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>Leech Women in the Food Court of Doom


Women in search of prey.

Back by popular demand, here’s more Nightstorm. We’ve already heard his theories about the Mousetrap vagina. Now we see his nightmare vision of … men and women going shopping at the mall. Of course, I hate shopping with women — and, for that matter, men — as much as the next guy, but Nightstorm takes it to a whole other level:

Imagine a man who is walking in the mall. Browsing. Through the food stores figuring out what to eat. As he stands there pondering, the camera pans left to reveal his back. Mounted and glued is the fattest moda fucking slug you ever seen! It has no form but that of a leach and you could almost mistake it for a backpack.

The slug whispers things in the mans ear. The man smiles. The slug then begins to direct the man where to go while sucking on the mans neck, draining of him of his life force.

Suddenly another male who is in the mall, also browsing for food comes by. He too, has this same slug like creature on his back. Both males converse in conversation while the 2 slugs look absolutely hostile towards one another. They cling harder to their host and begin to hiss at one another, afraid it will steal its host and leave it hang to dry.

Yes, the entire livelyhood of the slug is at risk,so it hisses at the other ready to bite its head off. Soon it whispers to the man it doesn’t want to eat here, and that’s how men part ways because there gf told them to.

Wasn’t this a David Cronenberg movie?

Seriously, Nightstorm, stop wasting your time on MGTOW websites and start churning out scripts for horror movies. I would totally watch this shit, and I’m not even kidding. You’ve got a GIFT, son!

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Vanessa L.
11 years ago

>these guys are really puzzling to me as far as the internal contradiction many of them seem to have. on the one hand, they really really seem to not like women, to the point of outright hating them. on the other hand, they still seem to want to be with women.if they really hate women as much as they seem to, then why won't they just leave all women the hell alone and spend all their time with "the boys" doing whatever it is that they want to do, that Teh Leechy Sluglike Wimminz won't let them do???

Matt Thorn
11 years ago

>"Both males converse in conversation[….]" Yes, if you're going to "converse," "conversation" is the best place in which to do so."Soon it whispers to the man it doesn't want to eat here, and that's how men part ways because there gf told them to." Does anyone have a snail-mail (no pun intended) address for Nightstorm? I'd like to send him a copy of Strunk & White.

11 years ago

>going their own way…to THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

Vanessa L.
11 years ago

>Matt: or, maybe the men's canvas basketball shoes were talking to each other????? in other words, their Converse (Chuck Taylor All Stars) were in conversation????makes about as much sense as anything else these morons have to say.

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