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>Can’t cook, can’t clean. What can you do?


Silly woman, that’s not how to wash a baby!

It was a question that baffled even the brilliant Dr. Freud: “What do women want?” Freud died without ever knowing the answer to this crucial question, but luckily we won’t have to. Because douchebag blogger MarkyMark has figured it out. What do women want? They want to not get fat.

Did you ever notice how women will fret all the time about whether or not they look fat, even if they don’t?  Did you ever wonder why?

I have a theory as to why women go crazy over gaining weight: their sex appeal is ALL they have.  Modern women, in their heart of hearts, know that they have nothing else to offer a man.  They cannot cook; shoot, some women can’t even boil water!  They cannot clean.  They cannot offer good companionship, because they’re not good companions; if anything, they’re man hating battle axes who would curse a man by being with him.  Yeah, I said it!  The modern woman curses a man by being with him!  The modern trollop, er woman, offers NOTHING to a man but her sex appeal, and that’s why she freaks out over any weight gain.  For me, it’s as simple as that…

Can’t cook, can’t clean. Damn. Now I’ve got this Adam Ant song stuck in my head:

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56 replies on “>Can’t cook, can’t clean. What can you do?”

>"Just because all of David's posts about us link to that kind of content doesn't mean that's all we do"I'm a feminist on the internet, I was getting shit from you guys a long time before I knew this blog existed. When I have questioned the dogma*, I've recieved death threats, rape threats, insults, accusations of bad faith, accusations of lying about my life and much more besides. I have given ridiculous amounts of my life to atttempting to have open debate and share my own experiences to no avail. You are all a closed book, and YOU are a perfect representative.It's lucky for me that I don't decide to tar any other men with your brush, like you do with your fantasy feminists.*attempted to point out how differences between the sexes are very exaggerated, pointing out incorrect information and out-of-context quotes, suggesting I'm not a worthless sperm-bank who was lucky to be raped etc. etc.

>I didn't believe Josh when he made similar claims without presenting a single shred of evidence, and I don't believe you either. Evidence or GFTO.

>OMG David, you're right, on an MRA/MGTOW forum we talk mostly about men's issues. What a concept. I'm also a member of an anime forum where we mostly talk about anime, a cyber security forum where we mostly talk about security, and a Rush forum where we mostly talk about Rush(the band, not Rush Limbaugh). Want to do a post-count analysis on those as well?By the way, you know that most of us aren't on such forums 24/7 right? Most of us also have lives offline and spend time talking about various subjects with other flesh-and-blood people that have nothing to do with men's rights or feminism.

>"Oh snap! Kave, you just got told! Mmm hmm."—CBYou're following close in his shadow. Good show, court jester. As court jesters have often been the ones who told the truth when others were afraid to do so, I'll take that as a compliment.Besides, I thought you were done responding to me. Self-discipline, my dear wytch, is the key to success…or so I've heard.

>Cold, how exactly are "tales of Bad Girls & Attention Whores" a "Men's Issue?" And, no, I don't know how much time you spend on the site, but somehow the guys there have managed to collectively post 35,841 comments in that subforum alone. That's a lot of time.

The thing that perplexes me most is all this raving about equality on both sides of the fence when by legislation or otherwise it will never come to fruition. Would you like to know why boys and girls? Because we are different….we are supposed to be different we are designed for different purposes. Different meaning not the same as something else is is NOT a negative thing. There are things i can do as a man that never in a million years will you as a women be able to do and the same is said for the opposite side of the coin. The take home of that is that we are supposed to work together not against eachother. We are supposed to compliment one another with two different sets of skills so twice the workload can be accomplished one person can not do it all be they man or women. Women will not exist without men and men will not exist without women PERIOD! Has it not occurred to people that instead of a double standard its just two different standards. Who really wants to live in a world full of humans and not men and women. Grow up and embrace the things that make us different and special and who we are and most important of all valuable to one another. You cannot fight human nature and instinct. Most men have an instinctual need to provide and protect and most women want to have a children and a husband, MOST not all. Why should either camp be made to fell ashamed of either of those things i ask you. There is nothing wrong with being or behaving like for that matter a man or a women or a boy or a girl, tis a beautiful thing. I can clean the house but when i do my wife can point out a hundred things that i mist and my wife can mow the lawn but she sucks at it and is as loathed as i am to swap positions. Look at what has happened now although i am now catching up my wife has better earning potential than i do and is better educated than i am also and both of us work and both of us struggle, i am working to pay for childcare and food and she is working for the mortgage and bills and constanly gets upset because she cannot stay home with our three children. Our is a typical middle class existence. It sucks! No good women or man that i know would delight in keeping their spouse down or want nothing but the best for them.

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