Do you think because they are not ostracized for reporting a sexual assault? Or are you assuming this because women currently are going to college in slightly higher numbers then men? Because they refuse to date you despite your belief they are not too good for you? Inquiring minds want to know.

>"wytch, why is it that every single guy I know (that is a lot btw, I go to a science university where there is a 6 to 1 male to female ratio and the majority of my friends are guys) can read what you have written (and believe me they do, richard has become the butt of many many jokes at our dinner table) can disagree and say that what all of you say is just bullshit."–brigetYeah, I'm sure you did a poll on that. Liar. And you are a hypocrite to dismiss anything men go through.

>"wytch, why is it that every single guy I know (that is a lot btw, I go to a science university where there is a 6 to 1 male to female ratio and the majority of my friends are guys) can read what you have written (and believe me they do, richard has become the butt of many many jokes at our dinner table) can disagree and say that what all of you say is just bullshit. Especially since the majority of them are far from being feminists."Yeah, I'm sure you did a poll on that.Liar. And you are a hypocrite to dismiss anything men go through.

>This was a phone study with 8000 female interviews. A phone survey doesn't have the highest reliability and 8000 people is not an overwhelming amount to judge from. The minimum sample size for a survey depends on the size of the population it's intended to survey. In general, a minimum sample size for the entire population of the US is considered to be about 900 people. So a sample size of 8000 for only half the population of the US is more than enough by scientific standards.That said, surveys are not 100% accurate, no, but then, neither are MRA websites. 😛

>@ Sally StrageIf you want to spend every waking hour concerned about other people and not give a damn about yourself go ahead. I won't do that. I care about me, my family and friends, and then everyone else a distant second. You want to call that being a sociopath go ahead.Random Brother

>richard, the reason that most government organizations do phone surveys is because they want to protect the anonymity of the surveyed, which actually makes them more likely to be honest so that they can get the closest figures to the actual possible numbers. Have you had time to think about this piece of information?

>@ brigetI have thought about this information and crunched some numbers. If the third link you gave me is correct it means that 1 in 6 women are the victim of rape or attempted rape. That's about 16%. Now there's a huge debate about the number of false rape accussations out there with numbers bandied around from as low as 2% all the way up to 50%, but for the sake of argument I'll go with two of the lower numbers. (I'm approximating here) If the false rape percentage holds true in this sort of study then of the 8000 women who claimed to be raped at a 2% ratio that means 160 lied and at an 8% ratio 640 lied. About 1280 would have claimed to have been the victim of rape or a rape attempt.1 in 6 (16%) could very easily drop to 14% or 10% with false rape claims. Meaning on average a women in about 84% to 90% likely not to be raped in her lifetime if I understand this. If she can avoid rape when she's young it seems to increase her odds of avoiding rape dramatically.I think that number should be about 5%, meaning I think American society can do a better job and knock down the number of rapes to no more than 5% of women being raped/attempted rape.I am not a utopian, I don't believe we can have a society where no one ever gets raped, but I think we can do a better job in preventing rape. I'm not sure about the steps, however, as I don't believe what the feminists are currently doing is beneficial.Random Brother

>I know it is a lot, but given the state of the country, a large gang population, and the likely continued decline of the United States, I don't see it getting much better than that. Then again, I am pretty cynical.Random Brother

How can you not see that MOST of those comments weren’t anti-woman, but anti-feminist. It’s sad that you’re blind to the difference.

Answering Richard above because I’m a jerk towards misogynists:

Why would anyone falsely claim to having been raped in an anonymous survey? They wouldn’t be getting any attention, because the survey is completely anonymous; and they couldn’t accuse anyone, because it’s a survey.

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