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>Call of Rude-y

>Thanks to the good folks at, I just discovered a new blog called Fat, Ugly or Slutty, which collects crazy misogyny and other boobery from various gaming sites. A couple of the most inventive examples so far:

Link and link.

NOTE FOR NON GAMERS: “cod” in the first screenshot refers to Call of Duty, not the fish. I think.

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17 replies on “>Call of Rude-y”

>Just wanted to say, the top image is probably the least rude thing I've ever seen come from an active COD player. Honestly. It actually includes words that aren't swear words and they bothered to type it, rather than just yell it down a mic o.o**What i have learned from standing behind my brother during a COD game's

>Wow… David pointed out some more men who like to shit stir on women. It's funny how he never makes these types of threads towards women who act sexist towards men.In his world, all women are perfect princesses.Such the life of a feminist bigot 😀

>*sigh*You just don't see it much on Xbox Live/Playstation Network, Nick. There are lots of lots of childish men on there (many of whom are actually children) saying that kind of shit about women. There are not a lot of such comments directed toward men. In all my time on Xbox Live, in fact, I've NEVER seen it. Doesn't mean it never happens, but it's clearly nowhere near as common. Whereas it's almost impossible to play a game on Xbox Live without hearing the kind of stuff displayed in this post.There's no essentialist difference between men and women behind it. It's cultural forces. Our culture creates men who feel it's okay to think this way about women.

>Because David's blog about men being sexist jerks called Man Boobz is supposed to change because Nick feels persecuted…say Nick, how about instead you go make you own blog.

>Nick, here's a little project for you: Find 5 examples of raging, hateful misandry on any of the sites listed in my "Good Stuff" or "more good stuff" lists in my sidebar. Provide links to them all. I will run your list as a post here with a brief, straightforward intro explaining the list, and will run it under a straightforward headline. If you like, I will illustrate it with a picture of a woman looking like an idiot.

>You have far more patience than I, Dave. I'd be willing to bet he never does your assignment, then comes back whining about the same shit day after day. He's like the guy in college who never attends class, never does the reading, and then constantly badgers the professor about why he didn't get an "A."

>Yeah, seriously. The phrase "perfect princesses" has now been used exactly 15,000 times to describe situations where some sexist guy did something shitty and the world unjustly failed to blame random women for it. Bring back "shit tits," already.

>David…'Nick, here's a little project for you: Find 5 examples of raging, hateful misandry on any of the sites listed in my "Good Stuff" or "more good stuff" lists in my sidebar. Provide links to them all…' I suspect that should Nick undertake this project you might find his definition of misandary is a bit different than yours David :)I still keep cracking up at odd moments over Nightstorm's bloodspewing virgin and the perils of doing it in the bath and what if she is so fat she breaks the bath! Thanks for that imagery – good grief if someone was that big chances are they either wouldn't fit in the bath or there wouldn't be enough room to do the deed and you'd never get to the bloody bit anyway. But the concept has kept me laughing through so crap moments this week anyhow (Plus my colleagues)

>Oh, Nick STFU already. Even that bastion of feminism,, has articles about how awful the atmosphere in game chats can be for women, and why that's actually a big problem. I'll give you a hint: money. Internet assholes are assholish to everyone, but they tend to turn it up to 11 for the ladies. And a lot of the ladies, whose money spends as good as anyone's, get a taste of that attitude and run screaming from any chance of subscribing. Making guys like the ones featured on that blog shut the hell up will make plenty of men, and a few women, much, much richer. If you factor in cheesy games like Farmville, women do a lot of gaming. Yet the more expensive, exciting games are largely sausagefests. That blog explains a large part of that. And it's not because every single guy is doing it, but a small minority are really aggressively dickish. The role of the majority in not policing their own better is a murkier topic, but I didn't see Fat, Ugly or Slutty making any larger points about that.

>Pssst, nick. Your persecution complex is showing! David even gave you awesome advice! How about you create a blog about the sexist crap guys get from girls when playing video games? …oh wait. There wouldn't be much to post in the first place!Oh man, this blog… What the hell is wrong with those people? And what's with the "only fat, ugly girls who don't have a bf play video games!"-meme? Are they projecting or something? My friends and I often play games together, female and male, and nobody thinks it's strange : I'm sure a lot of people do that….and do they really think that "get back in the kitchen" jokes are witty or edgy?

>> There are not a lot of such comments directed toward men.My experience is that games like COD attract mostly young males, and that's where I hear homophobic slurs directed at any and all players, like, every 15 seconds, mostly from tweens. Which is irritating, and makes me glad I'm not, say, a gay classmate of these jerks.Which is not to say that the phenom is limited to tweens. I've heard "gay" as a derogatory term in every single chat-enabled online shooter I've played. I leave my microphone off, and try to follow the advice of one particularly peeved player who responded to a chattering teammate in Gears of War by saying "just STFU and try to get us some kills".I've never heard a female player insult other players. YMMV.On 2old2play, a gaming site which focuses heavily on multiplayer Xbox games, players under 25 are banned from the site and from the online events 2old2play runs. Young, obnoxious players are referred to derisively by 2old2players as "Timmies", and the whole point of 2old2play is to create a Timmy-free online gaming community. As a (lapsed) member of 2old2pwn, a sub-group, I enjoy the company of other players who, like me, aren't that good at the games we enjoy playing, and are too busy trying to improve our game to spend hours crafting witty insults such as "you're gay".A certain amount of trash talk is part of the game, and can be funny, but to do it well you need to make fun of what the other player is doing, not just rattle off homophobic, sexist, or racist slurs.

>This is why I prefer the rarified air of tabletop games. People are far less assholish when they actually have to be in a room with the people they play against.Unless, of course, you're playing with friends, in which case it's far, far,far FAR worse.

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