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>Creepy Dude Tech: Design your own Asian girl!

>Attention all Western-women-hating Asian fetishist dudes! Have real Asian girls turned out to be way less submissive than you imagined? Or are they simply disgusted by you? There’s a solution, in the form of an actual iPhone app called Design Your Dream Asian Girl. The 99 cent app, from Spendthrift Studios, allows you to mix-and-match features of young Asian women until you find the perfect imaginary woman to stare creepily at until your iPhone runs down its charge: 

You can finally create the beautiful asian girl of your dreams! This app brings you hundreds of beautiful asian girls around the world. Customize your own dream asian girl.

Among the features:

Pick the ethnicity for your asian girl first: China, Korea, Taiwan. More countries coming soon. 

What? No Japan?! Luckily they all look alike.*

Pick the eyes, lips, and nose for your dream asian girl. Hundreds of beautiful combinations offered

Share your girl via e-mail to your friends

 Come on! The guys in the target demographic for this app have no friends. If they do, their friends may reconsider the friendships after receiving a half-dozen pics of weirdly mix-and-matched Asian faces with the text “HEY GUIZE LOOK AT MY HOTT NEW ASIAN GF!!!!!”

Oh, and if you want to be extra creepy?

Make your dream girl look like someone you know, like your secret lover or ex-girlfriend.

By “secret lover” I imagine they mean “stalking victim.” And by “ex-girlfriend” I assume they mean “girl you went out with once and whom you’re also stalking.” Science marches on.

* For Coldfire and any other idiots who are incapable of understanding humor (or who wish to pretend that I am racist), the line about Asians looking alike was from the POV of a potential purchaser of this app, and does not reflect my own opinion.  

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>So what? Shouldn't feminists be thrilled with this? It keeps the creepy guys away from women, giving the feminists more access to turn out the female college students feminists lust for, and these men's "evil" desire for heterosexual intercourse is not focused on them, so what's the problem? Random Brother

>Next: David Futrelle, most useless blogger ever, critiques and mocks penis enlargement spam, "Men's Rights douchebag scheme. Ewww. Triple Ewww. Creepy! How creepy! Mommy!"

>Yeah , but David:There's an also an overlap between this app and horny 12 to 18 year old boys. Heck, some MRA's swear off women altogether, obviously they are not in the market for this. I could also see a sex pozzie fem having fun with this app, and meanwhile I could see TwistyFaster crying tears of rage at the beautiful asian lesbians who are being so inconsideratly objectified.Then there's the overlap between this app and 3 or more beers. I bet that overlap is substantial.Clarence

>"I think there's a bit of demographic overlap between MRAs and the intended consumers of this app."I think there's a bit of demographic overlap between feminists and the intended consumers of all the stray cats found at animal shelters.

>Oh really? What about two sentences in black text that follow it?"Come on! The guys in the target demographic for this app have no friends."Is that also from the POV of an imagined potential purchaser? It sure doesn't look like it. In fact, the ONLY sentence in black text in the entire post that can reasonably be considered to be of a POV other than your own is "HEY GUIZE LOOK AT MY HOTT NEW ASIAN GF!!!!!". Of course, you used quotes there to make it perfectly clear that you imagined those words coming from someone other than yourself.So, you REALLY expect us to believe that in the rest of your post you suddenly switched from your own POV to that of an imagined potential purchaser, for one line, and then switched back? I'm not buying it, but if true then it's your own damn fault for not using quotes or some other device to clearly indicate the shift in POV.

>Actually if that line really was supposed to be someone else's POV, then my comment exposing your racism was also someone else's POV. In fact, I'll let you know right now that anything I say which you try to use to against me in the future is from the POV of someone else and not my own opinion.

>"What? No Japan?! Luckily they all look alike.""Thanks for exposing your racism for all of us to see."If truth be told such a statement is more ignorant than racist.The conflation of these two is just another example of how well feminist/marxist thinking has permeated western culture. Even anti-feminists minds are infested.

>Well, racism is considered to be a form of ignorance, but the reverse isn't true.If someone were to say, apologetically, "I'm very sorry for confusing you two but I honestly can't tell you apart" then I could accept that it was just ignorance, but "Luckily they all look alike" smacks of both ignorance and racism.

>Sex pos is about recognizing individual agency. Do the women whose images are used in this ap have agency? Do they know that their images are being used for this? Likely not? Then it's not sex pos.

>Anyone with half a brain can tell that David was being ironic with his "Luckily they all look alike" comment and was NOT expressing his own views.@evilwhitemalempireMaybe you wouldn't give a fuck if your image was being used for profit without your knowledge, being provided to creepazoids to masturbate to, but other people have self-esteem.

>@ ChristinaChristina said: "Maybe you wouldn't give a fuck if your image was being used for profit without your knowledge, being provided to creepazoids to masturbate to, but other people have self-esteem."Christina you do realize that it is highly likely that someone has seen you, fantasized about you, and pleasured themselves to your mental image, don't you? Do you and your feminists friends want to pass a law against that in order to guard your self esteem? Are all laws now supposed to based upon the "crimes" effect on a woman's self esteem? The bottom line for me is that there is no harm done, so it shouldn't be an issue. Random Brother

>When did she say anything about law? We're not talking about law, we're talking about what kind of behaviour could properly be characterized as sex-positive. In response to Clarence's speculation, "I could also see a sex pozzie fem having fun with this app…"The answer is that if you don't care about the agency of the other people involved – even if you don't directly interact with them, and their involvement is restricted to the production of a product which you consume – then it is not sex positive.

>Sex positive, based on the meanings given for each individual word in the dictionary, means thinking positively about sex. That's all; if you want to stipulate your own alternate definition that throws in concepts like agency that's fine, but none of us are under any obligation to pay any heed to it. I, personally, will stick to the dictionary definitions of the words.Also, you have no fucking idea whether or not any girls had their images used without their consent to make the app, so you have no business speculating about the probability being "not likely". Of course, being a typical feminist, I shouldn't expect you to pay any heed to things like logic, intellectual honesty, or the conventions of language.

>@ChristinaAnyone with half a brain can tell that you're an idiot. At least one of the sentences in this comment of mine is meant to be ironic and not from my own POV. If you have at least half a brain then you will be able to tell which one(s).

>David Futrelle wrote: "John: There are numerous MRAs who are convinced that "western women suck" and who loudly proclaim the superiority of Asian woman."Pain does lead many people to associate with a movement that acknowledges that pain and seeks to alleviate it. If a man feels like a success object in American culture, then why should he date women who mirror that culture (causing the pain)? A rational person avoids pain, instead of embracing it.David Futrelle wrote: "The reason that some Eastern women are more agreeable to Western men has less to do with culture than it does with economics. Women in the west have more options, and so are less willing to put up with crap from Western men"That's a rather Marxist way of looking at things. The more accurate way of looking at it is that such women are influenced by values of their parents. It's a cultural thing, and in my view a largely positive outgrowth of culture to the extent that it takes root. I used to live in Orange County, California, where there is the highest concentration of Vietnamese people anywhere outside of Vietnam. And I remember seeing girls there who were raised in America for most (if not all) of their lives. Their standard of living in the O.C. was obviously quite good, and yet their polite and respectful mannerisms reflected the culture of their parents. There were exceptions, I admit, but they merely proved the observed rule.I do, however, agree that economics does play its part in shaping a person's outlook. Excessive materialism has a diminishing effect on modesty and respectfulness; the more libertine the culture, the less sensitive and respectful its people. If men look to expatriate and move to a less libertine, less materialistic country, then they will probably be living more modest lives themselves, and so it's not hypocritical for such men to seek out the kind of women that appeal to them.You might say that the MRAs fixate on the faults of American women while neglecting those of the men. But seeking a mate is not a political question. Since these men are heterosexual, logically they largely ignore the men and zero in on how women are infected by the negative aspects of American culture. Of course, implicit in their praise of eastern women and disdain for western women is the "NAWALT" acknowledgment, namely "Not All Women Are Like That." But that does not negate the point being made, nor does it elevate western culture beyond reproach. And it certainly does not justify the abandonment of rational thinking, with men rejecting the prospect of putting themselves in legal jeopardy by cohabiting with or legally marrying women under American law. 70% of divorces are initiated by women; men don't have any obligation to put their necks on the chopping block in the hopes that the axe of divorce will miss its mark.Ultimately, the MRA critique of American women that you seem to equate with misogyny is merely an expression of preference. These men prefer feminine, respectful women. Don't assume, in sexist fashion, that women everywhere are alike all economics being equal. There are also cultural and spiritual dimensions that play a powerful role, transcending that of economics. Would you impose your sexual preferences upon another man? Would you shame him into dating a woman who feels liberated enough to relentlessly point out his flaws (real or imagined), while expecting to be wined and dined? Aren't men entitled to their own preferences in selecting a mate?Needless to say, for a man to have sexual preferences is perfectly reasonable in my opinion. It's not creepy for a man to have criteria that he looks for in a mate. However, I think that it actually is a bit creepy for someone to imply that men have a duty to date American women or to bury their observations of the cultural differences between American and non-American women.

>"If a man feels like a success object in American culture, then why should he date women who mirror that culture (causing the pain)? A rational person avoids pain, instead of embracing it."If a man wants to date women who don't mirror that culture, that's fine by me. I'm not about to dictate what a man's sexual preferences should be. But men seem to want to feel like a success object in the culture that they have created, crow about how they are the ones who were the sole creators of said culture, and when faced with the imperfections of the culture that they alone have created, run off (expatriate) bearing the "good" fruits of that culture and lob grenades at women for the imperfections that they would rather leave behind. That sorta brings to mind Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"."70% of divorces are initiated by women"Yes, in 70% of divorces it is women who do the filing, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it was a unilateral decision on the part of the women. Saying "initiated" connotes that a unilateral decision was made."Ultimately, the MRA critique of American women that you seem to equate with misogyny is merely an expression of preference."And is also a lack of introspection combined with an excess of blame-shifting and hypocrisy. American women don't corner the market in THOSE aspects, but according to MRAs they sure do.

>I just love how anonymous at 1:41 pm says that men are the only ones who create culture, and thus are responsible for it.Yet ironically, childhood socialization of both sexes is done by women, and when the teen and grown years hit both men and women shape the culture through such interactions as the sexual marketplace.Supposedly men "police" masculinity , yet in reality most men form their ideas about manhood from their female relatives and same age peers of both sexes. Dad is significantly less involved than he used to be.In any case, because men aren't primarily responsible for this culture but at best halfway responsible for it, anonymouses argument collapses.Clarence

>Not only that but the most objectionable aspects of this culture that concern male-female relations were created by feminists, yet the feminist tries to use intellectually dishonest sleight of hand to change the subject to that of the entire culture. Artful dodger indeed.

>Alright… so no proof that consent was not obtained. Got it. Next question: Do you consider women who buy those dildos molded in a cast of a porn-stars penis to be equally objectionable or "creepy" If not: Why?

>Alright… so no proof that consent was obtained. Got it. I've got this great app with evilwhiteempire's picture! I'm going to go show it to my leather-bear friends in the Castro and we're going to play Ookie Cookie with it! đŸ˜€ No reason he should mind, right?

>"I just love how anonymous at 1:41 pm says that men are the only ones who create culture, and thus are responsible for it."Just repeating what men themselves love to say, that they are the sole creators of culture (society, civilization, whatever). Perhaps I should have added "when it suits them".Men (more specifically, those who frequent MRA sites and the like) also like to expound on the great need to control female sexuality, because if it is allowed to go unchecked, female sexuality runs rampant. But this voracious female sexual appetite disappears when these same men want to defend, say, pornography. Suddenly it's the male's voracious sexual appetite, that women don't understand because their appetite is not nearly as great, that is being left unfulfilled.As I said, American women don't corner the market in excesses of blame-shifting and hypocrisy.

>"As I said, American women don't corner the market in excesses of blame-shifting and hypocrisy."The problem is that without MRA's and various other creeps and weirdos who else is there to call you girls out on yours?

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